Book 4: Chapter 8 - Silver Moon From The East

Raffles took out the ring box and placed it before me, before he gave me a nod. During my field missions, he would only feel safe if Harry was by my side.

I opened the ring box, which stirred up a commotion among everyone at once.

“It’s not what you think!” I immediately explained. However, there were times when explanations would be simply useless. Looking at the way they sniggered, I could tell at once that it was one of them.

I put the ring before Harry. He looked at me blankly but his amber eyes were shining.

“Raffles made this for you. We always go on missions together. This ring has a GPS function, so we can find each other with this.” I took out the ring and held it before him. 

Harry took the ring from my hand and smiled. He looked at Raffles and Raffles smiled back. “Put it on.”

Harry grinned and raised his left hand. Raffles immediately pointed out nervously, “Right hand!”

For the guys in Noah City, wearing a ring on their right hand carried no special meaning.

Harry smiled maliciously as he looked at Raffles. Then, he put the ring on his right middle finger and raised it up at us.

I instantly tensed. So, Harry is going to give us the middle finger all the time then?

“Party begins!” Sis Cannon suddenly roared and everyone went crazy. Brother Qian Li sat by the side and smiled happily. He couldn’t see us but he could hear us and share our joy in the moment.

Harry cut a slice of cake for Arsenal and gestured at Brother Qian Li. Arsenal smiled and brought the cake to sit next to Brother Qian Li. Seemingly knowing that it was Arsenal, Brother Qian Li became nervous and lowered his head.

Brother Qian Li is blushing!

When morning came, we sat on the city gate to see the sunrise. Raffles and Harry sat on my two sides. The three of us were together once again.

I held their arms as we watched the sunrise together.

June brought a kind of fervor. The feelings between couples grew even more intense in June. Bill proposed to Xue Gie too. Their proposal was very quiet, so quiet that there was no sound.

Bill took out a ring without a word and Xue Gie extended her hand expressionlessly. Bill put it on for her quietly, and the two of them looked at each other in their eyes in complete silence. There was no sound during the entire process, but we could feel how happy and sweet they were.  

After they moved to Love Hut, the hostel zone’s inhabitants had decreased by more than half.

Xiao Ying in particular felt extremely lonely, because we had all left. There were only Ming You and her left in the hostel zone.

Harry and I asked for Elder Alufa’s permission to open Love Hut for the other young people. Firstly, it would be nice to have everyone staying together. Secondly, it could encourage new romantic relationships. Harry and I especially emphasized the latter.

The moment Elder Alufa heard about encouraging new romantic relationships, Elder Alufa agreed!

Love Hut was opened for all young people to freely move into cabins in pairs.

Hence, Xiao Ying and Ming You took one room and moved over too.

The original hostel zone began renovation, in anticipation of an increase in population soon. There was less need for single units now; instead, demand was increasing for units that could house families of three, four, five or even six.

It was a huge process but everyone in Noah City was thrilled with excitement and anticipation.

Harry was like the balancing agent between Raffles and I. With him around, Raffles and I felt more natural. Most of the time, the three of us would be in the living room. We would invite people over to play cards too. We became more relaxed and more like a family. It wasn’t like before, when Raffles and I would greet each other awkwardly when we ran into each other in the living room before we ran back into our rooms.

There were times when Harry would join me in Raffles’ class. However, Harry didn’t like to study. He was always reading his own things. Every time, Raffles would advise him to read more since it would be helpful for him. But Harry would pretend that he didn’t hear Raffles and instead continue to read his own book. Harry would point at Raffles with his right hand and say, “Continue with your class, Bunny! You are not qualified to bother me. I am the strongest metahuman in Noah City, Noah’s Star!” As he spoke, Harry would arrogantly comb his shoulder-length curly hair.

Raffles would roll his eyes at him and shake his head, as if he didn’t want to bother with Harry anymore.

We began to regret that we’d celebrated his birthday for him. Ever since then, Harry became even more full of himself than before.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost September. When we stood at Noah City’s city gate, we could faintly see that familiar silver moon in the east. At night, there would be two moons in the night sky. When I saw such a phenomenon, I knew that it had been a year since I’d come to this world.

For the past one year, I was grateful that I’d had Harry, Raffles, Arsenal, Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying, Xue Gie, Ming You, Sis Ceci and everyone else’s company. 

Everyone gathered before my statue again. Recently, they had mounted gemstones on my statue and it looked closer to the Goddess of Noah City, not me.

Harry and Raffles stood by my sides. The statue had become a place where children came to pray. A bunch of children who couldn’t even speak clearly stood before my statue and prayed, “Thank you God for sending Sister Bing, who brought us apple, seeds, and hope.”

Especially Sis Meizi’s baby, who wasn’t even one yet! Yet she was still brought there for ‘brainwashing’. Da Li carried the baby to see my statue, with the baby drooling in her arms.

I could only hold my forehead during this time of the year. Harry looked at me and sniggered. Then, he would pat my head like he was petting a puppy.

“Stop patting her. She will turn dumb.” Raffles hit Harry like a mother.

Retch!” Sis Cannon suddenly retched.  

Khai glanced at her nervously. “Are you okay?! Did you eat too much this morning?”

We all knew that Sis Cannon had a habit of overeating.

Sis Cannon waved her hand. Then, she covered her mouth and turned to the side to vomit. She vomited quite badly, filling the entire square with the smell of the milk paste from breakfast.

“Hey, Sis Cannon, Luo Bing’s statue is not that disgusting that you have to puke, right?” Harry joked. I nudged him and he grinned maliciously.

“Something doesn’t feel right.” Arsenal was worried. We quickly patted Sis Cannon’s back. She must have eaten something bad.

“I’ll take a loo.,” Ming You walked over and took out her stethoscope. She listened to Sis Cannon’s heartbeat and lungs. “Sis Cannon, what did you eat this morning?”

Sis Cannon found it weird too. “I ate the same things as all of you. Plus, I’m always hungry lately.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Recently, she would have supper at night!” Khai added.

I was stunned. I said without hesitation, “Sis Ming You, listen to her stomach.”

Ming You stared at me blankly. She seemed to suddenly understand something and got really excited. She immediately listened to Sis Cannon’s stomach. In a short while, she looked at us in excitement and couldn’t speak all of a sudden.


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