Book 4: Chapter 7 - Company Of Three Again

Tired out from dancing, we lay panting on the huge rocking bed.

“I haven’t danced for very long. This is so tiring…” I was out of breath and my legs were aching.

“I never thought that dancing would be more tiring than fighting…” Harry panted too. Then, he smiled. “Turns out that you knew it’s my birthday.” He was as happy as a child.

“Not just me…” I turned to look at him. “It’s everyone! Today, my mission was to bring you out, while Raffles and Arsenal prepare for your birthday party. We also invited Brother Qian Li. But in the end…” I sighed again.

He turned to look at me, his expression very touched. “Thank you, all of you…” His gaze fixated on me, his amber eyes glistened as though he was so moved that he was about to tear up.

I chuckled. Suddenly, a ball appeared in the air above us. Nebulas swirled within that ball, which looked so beautiful. Curious, I reached out and touched it. At once the image exploded, filling the entire place in an instant. It was as though Harry and I were lying among the stars.

Harry extended his hand in surprise and touched the nebula, the color of which was somewhere between pink and blue. Our rocking bed rocked gently in the romantic galaxy, as though we were rowing a boat through the Milky Way.

Gently rocking in the galaxy, my heart gradually calmed down. “You’re the one who saves me all the time…” When Xing Chuan had thrown me off, Harry had saved me. When I’d been trapped in the snowstorm, he’d come to save me. When the thunderstorm had come after me, he had… saved me… 

I looked at him while he watched the stars in silence. I had never seen him so quiet. He was like a quiet child who was curiously catching at those stars that didn’t even exist.

“Harry, do you want to move in with us?” I blurted out. Then, I became nervous. Would he reject me?

Harry swiftly turned to look at me in shock, his amber eyes sparkling as brightly as the stars.

He stared so directly at me, making me blush. I turned back and said, “If you find it awkward… forget that I…”

“Sure!” He’d actually agreed happily!

Surprised, I turned to look at him. “You actually agreed so quickly. I’d thought you would find it awkward.”

Harry chuckled. He turned to prop his head on one hand as he looked at me. “You and Raffles don’t find it awkward. Why would I? I happen to feel lonely on my own.” He winked at me.

I turned away stiffly. Then, I couldn’t hold back my urge to laugh as I looked at the stars.

“Did you find it awkward to stay with Raffles alone?” he asked maliciously.

I blushed without looking at him. “Mm…”

“Don’t worry. With me around, you won’t feel awkward.” He seemed to be more than happy to be the third wheel.

I blinked and crossed my hands over my stomach. “You… are not worried that Raffles would disagree?”

“In Noah City, women decide. As long as you let me, Raffles wouldn’t dare to go against you.”

Pfft. Actually, Raffles has already prepared your bed for you.”

“I knew it. Humph… He has been going home late recently. I guessed that he definitely found it awkward.” Harry was smug at being right. “How can I not know Raffles’ personality? I’ve grown up with him since young. His expression was written all over his face. However… I would be embarrassed to sleep with him too…”

As Harry spoke, the nebula before my eyes became blurry. I felt like I was floating in the galaxy. The world was… so huge… so huge…

There were many places… that I wanted to go….

I felt someone holding my hand gently. The warmth of that hand felt like a family member hugging you gently and murmuring softly into your ears…

“I want to be with you… Do you know that…”


Who is talking…

Who wants to be with me…

“Xiao Bing, Xiao Bing! Wake up!” Someone shook my shoulder and I opened my eyes. The rocking bed was shaking and Harry was right above me. He shouted excitedly, “Let’s head back, Xiao Bing! It’s still the first of June!”

He jumped off the rocking bed, his huge movement making it shake strongly. I rolled off the bed all of a sudden.

*Bang!* Someone caught me. Harry was thrilled with excitement as I lay in his arms. Still wearing the elf prince’s outfit, he helped me up and tugged me along by my arm the moment I found my footing. I followed clumsily behind him, still befuddled as I’d just woken up.

“There’s still another hour before the second of June. I can still get back in time to celebrate my birthday!” he turned to tell me excitedly. He was just like a child who was celebrating his birthday for the first time.

Startled out of my daze, I shouted, “Ice Dragon! Inform Raffles that we are coming back!”

“Alright!” Ice Dragon opened its door for us. Mini robots helped to collect our clothes before they quickly returned to Ice Dragon.

We immediately took off. Shuttling through the huge building, we flew out from a huge opening into the starry night sky!

The night sky was extremely clear, as if the thunderstorm had just washed it sparkling clean; it looked clear as the starry sky image back in the film set. The starlights were twinkling and there was a faint blue glow in front of us.

In the cockpit, Harry took off his shirt. The film set’s clothes were not suitable for flying or driving.

I changed into my own clothes and braided my hair again. Harry chuckled as he looked at me. I glanced at him confusedly. “What are you looking at?”

Harry smiled maliciously. “I realized that… I am more used to you in a male outfit. Tsk… What should I do if I like the male version of you?”

I glared at him. “Pervert!”

Hahahaha…” He burst out in laughter, looking extremely excited and happy. “To be honest, I reckon there must be guys who do like the male version of you. I’d really like to see their expressions when they find out that you are a girl. Hahahaha…

“Psychopath!” I rolled my eyes at him. He seemed to be so excited that he was going out of control.

Who would like the male version of me? Such a person would have definitely liked guys to begin with. Hence, if he found out that I was a girl, he would cry until he fainted in the toilet. Just like how my cousin had felt when she’d found out that her crush liked guys.

By the time we’d returned to Noah City, there were fifteen minutes left before the second of June. We ran.

When we arrived before my house, it was pitch dark and silent. Harry became worried. He looked at me anxiously and asked me softly, “Did they not come?”

As expected, he was looking forward to the birthday party that everyone had prepared for him.

I chuckled and pushed the door open. Then, I shoved him in. Suddenly, *Pak!* Party poppers sounded and the room lit up.

Arsenal held a nicely baked birthday cake and faced Harry with a wide smile. “Harry, happy birthday! To our strongest warrior in Noah City!”

On the birthday cake was written his nickname, ‘Noah’s Star’. That totally boosted Harry’s ridiculous vanity.

Harry was so moved that he turned into a log when everyone gave him their presents and blessings. He stood there dumbfounded without giving any response.


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