Book 4: Chapter 6 - Invite You For A Dance

“The thunderstorm covered the surrounding region, and its electromagnetic field is interrupting the signal. However, Ice Dragon should have sent out a message to Noah City earlier to inform them that we are safe.”

I lowered my head and sighed. Everyone had put in a lot of effort to prepare for his birthday. We’d even had the chef prepare a butter cake for Harry too. Everything had been perfect, especially since it would’ve been Brother Qian Li’s first time attending a party.

“You’re only not seeing him for one night,” Harry teased maliciously. He suddenly turned to look up and shout at the sky, “Raffles, I’m envious of you! Xiao Bing only misses you!”

“You won’t understand,” I said. He lowered his head and turned to look at me. “What do I not understand?”

I didn’t reply, preferring to look around at the beautiful clothes around me. I smiled and picked out a man’s white formal shirt. Pushing the rack away, I stood before Harry.

Harry lifted his head subconsciously. His amber eyes widened when he saw me. As he blushed, he looked away hastily. “Why aren’t you wearing anything?!”

I found his words funny. Propping one hand on my waist, I said, “Who isn’t wearing any clothes? I’m wearing proper clothes! Didn’t I often dress like this back then?” During training, the girls used to wear only a black sports singlet on top.

“How is it the same as before?!” Harry turned nervous and shouted, “Before, you-! Now you-! Now, there’s only you and me here!” He was so nervous that he couldn’t speak clearly. “And please take off your voice changer!” He raised his voice out of anxiety. “You make me feel like I’m talking to Pink Baby!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I threw the white shirt at him and commanded, “Change!”

He held the shirt, dumbfounded. “Why?” He glanced at me, only to quickly lower his head again.

Humph.” I put my hands behind my back and smiled mysteriously at him. “Don’t bother with the details! Hurry up and change. Otherwise, I will ignore you!” I said and turned to walk back to the clothes rack again. “Ice Dragon, give me some music."

“Alright, Master.” Ice Dragon flickered as though he was winking.

Melodious music played, muffling the terrifying thunder. The thunderclaps were almost like drumbeats accompanying the music. The entire film set seemed to have gone back in time, returning to back when it still hosted shoots.

I began to choose clothes for myself. I couldn’t wear anything that bared my shoulders, because then my singlet straps would be exposed and would look weird. Hence, I had to pick one with a collar. But there were hardly any formal dresses with a collar. They were normally cut off shoulders or barebacked.

Finally, I found a soft yellow short-sleeved formal dress, the color of warm moonlight. The dress was cut to knee-length in the front with a long train attached in the back, like the beautiful tail of a phoenix. A translucent golden gauze covered the dress, making it look elegant. The round floral collar barely hid my singlet’s straps, and beautiful crystals embellished other parts of the dress.

The dress had been designed for filming use, delicate like an elf princess’ formal dress.

I began to strip off my sports attire, revealing my legs. Taking off my shoes, I pulled on the formal dress, my bare legs visible below the hem.

Taking off the voice changer on my neck, I untied my braids.

As I prepared to push away the rack, my eyes caught on the ring on my right hand. The ring had shifted into a worried green. Raffles was worried about me. I looked at the ring and smiled faintly. “Raffles, I’m fine.” My positive mood now would be a form of good news to Raffles, transmitted by our rings.

I pushed away the racks before me and smoothened out the dress. I hadn’t been wearing dresses recently, and wasn’t used to it. As I lifted my head, my eyes met with a pair of amber ones.

Harry stared fixedly at me. His gaze seemed to have traveled billions of light years chasing after his loved one, it was so determined.

He was wearing the white shirt I’d picked for him. The collar and sleeves had been embellished with an exquisite silver floral border, while the cut set off Harry’s build. It gave him the vibe of Noah’s Prince.

His brown curly hair contrasted against his snowy white shirt. Just like Sis Ceci, his hair looked sexy. He looked like an elf prince who lived in the depths of the forest, quietly waiting for his lover to return.  

*Lub-dub.* My heart skipped a beat. Feeling somewhat bewildered, I walked up to him. Standing before him, I looked up at him with a smile. “Harry, happy birthday. Let me invite you for a dance.” 

Harry stared at me blankly. He was dumbfounded.

Slowly, I raised his right hand and gently put it on my waist. All at once, I became nervous too. My heart was racing. The formal dress tightly wrapped around my figure, the cutting of the dress enhancing my waistline.

I put one hand on his shoulder and held his hand with the other.

Harry just kept staring blankly at me.

“Do you know how to dance?” I asked him.

He continued to watch me blankly but his fingers slowly tightened around my hand.

Blushing, I lowered my face. I said gently, “I’ll teach you.”

I began with taking a step forward. Following my lead, Harry took one step back. When I took another step forward, he inadvertently stepped on my foot.

Psst!” I wasn’t wearing any shoes!

“I’m sorry!” He quickly let go of me and squatted down at once. He lifted my foot, looking it over with a pitiful expression. He looked up at me angrily. “Why aren’t you wearing any shoes?” He’d knelt down on one knee in front of me and was holding my foot. He looked just like the prince who’d found Cinderella and wanted to put the crystal shoe on her foot.

I blushed. “My shoes don’t go with the dress.” Although I was usually rather manly, I really didn’t want to ruin the beautiful dress with a pair of sneakers.

Harry was left speechless. He glanced at the place where I’d changed and rushed over to fetch my shoes. He stubbornly put them on for me. “Put them on! The floor is so cold.”

“It’s not cold, it’s summer now! It’s pretty warm.”

“Put them on!” He grabbed my feet furiously and put on the socks and shoes for me disregarding my objections. “There are only the two of us here. I wouldn’t complain about your shoes not matching the dress.”

I smiled and quickly put on my shoes. It really had hurt when he’d stepped on me.

Satisfied that I’d put on my shoes, he looked at me seriously. “Now, you can continue to teach me how to dance.”

“Alright.” I stood before him and he took a step back nervously. His body stiffened again as he kept a distance from me. He held my waist from afar, looking just as if he’d been forced into hugging a bomb.

“How can you dance standing so far away from me?!” I couldn’t even reach his shoulder.

He took a step towards me unnaturally, his back ramrod straight.

“I’ll teach you.” Ice Dragon suddenly appeared next to us, an imaging device hovering in the air above his hologram.

Taking his cue from Ice Dragon, Harry posed like a gentleman. Stepping along to the music, Ice Dragon moved along with me and Harry mirrored his movements. We danced the simple waltz, the beginner level for social dance. It was slow yet elegant.

Due to the tacit understanding between Harry and I, as well as Harry’s intelligence, he mastered the dance moves very quickly and danced with me to the music. He held my waist up as I spun in the air, my dress swaying along with our movements. Together, we enjoyed the happiness and joy of dancing.


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