Book 4: Chapter 5 - Want To Celebrate Your Birthday For You

*Lub-dub. Lub-dub.*

“I think I can hear your heartbeat... Harry...” I said in my befuddled state. My vision gradually cleared. We seemed to be in some huge building.

*Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub.* His heart started racing, so loud I could hear it clearly. “Your heartbeat is so fast.”

He quickly helped me sit up, so that I wasn’t lying against his chest anymore. He looked at me in relief. “You finally woke up. You gave me a real fright just now.” He held my arms tightly, terror and fear in his amber eyes. Somehow, his gaze turned conflicted and his grip on my arms tightened. Without warning, he pulled me into his embrace and held me tightly. Hugging me, he buried himself into my neck as he murmured, “Don’t scare me next time. My heart almost stopped beating.” He held me so tight that I could feel his shaky breathing. He seemed to be choking with sobs as he combed my long hair with his fingers.

Still feeling dizzy as if I was seasick, I vaguely responded, “Oh.”

He continued to hold me tightly in his arms. Before us was a man-made paradise film setting. There was a fake unicorn, fake rocks and silver trees, with a huge white rocking chair among the silver trees. The chair was just the right size for a person to lie on it; it even had an exquisite white pillow lined with gold. It seemed to be made for people to lie back and watch the stars above.

Next to the film set was a pile of props and sets of clothes, as well as huge cameras and other equipment. There were even some shattered cameras lying in pieces on the ground.

As I regained my consciousness more fully, I realized that Harry was holding me so tightly that it was difficult to breathe. “Harry, you’re hugging me too tight. I can’t breathe.” I wanted to take a deep breath but couldn’t, because Harry’s chest was practically crushing my chest.

Stunned, he immediately let go of me. I could finally breathe with ease. Pressing my chest, I furrowed my eyebrows. “So tight.” I took a deep breath and glanced at him. He was blushing, his gaze fixed on the hand that I’d rested on my chest.

I instantly blushed and slapped him right away to distract his attention. “What are you looking at?!” It’d been so long since I’d last hit him. This familiar nostalgic feeling, I miss it!

“So- sorry.” He looked down as he blushed, holding his forehead in embarrassment. “You can’t blame me. Who told you to put your hand there?”

I blushed harder and turned away, hugging my knees to my chest as I ignored him. “Pervert!”

“How am I a pervert? You’re a man right now! Any thoughts I had flew away the moment I heard your voice!” He muttered behind me, feeling even more aggrieved than I did.

I continued to ignore him. Outside the thunder continued to rumble, sounding just like bomb explosions. The lightning lit up the small windows above in flashes. It was a terrifying sight.

Listening to the intimidating thunder, I recalled the scene before I’d gone unconscious. If it wasn’t for Harry, I might really have… I couldn’t help but hug myself tightly in fear.

“Hey, let me tell you something serious. Don’t take me for a pervert.” Harry poked my back. “If you feel that it’s too tight, tell Raffles to make you a fake body, like what Xiao Ying has. If it’s too tight, it’ll affect your develop-”

“Shut up!” I suddenly felt even tighter in the chest.

“I am telling you this very seriously. My mom said it too. The DR team would have their development affected. Your chests will…”

I instantly turned around. He’d had his hands on his own chest, emphasizing his point. The instant I turned to face him, his body stiffened. His hands grasped his own chest in embarrassment before slowly put them down; he’d inadvertently done the same gesture as when I’d gestured boobs to the guys back then

He looked away at once and pursed his lips. “Forget about it.”

Full of grievances, I stood up and began to take off my clothes.

He stole a glance at me and his body instantly stiffened. He watched me anxiously. “What are you doing?!”

I lowered my face to look down at him, before I stripped off the body-hugging battle uniform. “I’m listening to you. I’m relaxing.” I threw my battle uniform aside. Underneath I was wearing my Nami sport suit.

*Pak!* He slapped his forehead and said helplessly, “Whenever you are disguised as a man, you act just like one too.”

I paused in the middle of pulling down my zip. Oh yeah, I am a girl. How can I undress in front of a guy?

“Thank you for reminding me. Now, don’t look!” I warned him.

Harry hugged his head with his hands. “Who wants to see?” he pouted.

I walked up to the messy clothes racks. Arranging the racks and putting up those that fell, I made a makeshift dressing room. Standing in the middle, I pulled down my zip. In the silent world, the buzz of my zipper filled the air.

I took off my top and tied it around my waist. I was wearing a Nami reshaping singlet that Raffles had specially designed for the girls. The singlet was the same as what we wore normally, except that it had two buttons added onto the chest. The top was man mode and the bottom was woman mode. I pressed the lower button and the chest area began to loosen up. My chest finally got to relax.

Nami’s smart miniature robots could gather and support. Very soon, my chest popped out. The collar of the singlet spread slightly. Looking down, I could see a faint thin dip from my budding cleavage.

Phew.” I let out a breath of relief and stretched. I felt so much better. Sis Ceci’s concern was real. Normally, our chests would ache after a day of missions. If we were to compress our chests tight during development, it would affect the growth and could even lead to many diseases.

Luckily, us members of the DR team didn’t have missions on a daily basis.

I looked at Harry, whose back was still stiffened. He continued sitting there while holding his head.

“Harry, when will the thunderstorm be over?” I asked.

He moved his body slightly and his head turned towards me. “Normally, it will take one night.”

“Doesn’t that mean we can’t go back?!” I became anxious.

He turned around and suddenly relaxed, leaning back and supporting himself on his behind his back. “Yeah, we can’t head back today.” He sounded sad yet the light lit up his smiling face.

“You seem happy about not being able to return?” I looked at him confusedly. I was very anxious because everyone was still preparing for his birthday party!

He instantly sat up and turned his back to me. “No! How could I be happy?!” He refused to admit it.

I’d seen him smiling.

“Did you inform Raffles?” I asked. I lowered my face in disappointment. How could we celebrate his birthday for him now? Everyone must have been feeling anxious. They’d prepared for the entire day to give Harry a huge surprise. But in the end, we’d run into such an accident.

Harry looked aside and smirked. “Turns out that you’re in a rush to go back to see Little Bunny, huh?” He began to behave light-heartedly again. The light lit up his unnatural malicious smile.


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