Book 4: Chapter 3 - Harry Who Was Suddenly Quiet

He extended his finger and touched the back of my hand gently. Bashfully, he said, “If I’d known earlier… that you like it, I wouldn’t have cut it.”

I smiled, sweetness in my heart. Here was a guy who was willing to change everything for me. I was moved by Raffles’ sincerity.

His finger rested against the back of my hand, before he slowly began to wrap his hand around mine. Just as he was about to hold my hand, the door suddenly swung open. Little Carl had brought the birds back.

“Father! We are back!”

Startled, Raffles guiltily retracted his hand while I quickly stood up and rushedinto my room with my cup. Leaning against the door, I breathed rapidly, feeling my heartbeat that wasn’t able to calm down for a long while…

The next morning, Harry and I gathered in Ice Dragon. I’d wrapped my chest earlier, and it seemed a little tight.

Raffles had already improved the girls’ Nami bra. I believed that he’d done it with a pure heart. Only a guy like him, pure and focused during research, could have created something like that.

The improved bra was designed to be more comfortable, and had the function of making girls’ breasts look more like chest muscles. However, girls like Xiao Ying, who were more well-endowed, were more difficult to disguise.

Harry was leaning against Ice Dragon, daydreaming.

“Harry!” I shouted in my man’s voice.

He came back to reality and looked at me, seemingly dumbfounded for a moment.

Although Harry appeared light-hearted when he’d spoken to me over the phone, we hardly talked when we actually saw each other.

He blinked and looked away, then said, “Oh, you’re here.”

He seemed to be in a trance most of the time.

“Mm.” I looked at him with concern. He hadn’t been like this before.

Feeling my gaze on him, he immediately turned to get on Ice Dragon. “Let’s go.”

He’d become a man of few words whenever he talked to me. In the past, he used to blab a bunch of nonsense.

He didn’t speak on the way there, which was completely different from how he’d been before. I found it strange to see the overly quiet Harry.

I kept glancing at him, while he pretended not to notice as he concentrated on driving Ice Dragon.

He thought I couldn’t see through him. Our tacit understanding of each other could be described as a sixth sense. I knew that he knew I was looking at him, yet he was still stubbornly avoiding me like this.

I was angry at him for avoiding me out of the blue. Alright. If you don’t want to talk to me, I won’t talk to you either. Let’s see who can last longer.

The atmosphere in Ice Dragon was as if we were fighting a silent battle, all the way until we arrived outside Raffles City.

Harry parked Ice Dragon under a collapsed bridge as I left my cabin seat. Since there were only two of us, we’d taken the initial prototype version of Ice Dragon.

“I’ll follow you.” He finally spoke after a long silence.

I looked at him. “How would you follow me?”

He smirked and winked at me. “You’ll know when you get out.” Then, he smiled cheekily at me as I stared at him confusedly. His amber eyes twinkled. “You… are reluctant to leave me?”

“Get lost!” I turned away. Harry was so strange. He’d taken advantage of my lowered guard to start with his smooth-talking again. He’s been really strange lately. 

I drove the mini flying vehicle out from Ice Dragon. Suddenly, a swift figure flew past me. Its white body was painted with a flame-like red pattern, and red wings spread behind its back like a beautiful phoenix.

It did a backflip above me in a smooth arch, ending up on the other side of my flying vehicle as it flew along right next to me.

“Harry!” I looked at it in surprise.

He gave me a flying kiss. “My dear, I will always be by your side.” The robot made a nauseating remark that was somehow funny.

“Raffles upgraded the robot?” Judging from the robot’s brand new look, Raffles jad definitely upgraded it.

He flew by my side. “Now, I can follow you wherever you go.” He suddenly soared up. It was as though Harry had grown a pair of wings himself and could now fly anywhere he wanted.

He did a backflip and flew back to my side again. Striking a casual pose like he was lying down, he challenged me, “Want to race?”

“Sure!” Racing was something we always did. Then, I shot ahead in my flying vehicle, racing against his robot.

On the ground, our shadows zoomed along below us, the robot’s shaped like a fallen angel.

The garden library was as silent as ever. Harry stared at the library in surprise. Clear sunlight poured over the entire library. Every single book looked like a sealed elf, waiting for someone to open its seal, someone they could tell their stories to.

Harry retracted his wings, not taking his eyes off those books.

I returned those that I’d borrowed. Then, I went to look for the ones Raffles wanted.

“You should read more,” I told Harry from the stairs; he was standing in the withered garden below. The sunlight shone on his robotic body, making him shimmer.

He looked up at me and I smiled. Then, he lowered his face. Every movement of the robot was connected to his nerves.

I peeped at the robot who’d lowered its head. He looked like he was offline. I needed to stall for a little longer here.

Having found the books Raffles wanted, I came across a sci-fi book. I walked up to the robot, who stood tall before me; the robot was far taller than Harry. Under the sunlight, its red pattern looked like burning flames.

“Here, read this.” I put the book before the robot. Seeing that he didn’t respond, I frowned and shouted, “Harry!”

The robot lifted its head at once, seemingly startled back to reality. It looked adorable.

I lifted the book before him again. “Read with me for a while. I chose this for you.”

He lifted his hands and took the book. I smiled and sat on his huge legs. Lowering his head, he looked at me in surprise.

I sat on his legs and looked up at him. He quickly flipped the book open. The huge robot could perform such an exquisite movement under Harry’s control. It was a pity that he’d held his book upside down.

“Hold it the other way up!” I reminded him.

“Oh…” With an awkward reply, the robot flipped the book around.

With the silent sunlight pouring on us, I leaned against the robot’s leg as I read. When I was hungry, I ate some bread we’d brought, and drank some water when I got thirsty. In the silent library, there was only the sound of our pages flipping.

Harry was very quickly engrossed in the storyline, to the point that he seemed to have forgotten the time. He had been reading in silence next to me.

While I was reading, I couldn’t help but glance at the doorway bathed in sunlight. I was thinking to myself, if His Highness would turn up here too. I really wanted to see him again and read with him. He definitely knew a lot of things and had a lot of knowledge.

Raffles had regretted not meeting him sooner too. He’d hoped to have a chance to talk to him in person.


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