Book 1: Chapter 27 - Xing Chuan Came Too

Arsenal was very calm in the face of a crisis. She was steady and composed, and she could even “lie” so naturally. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do that. She looked like she was around my age, but her maturity far exceeded mine. It must be this world that had made this princess this strong. She was about my age but had grown up so quickly that she could take on the responsibility of caring for Noah City.

Sharjah nodded with a smile. When he lifted his gaze and looked at Xue Gie, his brown eyes were full of admiration and gentleness.

Xue Gie didn’t seem to notice but continued to look in front of her. She didn’t have any expression on her face, appearing just like an ice queen.

Military Instructor Ceci noticed and she touched Arsenal’s arm lightly.

“Is there anything else that I can help you with, Major Sharjah?” Princess Arsenal was trying to chase him away.

Major Sharjah reined back his gaze and the atmosphere became awkward. He seemed to want to stay back in Noah City.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his eyes, the same way as Ah Xing’s eyes kept flashing. They seemed to be wearing something in their eyes. Then, he immediately lifted his hand and put it over his ear lobe, as though he was trying to confirm something. He looked shocked. Then, putting his hand down, he looked at Princess Arsenal calmly and said, “Your Highness, His Highness Xing Chuan is here."

What? That snake is here!?

Arsenal looked surprised and she turned to face the pier directly. I saw ripples in her eyes as though Xing Chuan’s arrival made her happy. The corners of her lips lifted subconsciously as well.

“His Highness Xing Chuan is here!?” The girl named Xiao Ying was excited too. Sis Cannon next to her glared at her impatiently, “Why the hell are you so excited that His Highness Xing Chuan is here?”

“Because he’s handsome!” Xiao Ying clasped her hands together appearing like Xing Chuan’s fan. “His Highness Xing Chuan is so handsome.”

“Hey! Xiao Ying, our Harry is very handsome too.” The boys from Uncle Mason’s scouting troop shouted as they chuckled. There are people who are on Harry’s side!?

“Go away! Harry is not as good looking as His Highness Xing Chuan. Harry is the most annoying one. He calls everyone his wife! Humph!”

“Are you jealous because he calls the others his wives too? Hahaha.”

Harry’s teammates were as crooked as him! 

“Waifu! Hey! Waifu! I am the most handsome man in Noah City!” No matter how he shouted behind me, I ignored him.

Xing Chuan’s arrival stirred a great commotion in Noah City. I never expected the poisonous snake to be so influential in this world.

Just then, at the end of the pier, there was an orderly marching sound. Everyone held their breaths as they focused on the white tunnel.

Very soon, there were two troops of soldiers from Silver Moon City that ran out from the tunnel. They were wearing clean silver battle suits and hats. Regardless of its material or design, they were far beyond Sis Ceci’s ordinary military uniform. They were just like soldiers from a richly endowed kingdom. It seemed as though the gap between the rich and the poor was really vast. 

They ran out and lined up on both sides of the pier. Next, I saw a familiar figure. I looked away and took deep breaths trying my best to calm down so that I wouldn’t run over to beat him up!

“Your Highness Xing Chuan,” I heard Arsenal’s gentle voice.

I creased my eyebrows. I have to face him as calmly as Princess ArsenalI won’t give myself away if I need to face him again.

I forced myself to look forward and I saw the gentle smile on Xing Chuan’s face. His gentle, yet apologetic gaze was fixed upon Arsenal, “Princess Arsenal, I’m so sorry to bother you. I wonder if you could let my men stay here to rest up. We have to head to the next city to look for our missing escape pod.”

Princess Arsenal lowered her head. There was a faint blush on her beautiful face, “Sure. I never thought that there would be anyone who would steal things from Silver Moon City. He sure has guts. Your Highness Xing Chuan, did you find out who he was? So that we could pay attention on behalf of Silver Moon City.” Princess Arsenal continued to hang her head low like a shy maiden. I suddenly felt that her bashful behavior saved me. If she were to look Xing Chuan in his eyes, he would definitely see through her! 

Xing Chuan looked down at her tenderly and there was concern in his eyes, “We are still looking into it. I am worried that he is from Ghost Eclipse City. If he is, then this is really bad.”

“Yeah,” Princess Arsenal sounded worried too. She turned and looked at everyone, “Everyone, head back. The people from Silver Moon City would only be taking a break in our city for a short while. They wouldn’t be disturbing you.”

Xing Chuan smiled faintly at everyone and he looked apologetic.

“His Highness Xing Chuan doesn’t look like someone who would do such a thing…” Raffles sighed emotionally when he looked at Xing Chuan. I looked at him in disdain. Is Xing Chuan really that charming!? He is able to charm both males and females? Raffles is smart, but he doesn’t have a high EQ! Everyone in this city is fooled by Xing Chuan’s smile. Just like I was back then.

The people in Noah City dispersed after Arsenal’s speech. As people walked past Raffles and me, I turned to leave too. Raffles continued to stand on the spot as he looked at Xing Chuan in confusion. It was as though he was trying to figure out if Xing Chuan was really the person that I described him to be. Xing Chuan wants to rest up here? Pfft! Such a lie! He is definitely seizing the chance to search through this place.

“Waifu! Waifu!” Harry smiled at me, but I ignored him and walked past him, “I’ll bring you to your bag,” he said behind my back.

Damn it!

He was holding my lifeline!

I slowed my footsteps.

“Son, stop fooling around with my daughter-in-law!” Uncle Mason reprimanded, “You won’t be able to get any girls like that. You must be like me and obey the girl’s command. That’s how I got together with your mom! Humph!” Uncle Mason seemed rather proud of that.

This pair of father and son are so annoying. Forget it, Xing Chuan is here, and it is not a suitable time to fetch my bag.

I ignored Harry and left.

“Waifu! Don’t leave! You really don’t want it anymore!?”

I continued to walk along with the crowd.

“Waifu!” Suddenly, Harry’s voice was right next to my ear. I looked to the side in shock. He was twisting his wrists and his neck. I looked at the place where he was chained earlier, and there was only an empty handcuff swaying in the air. From the corner of my eye, I saw Military Instructor Ceci and the other girls leaving.

“Son! Let me go too!” Uncle Mason was stomping his feet.

I looked at Harry in shock, “How did you escape?”

Harry twisted his wrists and flashed a playful smile at me again, “If you want to know, follow me to my room, and I’ll tell you.”

*Stomp!* I didn’t know why but I kicked him.

Ah! Harry was dumbfounded. He covered his belly as he frowned.

I was stunned too. I had no alternative. I really couldn’t hold back the urge to beat him up.

He looked at me innocently and slowly stood straight while rubbing his belly. “Your bag is in my room.”

I was stunned. I had hit him by mistake. No, I didn’t do anything wrong. He deserved it!

I turned around and left.

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