Book 3: Chapter 113 - Birthday Surprise

By the time Ice Dragon landed in Noah City, Harry and Raffles still hadn’t returned. There was only me left in the cockpit.

“Master, they’ve already gotten off the spaceship,” Ice Dragon said gently with a smile, concern in his eyes.

I nodded. Maybe it really was time to disperse. I’d tied them to my side. I had relied on them too much. I was the one who had made our relationship strange and now I’d become strange too.

I stood up alone, just like in the past when I’d gone on a solo mission. Boarding the spaceship alone, disembarking from the spaceship alone, and walking through the quiet Noah City alone. We’d avoided the entire confession day; before me, the dimly lit tunnel lay quiet and empty.

How long has it been since I have been alone like this? One really shouldn’t get too comfortable because then they would become weak. This was like how I’d been back when I’d first come to Noah City. I’d walked around alone without Raffles next to me and I had detoured whenever I’d seen Harry, who’d kept calling me his wife.

Somehow I made it back to the hostel. I turned to look at Harry’s room. What did he tell Raffles? They seem to share some huge secret that they wouldn’t let me in on.

Even Little Carl and the other birds hadn’t waited for me. All these heartless b*stards! I opened the door grumpily. Suddenly, *Pop!* I instinctively punched the person standing by the door!

*Bang!* As colorful starlights fell, I saw Harry’s dumbfounded face.

I was stunned at once, and he was stunned too. He was holding starlight salute in his hand. 


“Hahahaha…” A burst of laughter surrounded us. I looked into my room and was surprised. Everyone, including Arsenal, Sis Ming You, Sis Cannon, Xue Gie, Xiao Ying, Williams, Khai, Joey, Bill and the rest were all crammed together in my tiny room. There wasn’t room enough for everyone on the floor so the girls were standing on my bed.

Starlights began to flutter down in my room. Across the room from me, Raffles stood smiling.

“Happy Birthday! Brother Bing!” Everyone shouted at me. Arsenal winked at me. “Don’t worry. Elder Alufa and the other seniors don’t know. So, we waited for you in your room.”

I was instantly moved with tears welling up in my eyes.

“Hey, hey, hey! Aren’t you going to say anything about hitting me?” Harry said in distress. I looked at him with tears in my eyes. He was stunned and I pounced and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry, force of habit.”

Harry’s body instantly tensed.

I let go of him and hugged the rest one after another. When I reached Khai, Sis Cannon shouted from the bed, “Hey! That’s my man. Don’t hug him!”

“Hahahaha…” Everyone roared with laughter again.

The guys shuffled around in the cramped room. Then, I hugged my sisters and thanked them for such a great surprise.

“Hurry up and take out your presents!” Arsenal commanded and everyone took out their presents. But why were all the presents couple items?

Sis Ming You gave me a couple brooch, Sis Cannon gave me a couple pillow, Xue Gie gave me a couple mug, Xiao Ying gave me a couple soft toy! Couple bowl, couple chopsticks, couple spoon, couple seat cushion, they were all for a couple!

I looked at everyone in confusion. Raffles stood in the corner and looked away. 

Harry stood by the door, shocked at the sight of the table piled with couple presents.

Sis Ming You glanced at Harry with concern and sighed.

“You… What do you mean?” I looked at everyone. What’s this, preparation for my future?

We looked at Arsenal and Arsenal stepped off the bed with a smile. She took out her present. It was a big gift box. She held it up before me. “Open it.”

I opened it and saw couple’s sleeping wear!

“Oh and, this is what Elder Alufa told me to bring you.” Arsenal took out an exquisite carved jade box, around the size of a jewelry box.

I looked at her in surprise. “You told me that you didn’t tell Elder Alufa.”

Her eyes flickered and she looked at me in embarrassment. “Sorry, Luo Bing. I actually told Elder Alufa. I also told him that you didn’t want to be rushed into marriage. That’s why he pretended that he didn’t know. This is his present to you.”

As long as he didn’t rush me into marriage, I wouldn’t mind if Arsenal reported my birth date to Elder Alufa.

I put the couple sleeping wear on the table by the side, and took the present that Elder Alufa had prepared for me. As someone who’s like the chief of Noah City, Elder Elufa must be very generous! The moment I’d laid eyes on the box, I’d known that the present in the box must be precious.

I slowly opened the box, and was shocked!

In the box was an access card. I had seen this type of access card before. It was identical to the access card to Sis Cannon and Khai’s Love Hut!

Elder Alufa is really generous after all. This means that he gave me a marriage house….

*Pak!* I closed the box. I was left speechless. How is this not urging me into marriage?!

“Luo Bing, Elder Alufa said that you are an adult now and you can choose a fiancee. No matter who you choose, you can move into Love Hut immediately. It’ll be much bigger than here and the conditions will be much better too,” Arsenal explained with a smile. The others were leaning against one another anxiously, as if they were waiting for me to make an important decision.

“Luo Bing, do you know how many guys in Noah City are your secret admirers?” Arsenal held my hand, looking just like a worried elder sister. “In Noah City, you can choose someone first. You don’t even have to like the person, they can just be someone that you don’t hate. Do you remember what I told you the other day? If you don’t try, how do you know if he is a person that you’ll like?”

I looked at Arsenal in shock. It turned out that Arsenal had already been trying to brainwash me then. Arsenal, you weren’t just persuading yourself, but you were also persuading me?

She let go of my hand with a smile. “Even if you move to Love Hut, you wouldn’t be sleeping together like Khai and Sis Cannon. Love Hut is a place for guys and girls to nurture their feelings. Elder Alufa knows what you are thinking, so he gave you the biggest cabin. There are two bedrooms in there. You and the guy you pick won’t be sleeping together. But it will be like Bill and Xue Gie, who are staying next to each other. Then… you wouldn’t feel awkward.”

I continued to be stupefied. Elder Alufa had actually thought it through! It almost gave me no reason to reject him anymore.

I looked at the access card in my hand, only feeling that this surprise had felt more terrifying than pleasant. I am only seventeen, seventeen, seventeen…

“Oh yeah. Raffles hasn’t given you a present yet,” Arsenal’s voice sounded like it was moving away. I saw the rest moving to both sides, making way for Raffles to walk slowly towards me. He wasn’t holding any present as Arsenal said; there was only the bead bracelet that I’d given him on his clean wrist.

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