Book 3: Chapter 112 - Perceived Feeling

Raffles never behaved like this with the other girls.

Harry hardly ever made fun of other girls too. Nor did he ever bother about what other girls wore or if they felt cold.

Besides my room, Raffles had never once taken the initiative to enter any girl’s room.

Harry was keeping his distance from other girls too. Whenever he saw Sis Ming You, he would detour.

Raffles always did this and that for me. He’d created and improved Little Carl for me. When he was not around, there would be Little Carl to keep me company. 

Since the moment I opened my eyes until I slept at night, Harry never disappeared from my sight.

Suddenly, I realized that they were more estranged from all the other girls because of me. They were only with me. Why hadn’t I noticed it before?

Harry could explain it as wanting to look after his sister, me.

What about Raffles? From back when he’d never spoken to any girls until now when he always stayed by my side, I’d ignored his changes because I’d been used to him being around me. I was too slow.

Now that I’d suddenly realized, I noticed how drastic Raffles’ change was.

However, if Raffles always stays by my side, will the girl he likes misunderstand that Raffles likes me?

My heart clenched and I looked at Raffles. “Raffles, I know you are nice to me but you can’t stay by my side forever.”

His expression stiffened as he stared blankly in front of him.

I put my hand on his shoulder. “You should be next to the girl you like. You should be nice to her. Otherwise, how can she know you like her? How will she…”

Suddenly, Raffled lifted his hand and pressed on the hand I’d placed his shoulder. I paused at once. Slowly, he gently held my hand. My heart started racing while I blushed.

Raffles held my hand!

There wasn’t any unique situation nor reason that made him hold my hand. He held my hand while I was still talking.

I found it strange, so strange that my brain wasn’t working anymore. I couldn’t think.

He slowly held my hand tight and pressed his warm hand against mine. He looked down, the side of his face beginning to turn red. “Lil Bing… I… I…”

*Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub.* My heart was racing. Why? Why does my heart beat faster when he holds my hand? I was worried that I would suddenly release radiation and hurt Raffles. Raffles wasn’t like Harry who could heal himself.

“I… I…” He stuttered. He bit his lips and turned to me. His grayish-blue eyes fixed upon my face. He had on the same deep, burning gaze like the night before. As though he had thousands of words to tell me but something had stopped up his chest and he couldn’t speak.

Somehow, I became nervous as he stared at me. I was so nervous that I couldn’t move my eyes away from him. No, not that I couldn’t move but it was more so that his gaze had locked onto mine and he wouldn’t let me leave.

“Aren’t you… asking me…” He blinked his eyes. His eyelashes were trembling. He looked down for a while before he looked into my eyes again. “...who I like?”

Lub-dub!* My heart skipped a beat and I even forgot to breathe. I was so nervous that I’d forgotten to breathe.

“It’s…” He opened his mouth and his glistening lips that were softer than a woman’s, that made people want to take a bite, entered my sight. “It’s…” His teeth were revealed under his red lips, his tongue came into sight.

I felt the blood all over my body begin to rush to my head as my face turned redder. Somehow, I pulled my hand back and left the medic bed, and ran out from the medic room!

*Pitter-patter.* I ran to the cockpit. I walked past the birds and Harry before I stopped, panting, in the cockpit.

*Vroom.* My head was buzzing, drowning out my thoughts.

“Lil Bing? What happened to you?!” Harry came and squatted down before me. “What happened? Why is your face so red?”


“Did Raffles make you do any tests again? I have to beat him up today!” Harry stood up and I grabbed his hand subconsciously. I held his big, soft hands.

Harry’s body stiffened. I slowly came back to reality and looked up at him. “Tell me, who does Raffles like?”

Harry looked down at me. His amber eyes began to tremble!

I held his hand with both of mine. “Speak! You knew it all this while!”

Harry began to look left and right.

Somehow I got furious as he avoided meeting my eyes. “Who is the girl that you were helping him to get?!”

Harry furrowed his eyebrows. He turned back and wanted to say something, only to pause when he saw something. His gaze was fixed in the direction of the door. “Raffles…” he muttered.

I immediately turned to look, it was Raffles standing at the door. Seeing that I was holding Harry’s hand, he seemed to be at a total loss on what to do. He looked away and said, “I- I- I’m sorry.” Then, he quickly left.

“Raffles!” Harry immediately took his hand back and chased after Raffles.

There was only me left in the cockpit. It was a complicated feeling. A complicated and strange feeling!

It was as if I’d been pestering Harry and been seen by Raffles who liked Harry. Then, Harry had chased after Raffles to explain himself. In the end, there was only me left in the room!

I held my head. I am going crazy!

Ever since we’d come back from Blue Shield City, everything had become strange. Everything had become weird!

The three of us had been fine. Then suddenly barriers popped up, and estrangement. The friendship among the three of us had suddenly changed.

Suddenly, I’d realized that Raffles had a girl that he liked.

Suddenly, I’d found out that Harry had used me as an excuse to reject Sis Ming You.

Raffles had suddenly held my hand. He’d taken the initiative to hold my hand! He’d even looked at me with a strange, burning gaze. I, I was frightened!

When have I, Luo Bing, ever been afraid of anyone?!

Yet I was frightened by Raffles’s gaze!

What is going on?!

I was really going crazy. If I couldn’t get an answer, I really wouldn’t be able to go back to being myself. I didn’t like how my imagination was running wild all the time. I didn’t like how my heartbeat had become uncontrollable. I didn’t like myself who’d gotten frightened by Raffles’s gaze!

I needed to regain my calm. Was I really supposed to keep my distance from Raffles and Harry?

But I really liked how we’d been before. I wasn’t willing to let it go. It felt like there was a huge rock pressing on my chest. I was unwilling to part ways with them. I didn’t want Noah’s Triangle to break apart.


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