Book 3: Chapter 111 - Unnoticeable Changes

“Lil Bing!” Raffles watched me anxiously. His grayish-blue eyes were filled with guilt and regret.

Harry carried me into the medic room and laid me on the soft medic capsule. The transparent lid slowly closed, enclosing me within. A blue light began to scan my body. 

Harry and Raffles stood on both sides of the medic capsule, watching me with concern.

“Little master is alright. Everything is normal. She only needs some rest.” At Ice Dragon’s words, they both visibly relaxed.

“What are you conducting experiments for?!” Harry angrily grabbed Raffles by his collar. He was ready to throw a tantrum right next to my medic capsule. “If you dare to use her for any other experiments, I will throw you out!”

Raffles kept quiet. He lowered his head as he drowned in guilt and let Harry shout at him.

“I’m warning you! She is my sister! She is even closer to me than my blood sister! I will not allow anyone to hurt her! I really regret that I even helped you! Forget about it!” Harry pushed Raffles off furiously as he said things that I didn’t quite understand.

Shocked, Raffles grabbed Harry’s sleeve at once. “That is why I wanted to test her ability. Testing is the only way we can figure out her limit and get her to be more careful!”

Harry pushed Raffles away with a glum look. He didn’t seem to want to listen to Raffles.

“Lil Bing is just like you!” Raffles pulled Harry hastily. “She goes all out like you!”

Harry was stunned.

Raffles looked at him anxiously. “You know her character better than I do! Have you forgotten about what happened in Kro? Have you forgotten about what happened during the snowstorm?! She put her own life at risk! We have to know where her limit is! Otherwise, how can we save her when she risks her life when we’re not around her?!”

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and pushed Raffles away. “Regardless, I do not want you to conduct any more tests on her! No test without my permission!”

“Quiet…” I said wearily. They glanced at me and ran to my sides, staring at me through the transparent capsule lid. I looked at them and said, “I know that you are doing everything for my own good. Harry…” I looked at Harry and continued, “Raffles is right. I don’t even know where my limit is myself. Plus, wouldn’t it be great if I really could cleanse the soil? But… I failed today…”

“No, you didn’t. Lil Bing, you did really well.” Raffles gazed deep into my eyes from above.

Harry stared at him for a while before he looked away. “You keep her company. I am going to the cockpit,” Harry said grumpily. He turned and left.

I watched Harry walk away, then closed my eyes…

He said that I am his sister, even closer than his blood sister. That made me really happy.

When we’d first gotten to know each other, he hadn’t left a good impression. I’d hated him and rejected him. I’d often hit him too. He’d been so full of himself. Then, what had annoyed me the most was that he’d taken advantage of his status as the most powerful metahuman in Noah City to call all the girls his wives. He’d been very petty too. He wasn’t able to accept others being stronger than him. That had been really childish of him.

Later, he became a reliable brother. Although he was still reckless and short-tempered, he was nice to me…

No matter when or where, he was always nice to me. In Noah City, he was nice to me. When we were out on the field, he was nice to me. He had been so nice to me it was as though he was trying to make it up for his past mistakes.

Actually, I wanted to tell him that I no longer cared about what had happened before so he didn’t have to act like that. But I selfishly enjoyed his kindness to me…

In the past, I had always wanted an older brother. However, my parents had already decided my fate. It was impossible for me to have an elder brother but it was possible for me to get a younger brother or sister.

Harry treated me well, just like how a brother would treat his sister… Otherwise… What else could it be?

I liked how he treated me. I selfishly wanted an elder brother. Harry’s existence made me feel like I wasn’t a man but a young girl who was protected by her brother…

Although I worked like a man, I was still a girl at heart. I wished for someone who I could rely on at all times.

When I woke up, Raffles was reading Professor Hagrid Jones’ notebook.

He was reading very seriously. As he read, he lifted his other hand to draw on the air front of him, as though he could see a complicated formula before him. He moved his fingers solemnly and didn’t even notice that I’d woken up.

The lid above me opened and I sat up. I shouldn’t have been out for long because Ice Dragon had yet to stop. I stretched my head nearer to the notebook in Raffles’ hand. As expected, it seemed to be a book filled with formulas.

Next to Raffles, I could smell the comforting scent of orchids. Raffles was a man like an orchid: quiet, simple, elegant yet beautiful.

When I looked at him in silence, I would feel a beautiful sense of bliss.

I glanced at Raffles and decided to not interrupt him. Turning gently, I prepared to get off the medic bed.

“Lil Bing!” Suddenly, someone held my arm. I turned to look at him but his gaze continued to be fixed in front of him while his other hand continued to scribble in the air.

However, he still held my arm.

I looked down at his hand holding my arm. On his wrist was the bead bracelet that I’d given to him. Which brain is he using to talk to me?

“Don’t go,” he said softly although he continued to look in front of him.

If I didn’t know him well, I would have thought that he was talking to the air.

I glanced at his extremely serious side profile. Through the hand he used to hold my arm, I could feel the heat of his palm. The way he held my arm tightly, not letting me go, carried traces of a tyrannical attitude that I’d never seen on him before. 

“Alright, I will not leave.” As I spoke, his hand slowly released my arm. Taking back his hand, he continued to look in front of him. His eyes were shimmering with excitement. “I am almost done with calculating your limit.”

I hugged my knees as I sat on the bed and looked at him. Raffles was worried for me.

If Harry’s kindness towards me was because he treated me as his sister, what about Raffles?

Why had I never thought of such questions? How could I have just taken their kindness for granted?

I owed them too much. Their kindness towards me had already assimilated into all aspects of my life, such that I couldn’t even count the moments we’d shared. But they really did exist, I could feel it from the bottom of my heart.

Even my other friends didn’t treat me as wholeheartedly as they did.

“You are so nice to me,” I couldn’t help but say.

Raffles’ hand paused while his gaze remained fixed in front of him.

“You and Harry, why? Why are you so nice to me?” I am not blind nor is my heart. I can see and feel that their kindness towards me is different from the others.


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