Book 3: Chapter 110 - Leave

Raffles looked at Harry seriously. “Because I think our superpowers can go through further evolution. We have boundless potential that has yet to be in full play.”

“What?! We… can still go through evolution?” Harry looked at his hands.

“I was inspired by Lil Bing,” Raffles looked at me and I felt chill running down my spine. I looked back at him tensed, while he stared at me bashfully before looking down. “In the beginning, we were not aware of Lil Bing’s superpower. And even after we found out, we only knew that she wasn’t affected by radiation. That was her initial superpower. However, not only she isn’t affected by radiation, but she can also absorb blue crystal energy!” Raffles became excited and he started speaking faster, while his gaze was fixed straight ahead of him, “In the battle with Pink Baby, she was even able to release radiation to attack! This is an evolution of a superpower! She has inspired me greatly. Doesn’t that mean that our superpower can go through further evolution?! Secondary evolution, tertiary evolution or even nonary evolution!

“Stop it!” Harry cut him off without hesitation, “I can’t see you behaving like this. Let’s go back!” Harry said as he quivered.

“Pak!” Suddenly, the lights went off, as the electricity that I had supplied became exhausted.

Harry secretly sighed in relief in the dark. It seemed like he couldn’t stand Raffles anymore.

I suddenly thought that Raffles might have gone through ‘evolution’ himself. Although his superpower hadn’t gone through evolution like how he had anticipated, he absolutely had gone through evolution in terms of his character!

Raffles’s image glowed blue in the dark, making him look even more eerie.

He looked at us in embarrassment. “I am only hoping to make everyone stronger. Evolution of superpower brings only benefits…”

“Stop it!” Harry almost shouted. He walked through Raffles’s image with a glum look on his face. He pulled my arm and said, “Bing, let’s go... And spend less time with this mad man in the future. I am worried that he will conduct experiments on you.”

I held Professor Hagrid Jones’s notebook tightly in my hand and followed closely behind Harry.

“Harry! How could I possibly conduct an experiment on Lil Bing?!” Raffles panicked and flew right behind us.

“Who knows?” Harry glared at Raffles with his guards up. “I won’t let you have her in the future,” Harry took huge strides forward as he pulled my arm. He was clenching my arm tightly as though he was going to hold me close and wouldn’t let anyone take me from him. It was as if I would be the safest if he kept me close to himself.

But… since when did Harry hand me over to Raffles? Aren’t the three of us always together?

“Lil Bing! Don’t listen to Harry!” Raffles quickly hovered next to me, “I would never do anything to harm you!” Raffles was really anxious and his face had turned red.

I looked at him with my guards up, and leaned in closer to Harry subconsciously.

If it was Raffles from the past, I would have definitely believed that he wouldn’t do anything to harm me, as he was completely harmless and known as Noah City’s mascot. However, this current Raffles made me fearful. It was really hard to say how!

“Harry!” Raffles threw a tantrum at Harry.

Harry continued to pull me forward.

“When is she in greater danger? With you or with me? Who is the one who brought her to an unknown place like this? Who is the one who has put her in unknown dangers?!” Raffles started reproaching Harry.

Harry ignored him and continued walking forward.

All the scouting robots retreated with us, leaving behind the frightening cemetery. I will never come here again.

In the huge railway track, Raffles was like an eye-catching bait in the wilderness. He was hemmed in by the Day Monsters. 

Harry and I hid behind a nearby railway steel column and looked down.

“Raffles, let go. How are we going back if you don’t come out?” Harry was talking to Raffles.

Raffles’s image appeared before us once again, and he looked very angry, “Come back on your own if you are so capable to do so!”

Raffles and Harry were arguing since the time Harry had accused that Raffles might conduct experiments on me.

Harry crossed his arms over his chest and pointed at me. “You have to get her, at least!”

Raffles glared at Harry angrily, but his gaze turned gentle as he looked at me. “Lil Bing, I’d like to try an experiment.”

“As expected, you are going to conduct experiments with her!” Harry shouted, and I stiffened.

Raffles glared at Harry furiously and said, “It is an experiment directed at her superpower! Only if we can understand her superpower better, she can avoid getting hurt by her own superpower!”

“Her superpower can only hurt others…” Harry said, “How could she hurt herself?”

Raffles ignored him and rolled his eyes. Then, he looked at me. “Lil Bing, this is a simple experiment. I’d like to test the width of the range of radiation you can absorb. This is a level-two radiation zone. Try and see how much land space you can cleanse.”

I was stunned. Raffles wanted to know if my superpower could be used for cleansing soil? If I could, I would be able to bring about more livable land in this world!

“Sure,” I agreed without hesitation.

In the level-two radiation zone, the radiation assembled around me wouldn’t hurt Harry; Raffles had thought through this thoroughly.

I squatted down and placed my right hand on the ground. I steadied my breathing and began to look for the feeling for driving my superpower. As I thought, I felt blue light spots assembling under my palm!

Can I really cleanse the soil?

I, too, became excited.

There were more light spots surfacing from the surrounding ground. Harry slowly let go of his arms in surprise and looked around him. He saw the light spots from under his feet moving. There were also blue lights glowing on the yellow soil, and to his surprise, he saw that they were spread all the way to where Raffles was located.

Suddenly, something strange happened—the Day Monsters that were surrounding Raffles fell down, seemingly from losing their energy. They simply lay piled up outside the protective shield.

“What’s happening?!” Harry asked in surprise.

As the Day Monsters fell, we finally saw Raffles standing behind the protective shield. He was looking at his surroundings in shock.

I gradually felt tired. I was reaching my limit already, without being able to cleanse the soil completely. The surface area that I had managed to cleanse would be sufficient for vegetation. However, it would soon get polluted by the radiation from the surroundings and also the rainwater.

I retracted my hand, and as I stood up, I stumbled in the wind. Harry held me and I instantly collapsed in his arms. He quickly carried me in his arms anxiously. As I leaned against his chest, I could hear his racing heartbeat. “Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub.

“Raffles! Hurry up and get us! She has reached her limit!” Harry shouted at Raffles.

Raffles looked at us from afar. Then, he rushed into Ice Dragon. The entire base station quickly retracted as he ran back towards Ice Dragon. The moment the protective shield started retracting, Ice Dragon leaped over the pile of the collapsed Day Monsters and rushed towards us.

Harry didn’t bother about the Day Monsters and started running towards Ice Dragon while carrying me in his arms. The Day Monsters tried to stand up, but they struggled and fell back.

Ice Dragon stopped in front of us and Harry leaped into it. As soon as we were inside, Ice Dragon took off, while the Day Monsters’ regretful gazes were fixed in our direction.


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