Book 1: Chapter 26 - Silver Moon City’s Major

The maiden behind Xue Gie looked even younger than I was. She was probably around thirteen years old, but her body was unusually curvy, and was even hotter than Sis Ceci. Although she was much shorter than Xue Gie, her impressive bust caught everyone's attention instead of her face.

The maiden was also wearing a military uniform. Her blonde hair was combed into two braids and she looked cute. That very moment, she was looking around curiously. It was as though she was expecting someone as there was anticipation in her eyes. Who is she expecting?

Next to her was the unusually tall girl, who was standing behind Ming You. She was older, probably in her twenties. She was tall and thin and she had a solemn expression. Her long hair was tied into a high ponytail which made her look like she was five foot nine.

She crossed her arms across her chest while she walked behind Ming You. She wasn’t as excited as the girl next to her. On the contrary, she had a rather stern look with a tinge of unhappiness. It was as though someone owed her a lot of money. If it was difficult to determine whether Raffles was a male or female, it was similarly difficult to determine her gender as well. She gave out a handsome and soldierly vibe.

The people from Noah City stood on both sides of the walkway. The women lowered their heads and held the children in their hands. In just a single glance, I could see that Noah City had only a dozen children.

“Who is that?” I pointed at the elder next to Arsenal and the two girls as I asked Raffles.

He looked to where I was pointing and answered, “That’s Elder Alufa, the sage of our city. That girl is Xiao Ying, and the other girl is Sis Cannon Mia. Sis Cannon is very fierce. You’d better not offend her.” Raffles answered with care, as though there was some lingering fear from being hit by Sis Cannon in the past.

When Xue Gie and the other girls walked out, there were also a few men in military uniforms behind them. Their eyes were either filled with admiration or they were too shy to even look at the girls, just like Raffles.

“Those are the boys from Uncle Mason’s scouting troop. They are the warriors who guard Noah City,” As Raffles saw me looking at the boys, he introduced them to me. I was looking at the boys because they were different from the people standing in the square. They carried soldierly bearing, like Harry, but weren’t sallow and emaciated.

“They are also metahumans? Like Ming You?” I asked Raffles.

Raffles nodded with pride, “Yes, they are in charge of looking for resources for us in the radiation zone. They are the heroes of Noah City!” Raffles said, and I could see that there was pride in his grayish-blue eyes, but there was also a tinge of envy in them. It looked like he was envious of boys who could head out to look for resources, as it was something to be proud of.

‘Scouting troop’ was an exciting name. They were in Uncle Mason’s troop and he seemed to be very powerful. Plus, the metahumans seemed to be better looking than ordinary people. It was like… an evolution.

Princess Arsenal and the group stopped before the pier and smiled at the visitor, "Major Sharjah, welcome. How can I help you?”

I was surprised. Princess Arsenal knew the people from Silver Moon City. Otherwise, why would she know the person’s name? It meant that Noah City and Silver Moon City had dealings with one another.

The longer I stayed in this world, the more questions kept popping up in my head.

Sharjah smiled and looked at Princess Arsenal, “Excuse us, Princess. I’d like to ask your people if they saw a Silver Moon City’s escape pod. You are the nearest city to its landing point.”

“No,” Princess Arsenal smiled and shook her head.

Sharjah smiled too, “Really?”

Princess Arsenal seemed very calm and her expression was natural. I admired the princess because sometimes one could easily tell if you are pretending to be calm. However, she was extremely calm and that was why her expression could be so natural. No wonder her people looked at her with reverence. Many men admired her too. Her charm could attract all the men.

"Major Sharjah thinks that I am lying? Noah City is so small. You can search through this city,” Princess Arsenal extended her hand and moved her body aside. There was a tinge of coldness on her smiling face.

Major Sharjah looked awkward. He then blinked and smiled once again, “Princess, did you see anyone suspicious?”

Princess Arsenal retracted her hand and looked at Sharjah sideways, “No, there haven’t been any strangers who have passed by Noah City in the past two days.”

Major Sharjah smiled faintly, but he didn’t reveal any suspicious expression. He treated Princess Arsenal with respect. “Alright then. If there were to be any stranger coming to Noah City, please be careful. This person is very dangerous.”

“Oh?” Princess Arsenal turned to look at Sharjah. She looked curious, “What kind of a person could make people from Silver Moon City feel threatened?”

When Princess Arsenal said that, Raffles immediately looked at me with his eyes filled with shock.

Major Sharjah smiled faintly and said, “Because he stole our escape pod.”

Arsenal smiled and turned back, “This person truly seems dangerous, if he could steal from Silver Moon City.”

I felt like I was taking the blame on behalf of Noah City. The person who actually stole the escape pod wasn’t me, but it was Uncle Mason and Harry! I turned to look at Harry. He smiled maliciously, “Waifu, you are looking at me once again. I knew it, I knew you can’t help but look at me.”

Pfft! I immediately turned back and swore to never look at him again!

Oh yeah, standing next to me, Raffles is one of the accomplices too. Silver Moon City’s escape pod had been dismantled beyond recognition.

“Was he the one who abducted you?” Raffles asked me softly. I shook my head, “No, it is someone named Xing Chuan.”

“Xing!” Raffles exclaimed in shock and he quickly covered his mouth. I looked at him with a confused expression, “What’s wrong with you?”

His grayish-blue eyes were opened wide, and were full of disbelief. He stole a glance at Princess Arsenal at the pier and he turned to look at her, “Are you sure? His Highness Xing Chuan doesn’t come across as someone who would do that.”

I knew it! Everyone in this world is fooled by him!

Humph. He wouldn’t?” I only found it funny and shook my head, “It’s completely up to you whether you want to believe it or not.”

He looked at me again and looked at Arsenal. There was suspicion in his eyes. Then, he said softly, “Don’t let Princess Arsenal know this.”

I looked at him suspiciously but he didn’t speak again. There was an unreadable expression across his face. He pouted, “How is this possible? His Highness Xing Chuan is so gentle…”

Gentle! Yes! He is very gentle! That’s why I was fooled! I really deserved it!

“If we see Silver Moon City’s escape pod or any suspicious person that Major Sharjah mentioned, Noah City will immediately get in touch with you and give our full cooperation to retrieve your asset,” Princess Arsenal said with a smile. 

I was very shocked. Princess Arsenal was too impressive!

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