Book 3: Chapter 108 - Genetically Transformed Human

Harry and I started descending. Suddenly, we saw something coming towards us from above. To our relief, it was a disc with Noah City’s logo on it. It hovered before us and a miniature Raffles popped on the disc. He looked at us anxiously. “Where did you go? Little Carl and the other birds have already returned!”

Harry raised his eyebrows and eyed the small figure. “What did you invent this time?”

“The imaging device was too huge and not flexible enough. It was also susceptible to getting damaged easily, so I made some improvements,” Raffles appeared smug due to his success. The next moment, he looked at us anxiously, “When are you coming back?! We are surrounded by Day Monsters here!” The image on the disc began to expand and it showed a lot of Day Monsters outside the protective shield!

They were surrounding the protective shield like the movie, Dead Rising. They were trying to get closer but they were getting electrocuted by the electromagnetic protective shield. Little Carl and the other birds were roaring with hostility at the Day Monsters to protect Raffles. No wonder Raffles looked terrified.

Our Noah’s brain had always been protected inside the safe walls of Noah City. He had never seen such a sight.

Harry and I exchanged a glance and smiled. Harry’s smile looked malicious yet mature as he said, “Raffles, if you want to go out on field for missions, you need to train your mind. Don’t worry. As long as your protective shield holds, they will not be able to eat you.”

Raffles’s face grew paler when he heard Harry’s words.

As we continued talking, we reached the ground. It was completely dark there. Harry gestured and the badge that was lighting up the place for us flew forward. It was flying very slowly, keeping close to us, lighting up the surrounding area.

I followed next to Harry keeping a close distance between us and looked around carefully. The light shone on one of the areas that looked like a cylinder glass capsule. The light illuminated light-blue colored liquid and a human-shaped monster inside it!

“Ah!” I was frightened by the monster in front of me. He was a deformed human. His cheekbones were triangular in shape, just like a lizard’s; his backbone was poking out like a porcupine; and he had a long centipede-like tail. 

“Genetic reformation?!” Raffles flew towards the capsule excitedly, “What were they studying back then?” Raffles was excited and curious at such a terrifying sight.

He was a scientist after all.

“Harry!” I glared at Harry angrily. How could he bring me to such a terrifying place!

However, Harry looked at the man who had been reformed, where his skin must have been peeled away in front of his own eyes. He exclaimed in shock, “I see. This place is like this…”  

“You have never been here before?!” I held my forehead and turned away. He never thinks of me when there is something great and exciting, but he always drags me with when there is something dangerous. He is truly my best brother!

“Harry! There must be more! Look for the power switch! I will immediately send the scouting robots there to do some scanning!” Raffles flew in front of Harry excitedly. He looked like he was dying to take the monster’s specimen back to the base camp.

Harry looked at him helplessly. “But even if I find it, we don’t have any power supply.”

“Of course we do!” Raffles shouted. Then, both of them looked at me simultaneously. There was a ghostly sparkle in their eyes!

I glared at them coldly. Are they really treating me like a portable power bank?

“Alright! I’ll go and find it now,” Harry smirked. Then, he ran to the side. I looked at the monster next to me and got goosebumps. I quickly followed Harry closely. I didn’t want to be with the dissected specimen alone.

Harry returned to the place where we had landed in the dim light. The power switches were usually located near the entrances. As he walked over, he found something that looked like a knife isolator. He looked at me and smiled.

I rolled my eyes at him and extended my hand to pull the knife isolator. However, Harry pulled on it with his hand growing tremendously big in size. He tugged the knife isolator and pulled it out. The switch was instantly ruined and there were a bunch of circuit boards. 

“You broke it!” I shouted.

Harry held the circuit boards and placed them in front of me. He smiled and said, “The knife isolator is useless. You have to power this.

My face grew glum. I took hold of the circuit board impatiently and inhaled deeply. Suddenly, Harry took a huge stride towards me in the dark, instantly briging his body heat with him.

He pressed his chest on my hand that was holding the circuit board, and he extended his hand, putting it by the side of my face. He smiled maliciously at me as he moved his face near mine and stopped right before the tip of my nose. His deep burning gaze fixed upon mine and I stopped breathing. My body tensed up and I forgot to push him away.

“Do you want me to… stimulate you a little?” He moved closer and closer to me. My heart instantly started racing. Just as his sexy red lips were almost reaching mine, I burst out a brilliant light and he flew back from the impact!

Pfft. Cough, cough, cough…” He hit one of the capsules, “Too, too much. Cough, cough, cough.

“Harry, you’re okay, right?” I shouted. Just as I wanted to run to him, the entire world buzzed. Rows of lights lit up and rows of specimen capsules appeared in front of us!

The magnificent sight was extremely terrifying!

The world was filled with specimen capsules. Rows of them were neatly organized, extending to the top. There were machine claws around them and it looked like these were used for moving the goods around.

I was shocked, as I realized that there were a lot of specimen capsules and it meant that a huge number of people were reformed into monsters!

“This world… What were they doing…” I looked in disbelief.

No matter how many horror films I had watched, none were as terrifying as what I was seeing in front of me.

These are real!

These were real living humans who were genetically transformed and soaked in that liquid!

Just how inhumane the people were who did such brutal things!

Harry was standing in shock far from me. He seemed to have forgotten that the monster’s face was rotten and covered in blisters. I looked up at the coffin-filled world in surprise. 

The scouting robots flew in through the entrance and started scanning. Raffles’s disc hovered from one specimen capsule to another, and his excited voice resounded in our ears.

“They must have been conducting a human genetic transformation project! These people are still in the process of transforming, and the process was probably interrupted because of the end of the world. It has been so long. I wonder if I could resurrect them…”

“No!” I almost shouted.

Raffles paused in the air and Harry looked at me. I was looking at the people who had been transformed into monsters, and said, “They wouldn’t want to be resurrected as monsters!”

The entire world became as quiet as when I had first landed in this new world. There were only engine whirring noises from the scouting robots as they continued scanning.


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