Book 3: Chapter 105 - Hunting

“I like you…”

“I love you…"

“Let's get together…” 

The confessions echoed throughout Noah City. It was so heartwarming and touching, making one’s heart race.

In my world, no matter how many romantic dramas I had watched, and even though they had shared the same conventional lines, my heart would always palpitate with excitement whenever a guy confessed to a girl.

No matter the type of confession, whether it was a gentle, heartfelt, domineering, or a shy one, any kind of confession would make me ruminate over and over again. All those confessions had the power to make my heart feel the sweetness of it, along with the female lead. 

My mom had always forced me to watch romance dramas in order to prevent me from being too boyish, as I was being trained by my dad. Not to mention, it also made up for the lack of girliness within me. 

“Master! Little Carl loves you!” Little Carl brought Little Bing and the other birds so they could confess their love to us. 

I patted Little Carl’s body gently and said, “I love you too, Little Carl.” 

Little Carl spun around in a circle happily. 

Little Bing and the other birds spread their wings and flapped them, asking for some petting. I petted all of them and said, “Little Har, Little Raf, Little Bing, I love all of you too.” 

Coo-Coo!” They cooed and leaped around happily. 

I was a bit confused, as I saw Harry and Raffles staring at me. “What are you looking at?”

Raffles blinked and quickly looked away, while Harry diverted his gaze at Little Carl and the birds, and said, “I love you too!” 

“Little Carl loves Uncle Harry too!” Little Carl and the birds confessed their love back to Harry. Then, Little Carl ran to Raffles and said, “Little Carl loves father the most! Father! Hurry up and find Little Carl a mother!” 

“Hey! Your son wants you to find him a mother!” Harry mocked Raffles. 

Raffles looked at Little Carl and the birds warmly, and said, “I love you too."

“Father! Let’s make Master my mother!"

Harry’s expression stiffened at this comment. He bit his bottom lip and looked regretful. What is wrong with him lately? He looks so puzzled. 

Raffles instantly blushed and looked at me. I was dumbfounded and quickly looked away. Somehow, my heart had started racing. Why did Raffles look at me? He’s making me feel so embarrassed! 

“Children in Noah City, I love all of you!” We suddenly heard Elder Alufa’s voice through the screen. It turned out that Noah City’s Confession Day was not limited to confessions between lovers. This made Confession Day even more meaningful and heartwarming for me.

“The three run-away children, please be careful, as I love the three of you the most.” 

The three of our faces grew grave due to this.

“Elder Alufa, we love you too,” everyone in Noah City answered in chorus, and their happy laughter reverberated in Noah City.

Confession Day was for confessing love to your loved one. Regardless of being expressed between families, friends or lovers, they all represented the sincere feelings of mankind. They made us human, and helped us find our way out of the difficult, miserable and tough times. 

Only love had the power to rescue the lost humanity. 

It was such a heartwarming day. 

Suddenly, Ice Dragon showed up on the screen and said smilingly, “Dear all, we have arrived at the scientific expedition location.”

That’s great! We are finally here. 

Because it was Raffles’s mission, we were only at a level two radiation zone, which was considered as the border of the radiation zone. Besides commoners, most of the metahumans could come here.

Similarly, as the radiation wasn't strong there, it was said that there were more mutants in this zone. ‘Mutant’ was used as an umbrella term for all mutated organisms.  

I had never been to a level two radiation zone ever since I had undertaken and accomplished Noah City’s missions. Due to my unique superpower, I was usually sent to a high-level radiation zone. The higher the level of the radiation zone, the less exploration had been done in those zones. Hence, there were more items in those sites.

Even Harry’s scouting troop never came to level two radiation zones.

Firstly, this was because there were lesser items there. And secondly, there were higher chances of running into other scouting troops. At the end of the world, the resources belonged to whoever found them and could hold on to them. Hence, there were times when there would be fights to seize the resource. Lastly, the mutants in level two radiation zones could turn out to be very ferocious organisms. 

Hence, a low-level radiation zone was full of danger. It was much safer in the high-radiation zone as compared to any low-radiation zone, apart from the factor of high radiation. 

This level two radiation zone had very few high-rises. Looking down from above, the white houses looked like warehouses, and their shapes resembled a cicada. They lay on a field covered in grass, just like silkworm babies sunbathing under the sun.  

Many of these white houses’ vaults were broken.

On the border of the mainland, there were intertwined tracks in the air. There was a huge ring around these tracks and they were spaced out at an equal distance along this ring. This ring extended from both sides of the tracks and connected in the air. 

There were capsule-shaped space shuttles on the tracks.Those huge rings were the thrusters for the space shuttles. This was the initial technology used to realize the ‘universal leap.’

The space shuttle was once the last mode of transportation in the world, accomplishing transportation from one city to another at a ‘leap-speed.’ 

Ice Dragon stopped under one of the huge tracks, and it looked so much bigger from there. 

“Don’t wander around,” Harry warned before we left the cockpit. 

Raffles was unusually excited, as this could be considered as his first on-field mission. 

When Ice Dragon’s door opened, Little Carl and the birds were the firsts to run outside.

“Oh! It is my first time out of Noah City!” Little Carl said happily as he spun around. The birds followed Little Carl’s lead and started spinning around in a silly manner. In the end, they all got dizzy, and fell over as they bumped into each other. 

Raffles walked out from the cockpit excitedly. He took a deep breath and looked around. Although the surroundings looked dilapidated, he was excited and happy, just like an astronaut landing on a new planet. 

The loading robot came out from Ice Dragon, and lay down on the empty land. Its body slowly opened up, and it began to rise, assemble, interlock and connect. It turned into a small base in the blink of an eye, and it had everything Raffles needed.  

Soon magnetic robots came out one by one and surrounded Ice Dragon. They stood about one meter apart from one another. Then, protective shields expanded to protect our base and Ice Dragon. It was in order to prevent mutants from invading our base.

Once everything was set up, Raffles became busy in his temporary lab, and started testing all of his equipment. Afterall, that was his war zone, and his kingdom. 

Harry and I also started checking our own weapons and equipment. 

“I finally understand why you used this mission as an excuse to get out of Naoh City.” I said, as I equipped myself with a lightsaber, and looked at Harry and Raffles. 

Raffles sniggered.

Harry smiled and licked his lips. “Do you actually want to stay here?” 

I recalled the long queue at the door, and said with determination, “Let’s come out again next year.” 

“HAHAHA…” Harry burst out into laughter. 

Raffles shook his head and chuckled. The three of us looked at one another and smiled; under the sunlight, our smiles were wide, and the atmosphere was filled with vigor and vitality.


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