Book 3: Chapter 104 - I am Talking about You

“Tsk. Luo Bing is doing this for your own good. What if the girl you like gets jealous? Come on, let me take it off for you.” Harry quickly got off his seat in an attempt to snatch away Raffles’s bracelet. 

Raffles saw him coming, and curled himself up on his seat to let the shield down, so Harry couldn’t come any closer. 

“Ice Dragon! Show Luo Bing how busy Noah City is today!” Raffles said suddenly. “Show her Harry’s room’s entrance,” Raffles said loudly while glaring at Harry from behind the shield. 

Harry stared and slapped on Raffles’s shield. “NO!”

Soon, Noah City’s scene appeared in front of us, and I was stunned by it. 

There was a long queue in front of Harry’s door. 

The first person was Xiao Jing. 

Xiao Jing said, “Stop pushing! I am the first!”

“So what if you’re the first one? Brother Harry has never chosen you even though you have been the first one in line every year!” 

Humph!” Xiao Jing turned away unhappily.

“Stop arguing, everyone. We all know who Brother Harry likes…” One of the girls hung her head low and said, “We are all here for the same reason. We are here to let Brother Harry know that even if that girl doesn’t like him back, we still like him!” 

“That’s right!” 


“Brother Harry—We love you!” I felt weird when I heard the girls cheer for Harry. I was a little touched, but… I also felt a strange uneasiness, and I didn’t know why I felt a little angry. 

That’s weird. I should be happy that Harry is popular. Why am I feeling a little angry? 

I looked at Harry. He was leaning against Raffles’s shield, with one hand on his hip and the other on the shield. He turned away, looking extremely embarrassed. 

“Harry! Half of the girls in Noah City like you! You are very popular!” I said to him, but I felt weird deep down in my heart. It felt like the things I said had biting sarcasm to them.

Harry was even more embarrassed by my words, and covered his face. 

I looked closely at those girls and said, “Half of the girls in Noah City are here… Harry, who do you like exactly? Would it be Da Li?” 

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Harry roared at me suddenly. He looked distressed, and moved in front of the image to block it. He then glared at Raffles angrily. “Raffles! Did you do this on purpose!? You better come out!” 

Raffles looked out from his shield and rolled his eyes as he said, “You admitted this yourself!” 

Harry walked back to his seat in agitation. He stood at the cockpit for a while as he supported himself against the wall. He then turned around and stared at us. “Fine! I admit it!” He looked at me and said, “Do you want to know whose name I disclosed to Ming You?"

Harry was finally admitting. Who is it? I looked at him with excitement, but I also felt strange and an explainable pain in my heart.

“Harry, it’s okay… if you don’t tell us that girl’s name.” Raffles said awkwardly. It looked like he was giving Harry a leeway, but for some reason he was avoiding eye contact with him. 

Harry lifted the corners of his lips and smiled bitterly. He glanced at Raffles and said, “Heh! What are you afraid of?” 

Raffles looked down, looking anxious. 

Harry looked at me and continued, “In order to make Ming You give up hope that night, the person I said I was in…” 

I looked at him anxiously. 

His gaze became gentle and fell upon my face. He paused and looked at me for some time. I looked back at him curiously, and he answered after a long while, but his gaze became evasive as he said, “You.” He looked away impatiently and combed through his hair. He cringed and let out a breath, “Sigh…

I was stunned for a while, but after recovering from the initial shock, I said, “Harry! How could you do that?! How could you use me as a shield?!” 

“Because you’re the strongest girl in Noah City! Ming You will give up entirely!” He turned around and shouted at me, “You’re my! You’re my!” He pointed his finger at me, while his cheeks turned red. “You’re my best brother! I reckon that you wouldn’t mind…,” he said with a pout. Then, he lowered his head and became more agitated. “You thought I wanted to…,” he said angrily and returned to his seat. He held his head in his hands, looking extremely remorseful and embarrassed.

I looked at him for a while, and suddenly realized that I wasn’t mad at him. I wasn’t as angry as when I had seen those girls lining up in front of his door. I was actually a little happy that he had said that I was the strongest girl in Noah City. 

In fact, I was very happy that Harry had given me a recognition. 

“Alright, I shall forgive you. Don’t do it again,” I said coldly. Harry was relieved to hear that, and let out a sigh of relief. He looked up at me, but I quickly looked away to avoid his gaze. Somehow, I was feeling puzzled and unable to calm my mind down. 

Initially, I hadn’t been able to process and respond to what Harry had said due to shock, but as his words sunk in, I started blushing uncontrollably. 


Harry told Sis Ming You that… he… likes… me… 

“Alright, alright. Let’s not talk about this. Ice Dragon, show Luo Bing her room,” Harry said cheekily. It seemed like he wanted to drag me into this with them. 

“Sure.” Ice Dragon appeared before us, and smiled cunningly. 

The scene shifted to my door. I was stunned to see quite a number of boys standing outside my room! Not to mention, this number was far more than Harry’s admirers! 

Naturally, that was because there were many guys in Noah City!

The guys at my door queued all the way from the third floor to the first floor! 

I see! Confession Day in Noah City actually looks like this! 

“Master, you are so popular!” Ice Dragon said haughtily, “But you are not as popular as Raffles.” Raffles’s room went on display as he said this, and his room was his usual lab. 

The long queue was… all guys! 

They were really all guys! 

The first person was Williams! 

Harry gave Ice Dragon a thumbs up, and Ice Dragon squinted his eyes and smiled. 

Hold on, there are a few girls. I told Raffles excitedly, “Raffles! There are a few girls in there!” 

To my surprise, I could see that Raffles’s behavior was matching Harry’s behavior from  earlier. He hugged his head with his hands as he placed it over his knees. And I could sense that he was distressed. 

I could get a feeling that he didn’t want to talk at all. 

He was a guy, and he had been working hard to change the girls’ impression about him. So, I could imagine how depressed he must have felt by this. 

“It’s a busy day!” Ice Dragon said smilingly, “I should confess to my cute Noah too. Mm… I wonder if she is willing to have dinner with me tonight.” Ice Dragon vanished from the cockpit, leaving behind the scenes of confessions taking place all over Noah City. 

Billy was standing in front of Xue Gie’s room. He was opening his mouth to scare away other guys, whenever they approached her room. Due to this, they were anxiously leaving their presents on the ground, before running away.

Sia and Joey were blocking both sides of the corridor, so the other guys couldn’t come any closer. 

And there was a long queue in front of Arsenal’s room. 


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