Book 3: Chapter 103 - Confession Day Is So Lively

“Really?!” Harry suddenly exclaimed excitedly, “I can also call you Lil Bing?! ”

“Of course!” I assured him. 

He looked at me happily and began to daze. Why is he always staring at me just like Raffles?

“Okay, let’s stop talking about that! We won’t be able to leave if we keep talking here!” Raffles pushed both of us; and with that, he had also pushed away Harry’s happy gaze. 

I looked at him in surprise. Why did Raffles say that we won’t be able to leave? 

It was a rare sight - Raffles pushing both of us out of the room, and rushing us to Ice Dragon like he was chasing ducks onto a perch. He still looked worried even after we got into Ice Dragon. He waved at us and said, “Hurry up and go! Hurry up!”

“What’s wrong?” I asked Harry with a confused look. He laughed, looking a little secretive, then said to Raffles, “Okay! Let’s go!” 

Ice Dragon instantly took off into the sky at its fastest speed. At that time, dawn was merely breaking at the horizon.

Phew.” Raffles let out a sigh of relief. It felt like he was running away for his life. 

“What is going on?” I couldn’t help but ask again.

Harry laughed and said, “Do you know what day it is today?” 

“Confession Day.” 

Harry raised his brows and looked at Raffles, while Raffles blinked and looked away. I had noticed lately that they were interacting a bit strangely. 

Harry chuckled, “Looks like someone has already told you. That’s right. Today is Confession Day in Noah City. 5-2-0, I love you (similar in pronunciation).” His voice became gentle, and he looked deeply into my eyes, similar to how Raffles had looked at me the night before. It was as though they were telling me that they loved me. 

I looked at Harry dumbfounded. I knew he didn’t mean it that way, but my body had started heating up from his burning gaze. Harry didn’t stop looking at me, even after saying those three words. My heartbeat had started racing because of his burning gaze. 

Just as I was going to cut off his gaze, he looked away and smirked maliciously, “So, there will be many people confessing today.”

I secretly sighed in relief, as I felt lucky deep down in my heart. I would have surely blushed if he would have continued to stare at me that way. 

They are so strange. Harry and Raffles are both becoming so weird. 

Or have I become more sensitive lately? 

“On every Confession Day, there is always a long line of girls queueing outside my door!” Harry said proudly, “All the way till downstairs!” 

“Pfft!” Raffles laughed. He seemed to be mocking Harry. 

Harry squinted his amber eyes, and he stole a glance at Raffles, “Why? You don't agree with that?” 

Raffles didn’t look at him but turned and muttered, “Just how many girls are there in Noah City? Are you including their mothers as well? Pfft.

Harry’s face grew grave, and I could sense that they were going to start arguing once again. 

As expected, Harry supported his head with his hand and smirked maliciously at Raffles. “Someone else has had a longer line in front of his door, but unfortunately, they have all been guys.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at this.

Raffles’s face became red instantly. He turned to stare at Harry while Harry raised his eyebrows, provoking him to a fight.

Raffles gradually became calm, and looked at Harry coldly. “Lil Bing, Harry keeps an open house for the people who come to confess their love. He has no principles at all!” 

Harry’s smug look froze instantly.

I was stunned, but it was not because Harry hadn’t rejected anyone as he has always been a playboy, I was rather shocked because of the coldness I saw in Raffles’s expression.  

He was like a cicada who had transformed overnight. Until now, he had always been a fearful caterpillar ignored by everyone, left alone in a corner.

After a night, he had broken out of his cocoon, spreading out his beautiful grayish-blue wings to look at all the commoners from high above.

“He is still keeping all the presents that he has received from all the girls in his room.”, Raffles added. He was emphasizing that Harry was a playboy. And when Raffles had said that, there was that flash of slyness like Ice Dragon which I had noticed earlier. 

That was a big ‘no, no.’ No girl would like to see the room of the guy she likes, filled with presents from other girls. This was a kind of possessiveness common to such relationships. 

I immediately looked at Harry and said solemnly, “This won’t work, Harry. If you like a girl, you have to get rid of all those presents.” 

Harry gawked and held his forehead in distress, as he couldn’t deny Raffles’s claims. 

“Lil Bing, do you know if Harry likes any girl?” Raffles kept probing. 

I turned to Raffles, and placed my hand next to my lips and whispered, “Sis Ming You did confess to Harry.” 

“Oh! Sis Ming You finally confessed?!” Raffles said loudly, but he did not look surprised by what he had heard. 

I felt like I was one of those gossiping girls, but I continued, “Sis Ming You asked Harry if he likes anyone. And if there was some other girl that Harry likes, she was going to give up on him... Harry answered ‘yes’ to her question.” 

Raffles was stunned. He looked up at Harry, and his gaze became complicated. Then he looked down and became quiet all of a sudden. 

I looked at Raffles in confusion. What’s wrong with Raffles? Why isn’t he talking anymore? 

It made me feel awkward about gossiping. The lively atmosphere was suddenly replaced with silence and awkwardness.  

I returned to my original spot. I looked at Harry, but he looked away to avoid giving me eye contact. At this point, I could only give Harry a lecture to lighten up our mood and break the awkwardness between all of us. I said solemnly, “Harry, if that girl were to see your room, you wouldn’t even stand a chance to confess!” 

He lifted his chin and closed his eyes in distress for a moment. Then, he turned around and asked, “Does that apply to you too?” 

“Of course!” I admitted my possessiveness without hesitation. I lifted my chin coldly and continued, “I would mind it very much! If the guy I like has gifts from his exes in his room, I will walk away. To me, it would mean that he is just showing off his popularity among other girls in front of me, and is trying to tell me that he is being charitable by being with me.” 

After Harry heard this, his body and expressions became stiff.

I turned and looked at him again. I reined back my cold expression and smiled. “So, as your good brother, and for the sake of your happiness, pass me all your gifts and I will take care of them for you.” 

Harry blinked, but remained stiff. “I see. You have an eye on my gifts then?” 

I looked at him seriously and said, “No, I am doing this so you wouldn’t let the girl that you like down. Oh yeah, you can also return the things that I have given you, if it is inconvenient.” As I knew that I would personally mind gifts from other girls given to the guy I liked, I had to be considerate about other girls as well. 

Harry laughed and said as he patted on his stomach, “The things that you gave me were all food. They are all in my tummy!” Harry looked at Raffles and smirked maliciously. “Raffles, why don’t you return your bracelet to Luo Bing?” 

Raffles gripped his bracelet urgently without looking at Harry. It was as though he had sworn on his life to never let go of it.


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