Book 3: Chapter 102 - Hurry Up And Go

Raffles was stunned. He looked at me and blinked his grayish-blue eyes, then frowned and replied, “I don’t think so.” He flipped a page and started drawing. 

He drew two parallel lines, and said while pointing at them, “Both of our worlds are parallel to each other, and you traversed over here from there.” He added a shorter vertical line between the two parallel lines and joined the lines together. He then added two dots on each parallel line and labeled them as point A and B. “If we were to turn back time, the current history will overlap.” He drew again on one of the parallel lines, but didn’t remove the vertical line connecting the two lines, and Point B.

“Look, the point B where you traversed to, did not disappear either. It is because this happened in your own world.” he explained and pointed at it. 

I finally understood. As my world was the point of origin when I traversed into this world from my world, no matter how Raffles might amend the history in his world, I would still come to this world.

“The only thing that may change would be the people you meet, and they may not be us.” Raffles looked lost in his thoughts. He lifted his head and gazed in front of him. “You may run into some bad guys, monsters and other scary stuff!” Raffles looked terrified, and his face turned pale. It was as if I was being caught and eaten by monsters right before his eyes. 

“Raffles!” I shouted and held his arms to snap him out of his scary imagination. 

He came back to reality and looked down at his paper. He frowned and said, “It looks like we really can’t turn back time. I don’t want you to meet any other people.” His voice was suddenly deep and he sounded possessive. I had never seen him like this before. 

I was dumbfounded because Raffles was not sounding like himself at that very moment. However, Raffles was already immersed in his own thoughts and had begun drawing on his piece of paper once again. “Now that we have verified the existence of parallel worlds, how many will there be?” He started adding more parallel lines on his paper. The piece of white paper was filled up with black horizontal lines, and the line that indicated where I had come from was also covered up. 

“How do we locate ourselves? How did this even happen? Would it be because there was an explosion in one of the parallel worlds between us and caused an opening? That's right... Then, that would explain the suction force. The strong contraction was due to the energy from the explosion.” Raffles’s eyes shimmered with excitement. “Otherwise, how can we explain the sphere part? The hole was an energy hole. But why was there no decomposition when a human traversed through it? This is not scientific. Why? What else could it be?” 

My body went numb when I saw him losing himself in his thoughts, and heard him mutter about decomposition. I immediately shouted, “Raffles!”

But this time, he didn’t hear me. He stood up and started drawing in the air. He began to ramble like before, “Unless the energy was too strong, it should have decomposed a human body into photons and turned it into energy. Maybe, maybe the human body could possibly turn into atoms or photons. Oh yeah, Xiao Ying could turn into data.”

I was about to get a headache listening to him. Once his brain was in an overdrive mode, it was difficult for me to get him back to reality.

In the end, I decided to lay down in the bed, and watch him draw in the air. I smiled faintly. I wasn’t sure if it was because I had said too much that day, or if I had finally told him all my secrets. I was finally feeling a sense of relief that I had never felt before, so I closed my eyes listening to Raffles’s familiar rambling. 

I soon fell asleep, and dreamt about my parents. When I saw them in my dream, I smiled at them and said, “Don’t worry, I am doing great in the other world. Your daughter is as strong as a cockroach and is living just fine."

My parents smiled at me peacefully, then turned and walked away.

“...then, would Luo Bing’s energy be from this...?” I woke up to Raffles’s words as he was using his other brain during the night-time!

I looked at Raffles lying on the desk, rambling non-stop as his other brain kept processing information and theories. He was actually looking kinda scary. 

Although I knew that he was asleep, I couldn’t help but extend my hand to wave it in front of his eyes. I now understood why Harry always insisted Raffles on closing his eyes while sleeping. If he were to sleep next to me like that, I would be utterly terrified.

Sleep next to me...? 

I blushed instantly. What am I thinking about?

No way. Why do I feel guilty? 

Didn’t Harry and I sleep next to each other during the snowstorm?

I blame those lovey dovey couples. I feel weird around Raffles and Harry because of them.

“Don’t knock on the door! Father and master are sleeping!” I suddenly heard Little Carl’s voice. The way he had said it was so misleading!

I quickly went to open the door. The moment I opened the door, I saw that Harry was about to knock on it! 

He stopped midway from knocking on the door. He glanced at me awkwardly and slowly retracted his hand. He looked into my room and said, “You were really with Raffles last night.” 

“We were together last night,” Raffles was standing behind me out of nowhere. I hadn’t heard him at all, and was startled by him.

I turned around and saw Raffles looking at Harry with a solemn look. He was directly staring at Harry’s face in an imposing manner, as though he hadn’t allowed anyone to invade his property. To top it off, there was a flash of cunningness in his imposing gaze, similar to Ice Dragon. 

I was stunned. I tried to take a closer look at Raffles, and his eyes were looking glazed, like he was just waking up from his sleep. 

Raffles’s vision was still blurry as he tried to focus on Harry’s face and said, "Harry?"

Harry squinted his eyes and pointed at us, then turned around he was left speechless. He supported himself against the railing and took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief. “Sigh. I thought you were actually being like this, Raffles.” He shook his head and chuckled. It looked like he was laughing at himself. “There is nothing for me to worry about then.” 

“What are you talking about, Harry?” Raffles asked Harry in confusion, when he walked out of the room. He then tugged Harry’s arm and asked, “Oh yeah! What time is it?”

Harry suddenly shook off Raffles’s hand, and he looked furious.

Why is Harry angry? 

“Father! We got to go! Otherwise, we won’t make it in time!”. It was Little Har, Little Raf and my Little Bing. 

“Right! Let’s go now!” Raffles looked at me. “Lil Bing, let’s go! I have something in mind. I need you to do an experiment!” 

“Lil Bing?!” Harry turned to look at us, and licked his lips in distress. “The two of you got so intimate after just one night?!” 

Raffles looked at Harry with a strange look. He looked just as confused as I was. We couldn’t understand why Harry was so angry. 

I looked at Harry. “You can also call me that.” 

Harry was stunned by that. 

I continued as I pointed at Little Bing, and said, “To differentiate, in the future, that is Little Bing.” She looked at us innocently. 

Little Har and Little Raf also looked at us blankly. The three of them stood next to each other closely; they always looked so loving when they were together.


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