Book 1: Chapter 25 -The Shameless Harry

The person in front of us spread the word very quickly. Everyone who heard turned around to take a look at us and they were stunned. They looked as surprised as they had been when they had seen me for the first time. Then, they quickly spread my name to others.

That very moment, my vigilance against them vanished into thin air because of the sight in front of me. Their unity moved me, and I felt protected. 

“Waifu!” Suddenly, there was a familiar voice. Raffles looked behind me and I looked at Raffles. Raffles suddenly turned his face angrily and hissed, “Ignore him!”


“Waifu! Beep! Beep! Waifu! Take a look at me!”

This voice… Could it be!?

I turned to look subconsciously and I was shocked! I saw that Harry and Uncle Mason were tied to the wall. There was a row of shackles on the wall and it obviously could tie many people! It simply looked like a display cabinet for cured meat!

That very moment, I finally saw Harry’s face. I was stunned. He was… he was astonishing. He had Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci’s best genes. It was simply unbelievable that a person with such a good looking face was the rascal who had called me waifu and had drooled on me.

He had Uncle Mason’s wild face, tall nose and unbridled eyebrows. To complement these features he had Sis Ceci’s deep eye sockets, sexy red lips, and amber eyes. 

His brown short hair combined both Uncle Mason’s and Sis Ceci’s hair color that set off against his fair skin. Besides his utterly shameless smile, his appearance was not inferior to He Lei nor Xing Chuan.

When I saw his expression, I thought it was a waste that he had such good looks. It was as though an angelic face had grown on someone’s ass.

Harry saw that I turned around and his eyes glowed with joy, “Wow! Waifu! You are really cute! You are prettier than Princess Arsenal. Hurry up and keep your hair long. I’ll braid your hair for you.”


I immediately turned away as I was burning with rage! Shameless!

Raffles turned his face angrily, “Harry! Stop calling her your wife! You have enough wives!”

“Raffles! You, a mascot that looks like a rabbit, how dare you steal my wife?” Harry joked, “It makes more sense if you become someone else’s wife instead.”

Raffles turned around in anger, “Harry! I shouldn’t have pleaded for mercy on your behalf earlier!”

“You spoke for me? You took my daily provision for three days!”

I turned around and crossed my arms. Why is this Harry so annoying!?

“Raffles, move away! I am talking to my wife! This has nothing to do with you. Waifu! I will stop calling the others my wives. I will only call you my wife!”

The hair on my arms stood. I can’t take this anymore! I am going to throw up!

Raffles looked at me and then took a step forward, “Harry! You, you shall continue to starve! Humph!”

Pfft. I won’t starve to death. You’d better stay away from my wife! Don’t think that you can take advantage of her just because you look like a woman!”

“It was you who took advantage of her. How dare you!? You, you are so shameless! Hurry up and apologize!”

“That’s enough, Harry!” Uncle Mason spoke. He sounded distressed. “I gave you a chance to leave a great impression but you ruined it! Hurry up and apologize to the girl!”

“Oh… Waifu, I didn’t do that on purpose. Please forgive me. I’ll be happy if you would look at me."

“Ignore him!” Raffles walked next to me with his cheeks puffed up.

“Waifu, you don’t want your bag anymore?"

I was stunned. I immediately turned to look at him. He smiled maliciously, “Waifu, you looked at me.”

Can someone give me a knife? I want to chop him into pieces!

I looked at him coldly, “Where’s my bag?”

He smiled maliciously as he licked his lips. His amber eyes looked cunning, “Come to my side and I will tell you.”

“Idiot!” Uncle Mason lifted his foot and kicked his son. I pitied Uncle Mason as he seemed innocent. I will talk to Sis Ceci for Uncle Mason later.  But then, Uncle Mason said, “Hurry up and tell my daughter-in-law about her bag!”

I, I want to kill him as well!

As expected, the dad and his son behave in the same manner! They deserve this!

Uncle Mason then looked at me with an ingratiating look and said, “Daughter-in-law, don’t worry. I will make him tell you.”

“Harry! You are ridiculous!” Raffles was pissed off and he was burning with anger, “Hurry up and return Luo Bing’s bag to her.”

Harry’s amber eyes shined. He then looked at me happily, “I see, your name is Luo Bing!”

Shh!” Raffles quickly walked forward to cover Harry’s mouth, “The people from Silver Moon City are here. They know her name.”

There was a sudden sharpness in Harry’s amber eyes. The playfulness instantly vanished from his eyes. Uncle Mason by his side became solemn too. He squinted his eyes to look at the end of the pier. It seemed like he was looking at an entrance, “They are here. Raffles, hurry up and stand by Luo Bing. Take care of her.”

“Yes,” Raffles let go of Harry and returned next to me. I rolled my eyes at Harry but he looked rather serious then. His amber eyes were fixed upon the end of the pier. He didn’t make fun nor fooled around anymore.

Raffles tugged me and I immediately turned around.

There was a person who walked over from the end of the pier. His clothes looked very familiar. It was a kind of a frock that was made out of good quality fabric, just like the one Xing Chuan had worn. However, he wasn’t wearing white like Xing Chuan, but a grayish-blue. The grey was darker than Raffles' hair. There wasn’t any red pattern on his clothes, but there was a badge with the Silver Moon City symbol on his chest.

I felt relieved when I saw that the visitor wasn’t Xing Chuan. I still had a lingering fear. The person looked like he was older than Xing Chuan, probably in his twenties. He had an adult man’s carriage and steadiness. His dark brown hair was short and neat, and he had an Asian face with a tall nose. He was no common-looking man.

He looked friendly and his gaze was affable. Everyone from Silver Moon City seemed to be goodwill ambassadors.

On the other side of the square, there was a group of people walking over. The one leading this group was the beautiful Princess Arsenal. On her left, there was an elder. He looked like he was the oldest among all and he seemed to enjoy high public regard. 

The elder looked calm. He had curly grey hair and he was wearing a turquoise band across his forehead. He was also wearing a linen robe with a dark blue belt around his waist. He was holding a wooden staff with characters engraved on it, and he wore a jade ring on his thumb that he was using to hold his staff. He looked just like the elder or mage from the comic books. 

On Arsenal’s right, there were Sis Ceci and the four maidens. Other than Xue Gie and Ming You, I had never seen the other two maidens. They were following behind Xue Gie and Ming You respectively.

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