Book 3: Chapter 98 - Taking A Stroll Under The Moonlight

Further ahead, Harry wasn’t pushing Arsenal along anymore; instead, they were walking side by side under the silent moonlight, their figures obvious against the boundless field. The sky came down to meet the ground at the far off horizon, framing the two of them as if they were walking under the great galaxy.

Harry put down Little Har. Little Har turned around and waved at Little Bing and Little Raf, who immediately flew out of Raffles and my arms to drop onto the ground and catch up with Little Har.

The three little birds flapped their wings under the moonlight, as if they were trying hard to learn how to fly. They also looked like they were just fooling around, just like Harry, Raffles and me back then.

Now, Harry was walking far in front of me, while Raffles was walking further and further away from me.

Arsenal put her hands behind her back while Harry crossed his arms before his chest. He was chatting and laughing with Arsenal. They were as natural as they had always been, because no one would ask if Arsenal was getting together with Harry or ask if Harry would be together with Arsenal.

No one had the guts to make fun of the Princess.

Looking at their backs, I was suddenly upset. I was imagining Harry and Raffles walking with other girls.

Ever since I’d come to Noah City, out of all the girls, I was closest to Sis Cannon, Arsenal, and Xue Gie. Although Xue Gie hardly ever talked, she knew me especially well. 

Among the boys, I was only close to Harry and Raffles.

Then, Sis Cannon and Khai got into a relationship. So now we weren’t together as often.

Xue Gie and Bill would eventually move away from the hostel to Love Nest too. 

Arsenal was going to have her own husband, and when she did she would no longer be a little girl.

Then, what if Harry and Raffles got into relationships too?

As time passes, there will be fewer and fewer people around me. I couldn’t adapt to this uneasy feeling of friends parting ways.


I was dependent…

On them.

When I’d fallen from the sky, it was Harry who’d appeared before me during that hopeless night. He had saved me and brought me back from the gorge filled with vultures. He’d given me a home.

During late nights when I hadn’t been able to sleep, when I’d been missing my parents and friends from my own world, when I’d been at the brink of breakdown, it was Raffles who had comforted me with his voice and helped me to sleep. He’d helped me to adapt to this world and accept reality.

Maybe, Harry’s joke had been right on the dor. He was my father while Raffles was my mother.

And now, I was dealing with my temporary parents leaving me once again.

My heart suddenly ached. It ached from the pain of parting from my family. It ached from the pain of me being reluctant to part with them. Since when had I developed such strong feelings for them?

Had it been when Harry had let me beat him up and throw a tantrum at him?

Or when Raffles had made me Little Carl?

Had it been when Harry had fearlessly rushed into the snowstorm to save me?

Or when Raffles had refused to leave my side because he’d been worried that I couldn’t sleep?

Or when Harry had sincerely apologized to me?

Or when Raffles had carefully taken care of me?

Or when Harry and Raffles had kept me company as I’d given the spirits in Kro their freedom?

Or when we’d been fooling around as we’d grown up together?

Ever since I’d fallen into this world, they’d been the ones who’d kept me company the most.



“Harry…” I called out gently, subconsciously, uncontrollably. I called out their names from the bottom of my heart.

I didn’t want to part with them so quickly. I didn’t want to watch them walk next to other girls and go far ahead of me while I could only follow behind them. Just like now, where I could only watch in silence.

Because they were different from Sis Cannon, Xue Gie and Arsenal. 

With girls, I could still hang out with them even after they’d entered into a relationship.

However, Raffles and Harry were boys. If I hung out with them, their girlfriends would be jealous. Maybe their girlfriends would say that they didn’t mind, but I would definitely be conscious of it. How could they really not mind?

That’s why, our friendship might not last once they entered relationships of their own.

“What about Harry?” Raffles suddenly asked by my side. I came back to my senses and lowered my face. Without looking at Raffles, I grabbed his arm. His body instantly tensed and he instinctively stopped walking. 


“Mm,” he replied.

“Mom,” I couldn’t help but say.

“Huh?” Raffles’s tensed body instantly relaxed. He swiveled to look at me. 

Pfft.” I couldn’t help but laugh, letting go of his arm as I faced him. He looked a little angry. “Luo Bing, I’m not a girl!” He looked a little upset, and also disappointed.

“I know. But why did you suddenly stop talking when you’re with me?” I finally found a topic of conversation, and could talk to Raffles again.

He suddenly blushed, before he looked away and continued walking forward.

I caught up with him and looked at him with concern. “Did you find a girl you like so you have to keep your distance from me too?”

“No!” He abruptly stopped and turned to look at me. “I-!”

“Raffles, what’s happened to you recently?” I stared at him anxiously.

His grayish-blue eyes constantly trembled under the moonlight. As though he had a lot on his mind but was holding it all in. I could tell. Does he have secrets that he can’t share with me too?

I lowered my head. “Forget it.” I was crestfallen. The moment I thought of how the day they would leave me was approaching, I felt empty.

“Lil Bing!” He suddenly called. I thought he was telling Little Bing to continue walking forward.

“Lil Bing!” Suddenly, he tugged on my arm. I turned back to look at him and he gazed at me with his cheeks growing red. “I, can I call you Lil Bing?” His gaze fell upon my face, his expression extremely careful and anxious.

“Oh, you are calling me?!” I pointed at myself in surprise.

He nodded with blushed cheeks, still looking at me anxiously. “Can I call you that?”

I chuckled. “Of course. But how will you differentiate between me and Little Bing?” I pointed at Little Bing, who was not very far ahead.

Raffles was stunned.

Arsenal and Harry, who were not too far ahead, stopped and looked at us too.

Harry glanced at Raffles, the moonlight flashing past his face. Somehow, it took his smile away as it swept across his face, and he looked downhearted as his gaze glanced past Raffles’ hand that was holding onto me. He lowered his head and turned back to walk into the dark night, his figure gradually fading into the darkness.

Arsenal looked at him and shook her head. Then, she followed behind him.

“She will be Little Bing,” Raffles replied and smiled.

I looked at him. “Sure.”

Raffles suddenly smiled delightedly. The moonlight that had taken away Harry’s smile now poured onto Raffles’ face, and his blushing face was practically glowing in the moonlight.

He let go of my arm and smiled happily. “Lil Bing.”

“What’s the matter?” I reacted instinctively.

He smiled but did not say anything.


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