Book 3: Chapter 97 - Change

Arsenal was so into Xing Chuan. In her eyes, all Xing Chuan’s shortcomings had been transformed into positive qualities.

“The girls on Silver Moon City are also exceptionally beautiful and are all far more outstanding than me. They would get close to him and ingratiate themselves with him. I would feel sad whenever I saw it and I would get jealous too. I am actually very possessive.” She turned to look at me. “Luckily, we like different guys. Otherwise…” She smiled. “I would be angry at you.” 

I didn’t know what expression I should be wearing. I replied, “Tell me a list of guys that I am not allowed to like. I can’t let men destroy our friendship!” A man was the worst type of reason to have a falling out over.

Better stop all dangers derived from guys! 

“Hahahaha…” She chuckled. “I’m joking. You wouldn’t like His Highness Xing Chuan, right?”

I immediately looked away. I felt annoyed at the mere thought of Xing Chuan! Luckily, Arsenal was mature enough to not wait for Xing Chuan blindly and instead seek her own happiness. Otherwise, I might really have had a falling out with Arsenal.

The reason of the falling out would of course not be that I’d fought with her over Xing Chuan, but because I would definitely have stopped her from getting together with Xing Chuan.

“Hey, I know it’s impossible for you to like him. But, what if you go to Silver Moon City in the future?”

“I won’t be with him even if I went up,” I turned back and replied directly.

She was astonished. “You don’t mind Silver Moon City anymore?”

I was stunned. She smiled at my reaction. “In the past, you said that you definitely wouldn’t go to Silver Moon City. Today, you said that you wouldn’t be together with His Highness Xing Chuan even if you head up. What changed your mind, Luo Bing?”

I slowly came back to my senses. Because we hadn’t been able to confirm the truth about the other Highness, we hadn’t reported the incident to Noah City.

Plus, after Elder Alufa had handed the DR team to me, he hadn’t requested for us to report on every mission. Hence, we’d accidentally forgotten about the whole affair.

I turned to face Arsenal. “Arsenal, do you know about the other Highness in Silver Moon City?”

“The other Highness?” Arsenal shook her head in confusion. “I’ve only heard about him but I have never seen him. Many people don’t know about the existence of the other Highness. So, I’m not even sure if the other Highness exists. Why?”

“I seem to have…”

“Master, master!” Suddenly, I heard Little Carl shouting.

Arsenal and I looked over. We saw Little Carl rushing over from far away, with the lucid birds who’d grown to the size of a chicken following closely behind it. 

They’d grown up really quickly! Plus, Silver Moon City was running out of food for them, their appetite was getting bigger all the time.

Besides, they had to consume meat and bones for their health.

Raffles and Harry were behind them. Seeing us from afar, they waved at us.

“Let’s go.” Arsenal smiled and looked at me. She put on her shoes and got up. “Brother Qian Li must have gotten worried about me and told them to come and get us.” She looked up at the night sky and revealed a sweet smile.

“Master.” Little Carl ran to me and I scooped it up. Suddenly, Little Har, Little Raf and Little Bing surrounded me. They spread their wings and looked like they were asking me to carry them too.

Gu-ga. Gu-ga. Gu-ga-ga.

“They are so cute.” Arsenal bent down but they ignored her to continue surrounding me. They’d recognized me as their owner.

I put down Little Carl and carried Little Bing while Little Har and Little Raf jumped up in the air and hugged my legs with their wings.

“What are you doing? Go and look for your dads.” Princess Arsenal pointed at them and chuckled.

They seemed to understand. Swiveling, they ran to Harry and Raffles who were walking over. Suddenly, they flapped their wings and flew off the ground!

They know how to fly!

However, they were bad at flying. They were moving unsteadily through the air and almost knocked into Raffles and Harry’s chest. Raffles carried Little Raf and raised it high up happily. “You’re amazing! You can fly now! Hahaha!” Raffles was as happy as a child. 

“Gu-gu,” Little Raf hooted. 

Harry carried Little Har. In contrast to how gentle Raffles had been, he poked Little Har’s head. “You are so bad at flying. This is called crash landing!”

Gu!” Little Har hid his head under his wing.

Watching, Arsenal envied the fun we were having. “I want one too. When they give birth to new babies, I want to get the first pick.”

“No problem,” I agreed on Little Bing’s behalf.

Raffles looked at me, his grayish-blue eyes shimmering under the moonlight.

Harry glanced at Raffles and suddenly smiled maliciously. “Raffles, you heard that? Arsenal wants your Little Raf’s and Luo Bing’s Little Bing’s baby!”

I was stunned. That had sounded so awkward. I looked at Raffles, my eyes meeting his. He blinked and quickly looked away, his expression bashful as he started blushing.

“Why not your Little Har and Little Bing?” Arsenal said maliciously as she went over to Harry.

Harry’s face grew glum. “Don’t make fun of me and Luo Bing. She’ll get mad.”

“Alright. Luo Bing is not so petty.” Arsenal smiled and walked up to Harry. “You weren’t close back then but now you are together everyday…”

“Brother Qian Li told me to bring you back, Princess!” Harry cut Arsenal off, reaching out to push her shoulder. “Hurry up and head back. Don’t make Brother Qian Li worry. We’d better head back early and go to bed.”

“Alright. Why are you pushing me?” Arsenal was almost running as Harry nudged her along.

“Let’s go.” Harry rushed Arsenal to speed up. Their silhouettes got further from me, leaving only Raffles and I behind.

Raffles walked next to me awkwardly without looking at me. “Let’s head back,” he said gently.

“Mm.” I suddenly felt embarrassed. The atmosphere between us became awkward and unnatural. It hadn’t been like this before.

Raffles and Harry had not walked with me for very long. Because of those jokes, there had been a distance between us, which made me feel distressed. I recalled the time when we had used to walk, talk and eat together.

I still saw Harry quite often because we needed to train with the scouting troop and the DR team. Although we trained separately, the venues weren’t far apart and we could see each other quite often.

However, Raffles always stayed in his research room and it would be a few days before we would see each other again. Before today, I had not seen him for three whole days.

I remembered that just the month before, we’d been talking non-stop because we’d met the other Highness in Raffles City. 

Yet now, we had nothing to talk about.

Little Carl walked next to us and would occasionally lift its head occasionally. He looked up at Raffles and blinked confusedly as we walked. It seemed to be worried about what had happened between me and its dad. 



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