Book 3: Chapter 92 - Strange Prick

The three little birds had yet to open their eyes but their mouths were wide open; they seemed to be looking for food.

“Are they asking for food?” I pointed at their wide open mouths.

Harry panicked all of a sudden. “Raffles! They want to eat!”

Raffles panicked too. “Yes, yes, yes! They want to eat! They want to eat!”

“Why are you standing there then?! Go and get them some food!” Harry urged.

Raffles stood there. “Let me think. What do they eat? Lucid birds eat worms when they are young…”

“Where would I find worms?!” Harry was truly panicking as if his child was waiting to be fed.

“It can eat rice paste! Hurry up and get rice paste!” I immediately pushed Harry.

“Alright!” Harry ran out.

I glanced at Raffles, who looked as clueless as a new dad too. “Hurry up and get some hot water!”

“Oh, yeah! Alright!” Raffles ran out at once, and even stumbled at the door.

I turned around and watched the three birds in the incubator. The one on Harry’s side seemed to be starving. It finally stood up, and stayed on its feet very steadily; its motor skills seemed to be well-developed. Unlike the one in front of me, who was still blundering about.

Standing up, it started running around, wandering around the space and instinctively hunting for the door. Since it couldn’t see, it only ended up bumping against the glass. However, it didn’t give up but started to use its sharp beak to knock on the glass. This fellow was as rash as Harry.

*Knock, knock, knock.* It knocked continuously. This won’t do. 

I opened the incubator and gently picked it up. It began to struggle, so I rubbed its back gently and it quietened down. I put it before Little Carl. “Look after it and don’t let it hit anything.”

Mmhmm!” Little Carl stared at it closely. Whenever it tried to walk away, Little Carl would extend its arm to block its way.

The one on the side Raffles had been at continued to lie in its shell, but it constantly turned its head about. Although its eyes had yet to open, it looked like it was looking at this world curiously.

Harry brought the rice powder over very quickly while Raffles brought hot water. The two of them were just like two new dads. 

We finally managed to get the three birds well fed and put them to sleep.

Little Carl was tasked with looking after them.

We were leaning against the incubator again and watching them happily.

“I have decided. This is my son, its name is Little Har.” Harry pointed at the one in front of him.

Raffles smiled and said, “Then, this is mine. It's called… Little Raf.”

I glanced at them as they claimed their birds, then I did the same too. “This is Little Bing.”

We looked at one another and smiled.

Little Har, Little Raf and Little Bing, work hard and grow up. Produce more eggs for Noah City!

Every day in Noah City was fulfilling. Besides training everyone, Harry and I also took care of our sons and daughter together with Raffles.

Raffles told me that lucid birds would grow up to be huge as they mature. Full-grown, a lucid bird’s body would be about three meters long and one and a half meters tall.

Hearing that, I was surprised. This meant that Little Har, Little Raf and Little Bing could be ridden!

I had never expected that their eggs would be so small! They had looked simply like lizard eggs.

But aren’t pandas like that too? They are small when they are babies but huge when they become adults.

The lucid bird could change its color like a chameleon. Its colorful feathers could change color, adapting its appearance to blend into the surrounding environment.

What worried Raffles the most was mainly the feeding of the lucid birds.

Now, we could still use rice paste. But as they grew up, it would be hard to depend on the food in Noah City to maintain them. By then, we might need to bring them out for hunting. However, Raffles wasn’t confident that they would come back if he let them out.

Raffles continued to participate in our training. He worked really hard during training, just like Ming You back then. He overcame the challenges and worked hard to increase his manly mettle.

Every team member worked hard to become stronger too. The battle in Blue Shield City had given the girls an opportunity to encounter metahumans outside. They understood that there were stronger people and strange worlds outside the confines of Noah City.

According to the conventions in Noah City, Khai and Mia would become an engaged couple after he’d proposed. They had yet to go through the wedding ceremony, so in the meantime he would be in husband probation period.

The concept of a husband probation period would be kind of like marrying on a trial basis in my old world. However, the difference was that in Noah City, the women made the call instead.

Khai and Sis Cannon would move out of our hostel area and enter the designated cabins for engaged couples in Noah City. 

The cabins there were much bigger than our hostel, and equipped with more furniture. That zone was referred to as Love Nest among the people in Noah City.

Most importantly, the sound isolation was great in those cabins!

We decorated Sis Cannon’s new room with things that we had brought back from Kro, and also brought with us their engagement gifts.

A goose down carpet, a red bedsheet, a seat cushion with rose embroidery, an exquisite tea set, two beautiful pairs of couple shoes and fragrant makeup. 

Elder Alufa had even permitted a real leather seat for their room, so that they could have some adult fun.

Inside the room was a white round table and matching chairs, with a red glass vase on the table that held chocolate roses. Even if they didn’t eat it, they could leave it as dried flowers.

The room was clean and neat, and overflowing with romance.

Sis Cannon was a married woman now.

Now, she was truly different from the rest of us…

For the finishing touch, we hung up a painting that Sis Cannon had picked: a fair-skinned pretty boy lazily lying on a red sofa. The contrast between his fair skin and the redness of the sofa gave those looking a strange sense of excitement.

“Hurry up and find a match!” Sis Cannon hugged us one by one. “Otherwise, you can only keep staying in the hostel."

“Yeah, it’s much bigger here/” Khai smiled at his brothers.

Bill and Xue Gie glanced at each other simultaneously. 

“Well, the girls have to want us…” Joey looked at Xiao Ying with anticipation.

Humph!” Xiao Ying looked away arrogantly! 

Sigh. I am definitely going to be alone forever.” Moorim suddenly became depressed. “Princess Arsenal definitely won’t like me…”

We all exchanged glances. Arsenal happened to not be around.

“I’ll go and get the present.” Ming You suddenly turned and walked out, her back view touched with loneliness.

“Sis Ming You is blinded by love…” Moorim sighed.

All the guys hit him at once and he quickly covered his mouth. He glanced left and right but Harry wasn’t around either.

“I’ll go help her.” I found an excuse and chased after Ming You.

Seeing Ming You in front of me, I sped up to catch up to her, only to spot Harry holding some presents and walking over. Without thinking, I hid by the side at once. I was stunned. When did I pick up such a bad habit of eavesdropping?

I wanted to walk out again but when I popped my head out, I saw that Harry had already seen Ming You and was about to turn to leave.

“Harry!” Ming You stopped him and ran over. “How long are you planning to avoid me for?! Did you find out that I like you?!”

*Lub-dub!* My heart skipped a beat on Harry’s behalf. I put my hand over my chest. Ever since I’d bid farewell with He Lei, it had been a while since my heart had skipped a beat like that.

However, somehow, when I’d heard Sis Ming You say that she liked Harry, my heart had skipped a beat and… I seemed to feel a strange prickling pain...


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