Book 3: Chapter 91 - Hatched

“I told Khai…” Harry lowered his voice as he spoke.

I turned to look at him. “You had the face to say it?”

He looked at me in distress. “You had the nerve to tell me. Why would I be embarrassed?”

His remark made me feel embarrassed. My face burning slightly, I quickly turned my head aside. Luckily, my room was dark so they couldn’t see that I was blushing.

“Mia!” Khai seemed to have gathered enough courage and shouted Sis Cannon’s name. However, the door in front of him remained closed. Then, he suddenly knelt down on one knee and took out a ring box from his pocket.

Watching the scene, I felt extremely excited.

Khai! Go for it!

“I know that I didn’t do well. I’m dumb. I swear that I’ll put in all my effort every time until I become the best!” He raised his ring box high. “So, Mia, please give me the opportunity to get in your bed and make you happy!”

I immediately covered my mouth out of worry that I wouldn’t be able to hold back the urge to throw up!

Are all the proposal speeches in Noah City so straightforward?! It’s so embarrassing that I actually feel bad for eavesdropping! 

*Squeak.* Sis Cannon’s door opened and she lowered her face to look at Khai. 

Khai’s face instantly flushed and he mumbled bashfully, “That night… my skills were bad…” He immediately looked up and his expression shifted to become staunch. “But Mia! I studied hard! I’ll definitely make you happy and feel good!”

I held my mouth even tighter. Such differences in world views would sometimes hit me like thunder and make my head buzz.

“Get up!” Sis Cannon roared!

Khai stood up.

Sis Cannon glared at him angrily.

Khai lowered his head bashfully. Teeth clenched, he looked at Sis Cannon again. “It was also my first time and I was inexperienced. I came prepared this time! I-!”

Suddenly, Sis Cannon pounced and kissed Khai’s lips right away. Khai stumbled back from the impact and had to lean against the railing. The ring box in his hand nearly fell to the ground too.

Khai immediately held Sis Cannon’s body in his embrace as he began to bite and suck. He lifted Sis Cannon up, and her legs wrapped around his waist.

I immediately took a step back, only to be greeted with the feeling of two bodies against my back. In an instant, all three of us stiffened.

Raffles and Harry quickly stepped back. They stumbled and moved further back into the room.

My room was suddenly filled with a suffocating awkwardness.

Mm… Mm…” Unharmonious noises crept in from outside. “Tonight… I want… Mm… To check and accept…”

Raffles clasped his hands together and turned aside anxiously. Taking deep breaths, his chest heaved up and down under the dim lighting. I could barely see his blushing face. He didn’t have his long hair to cover his face anymore, so all his expressions were clear to see.

Harry faced the wall as he supported himself with one hand against the wall and the other on his waist. He let out a long sight and shook his head continuously.

Even they feel that the oxygen in the room isn’t enough for all three of us?

I wonder if it was the warmth from their breath or the excitement outside my room, the temperature in my room had somehow risen.

I hugged Little Carl tightly in my arms, feeling extremely awkward.

Luckily, there were three of us. If there had only been two of us, it’d have been even more awkward.

Suddenly, Raffles seemed to hear something as he raised his hands to the side of his ear. Then, he glanced at me as though relieved. “It’s hatching! It’s hatching!”

His voice finally broke the awkwardness in the room; the sounds of excitement outside had halted too.

Harry turned and asked, “Hatching?”

“Yes! The eggs!” Raffles said excitedly.

Harry was stunned, before he then opened the room door. Fresh air gushed into my room. The refreshing air gave me a chance to escape!

Then, we looked out at the couple in the corridor.

Khai maintained his posture of hugging Sis Cannon while Sis Cannon continued to hang ontp Khai.

Khai and Sis Cannon stared at us blankly.

“You…have been there since earlier?” Sis Cannon.

Khai looked at Harry as he blushed. “Captain! You’re here too!”

“You two carry on,” Harry said and turned to run.

I waved at Sis Cannon too. “Go ahead and continue.” Then, I followed closely behind Harry.

Raffles smiled awkwardly before he quickly caught up with us.

The three of us ran downstairs. When we heard the door close upstairs, the three of us couldn’t help but laugh. Tonight has got to be the most awkward night for me in my entire life.

In the incubator bathed with warm light, the three eggs were moving.

The three of us held our breaths, worried that we would interrupt the three little guys coming into this world.

As we’d been in a rush, I’d brought Little Carl as well.

Little Carl lay on the incubator as it watched the three little eggs seriously.

*Pak!* The egg on Harry’s side cracked! A little claw-like foot extended out from inside the shell.

*Pak!* There was another noise. The egg before me cracked too and a claw popped out.

Suddenly, Harry’s egg cracked entirely, revealing a weird bird with four legs lying inside. Its colored feathers were stuck together from the moisture of the egg white.

*Pak!* The egg before me held a similar living thing. However, its feathers were gray like an ugly duckling. Staggering, it stood up unsteadily before it fell.

I felt a pang of heartache and extended my hand. If there hadn’t been a layer of glass between us, I would have held it.

As it fell, I saw a tail.

Wow…” Little Carl stared at it happily. Extending its furry hand, it reached out to touch the two little things behind the glass.

“They are Lucid Birds!” Raffles was suddenly excited. “They’re actually Lucid Birds! And one of them is male and the other one is female!” Raffles was almost leaning on the glass. His eyes welled up with tears. 

Wiping his eyes, he said, “That’s great… There’s one male and one female… That’s great…”

“They are so cute…” Harry revealed an expression normally worn by young girls when they saw something cute. He peered closely through the windows at the colorful Lucid Bird before him. His bird seemed to be a little lazy. Ever since it had hatched, it had laid in its shell and would only kick occasionally.

Unlike the one in front of me. It tried to stand up, failed and tried again. It continuously fell and continuously stood up!

I looked at the last egg. There was still no movement.

“It’s a pity that there is no movement on my side…” Raffles became sad. He extended his finger and tapped the glass. “Please be okay…”

I nudged Harry and Harry glanced at me. I gestured for him to look at Raffles. Harry became anxious at the sight. Extending his arm, he patted Raffles shoulder. “Don’t worry. It will be okay.”

Raffles was still anxious.

*Pak!* Raffles’ egg abruptly cracked.

I nudged Raffles excitedly. Raffles looked at once and suddenly, a head popped out from the shell.

“It came out! It came out!” Raffles hugged me excitedly and I stiffened. Feeling my rigidity, he quickly let go of me and started blushing really hard. “So-sorry. I got too excited.”

Pfft…” Harry sniggered and I elbowed him. He held back his urge to laugh.

Raffles’ chick was also a male because it sported colorful feathers on its head, although its body was still in the shell.


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