Book 3: Chapter 90 - Strive To Be Stronger

“They can’t do anything to us in retaliation for what you did. Hahaha…” Uncle Mason was smug with success. “Besides, this can also warn them that we, Noah City, aren’t an easy target to bully! Humph! Getting targeted by Silver Moon City ain’t an easy feat either.”

“Our Captain earned honor for Noah City!” Joey said proudly as he looked at the other guys. “Brothers, am I right?!”

“That’s right! Captain, you’re the best!”

“Captain! We worship you!”

“Captain! You made such a great sacrifice!”

“Captain! All the best!”

“All the best!”

“Go for it!”

Suddenly, rolls of toilet paper were thrown off from the third floor, streaming downwards through the air like white ribbons.

“Get lost!”


Hahahaha.” Everyone burst out in laughter.

Elder Alufa flashed an unfathomable smile. “To be eyed by Silver Moon City, the day when we can engage in diplomacy with Silver Moon City won’t be too far away… Hahahaha…

Elder Alufa looked extremely happy that day.

Not only was he not angry about Harry clashing head-on against Silver Moon City and snatching away the seed right in front of them, he was also proud of it. One’s pride drove him to get stronger. We Noah City had become stronger and risen abruptly. It was only a matter of time before Silver Moon City found out that we weren’t weak anymore.

To engage in diplomatic relations with a strong party, we had to first become stronger. Otherwise, the other party wouldn’t bother with us. If you wanted to build a diplomatic relation with them, you would only draw disdain and a mocking gaze.

I seemed to understand Elder Alufa’s words about diplomatic relations. He wanted to rely on Noah City’s display of power to engage in diplomatic relations with Silver Moon City as equal parties.

It wouldn’t be like before, when Silver Moon City could simply visit Noah City without notifying us. Their army had been able to march into Noah City and search as they wished without warning or permission. It had been obvious that Silver Moon City didn’t bother with anyone on the ground. There had been no respect at all.

From now onwards, Silver Moon City would gradually see that the cities on the ground had been working hard to develop and grow, to become strongholds on the ground.

“Why don’t we just disperse? Everyone hanging around would just make Harry nervous.” Sis Ceci graced everyone with a smile.

Everyone burst out in laughter again.

“Harry! We’re going. Take your time to shit. Don’t get hemorrhoids!” Everyone teased. 

“If you’re constipated, do you want oil? We have a lot in our kitchen!” The chefs from the kitchen joined in with the crowd’s teasing. 

Uncle Mason didn’t know if he should smile or cry. “Alright. Let’s go. Otherwise, my son would really become constipated!” Uncle Mason hushed the others with a grin.

Finally, there was only us left on the square. Suddenly, a foul smell emanated from above and I immediately stood up to leave.

“Oh phew, Captain, what did you eat this morning?” Khai and the others hurried and left.

Noah City was an underground city. In order to conserve energy, the ventilation would not be turned on all day long. Plus, not all areas were equipped with a ventilation system, as long as there was enough overall airflow.

“Elder Alufa, it seems to be done. Why don’t you return first?” Sis Ceci held her breath as she said.

Elder Alufa pouted and covered his nose. He looked at me. “Luo Bing, you go and get it.”

“What?!” I stood there dumbfounded while Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason brought Elder Alufa away, trying to hold back their urge to laugh.

I looked at Arsenal and Arsenal immediately left too.

Whoever I looked at ran away at once.

In the end, I looked at Raffles and his body stiffened. I immediately pushed his chest. “What are you just standing there for? Seed collection has always been your task.”

Raffles was dumbfounded, just as I’d been earlier. Taking advantage of his shock, I quickly ran away. Who wants to take it?!

As for what happened after that, I reckoned it was only between Harry and Raffles. Another secret might have been born in Noah City.

Because there wasn’t any ventilation system in our rooms, Harry’s room stunk for three days! He went to sleep with Raffles.

So as not to let the foul smell spread out from his room, we never opened the door. During the few days when Harry hadn’t returned, his room had been practically sealed.

The seed had been perfectly intact. After taking a trip through Harry’s intestinal tract, it had finally landed. After retrieval, it had been cleaned and put into a nutritional liquid. Since then, Raffles had been taking care of the seed day and night. When the seed had fully recovered, he’d moved it into the soil.

That night, someone knocked on my door. *Knock, knock, knock.*

“Master, Master…” It’s Little Carl!

I opened the door happily at once. Outside my door was a grayish-blue bunny dog!

Its two long ears made it look like a bunny, but its body was shaped like a puppy. It even had a tail that was wagging behind it.

I stared at it blankly while it stood there and looked up at me. His grayish-blue eyes were just like Raffles’. Stiffly it moved its nose.


Ah!” I exclaimed in surprise. At once, I crouched down to take a closer look at it. Little Carl was as tall as my knee. When I rubbed its soft hair, the texture was very realistic, aside from the fact that it emitted no warmth.

Plus, its body was soft.

I rubbed it all over in shock. The stiffer spots felt like a normal dog’s skeleton.

“Master!” It leaped into my embrace and rubbed itself against my chest. “Little Carl has finally returned to Master’s side. Father gave Little Carl a great transformation, right? Do you like it, Master?” Little Carl asked as he lay in my arms. 

I picked it up in surprise and rubbed its furry body. “Mm, I like it.” As I lifted my gaze, I spotted Raffles and Harry standing in the corridor.

Raffles looked very nervous. Seeing me look at him, he quickly ducked his head.

Harry chuckled and patted his back. Raffles’ head hung low as he smiled happily. “It’s great that you like it. I-I-I like it too…”

Suddenly, hasty footsteps sounded from the stairs.

Harry glanced backwards and immediately pushed Raffles towards me. Raffles knocked into me from the force and blushed at once. “So-sorry.”

“Hurry up and get in!” Harry shoved Raffles hard. Raffles was pushed into my room as Harry pulled me into the room behind him too. Then, he pulled the door shut, taking care to shut it softly and carefully.

Through the slight gap, I saw a figure run past my door.

Harry immediately peeked through the gap.

“Who is it?” I leaned in front of Harry with Little Carl in my hands to peep.

My arm nudged his chest and he moved away to keep his distance from me.

I saw Khai through the gap!

“It’s Khai!”

“Mm,” Harry replied awkwardly from behind me.

I beckoned at Harry and Raffles, who stood in my room. “Hurry up and come see!”

Raffles blinked. Then, he ran up to me and pushed Harry off slightly. Placing his hands on my shoulders, he stood behind me. Since he was taller than me, he could peek from above my head.

We saw Khai standing in front of Sis Cannon’s room. He took a few deep breaths, his face all red. He looked like he had things to say but had been keeping them bottled up.


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