Book 1: Chapter 24 - Be A Girl Again

“You ate his daily provision.” Suddenly, Military Instructor Ceci’s voice rang out. I was surprised and I nearly choked. *Cough Cough Cough!* What? His daily provision? It’s only one piece of bread!? No wonder Raffles was looking at me that way when I was eating the bread.

Military Instructor Ceci walked in with a smile. She was holding a pile of clothes that were similar to Ming You’s and there was a pair of clean shoes made out of linen.

She walked and stood in front of Raffles and me and said, “Raffles, you can have Harry’s share for today.”

“But what about Harry?” Raffles looked at Military Instructor Ceci with concern.

Military Instructor Ceci immediately looked in distress and said, “This is his punishment. He must be starved for at least three days!”

My body grew tense. She’s so strict. I blushed in embarrassment, “Military Instructor Ceci…”

“Just call me Sis Ceci,” Sis Ceci revealed a gentle smile and I immediately said, “Actually, Harry didn’t do anything to me. He didn’t lie on top of me like that but…” I couldn’t give a clear explanation.

“Lay! Lay on you?” Raffles blushed in shock. ‘Why is he blushing? He wasn’t the one who had been laid upon.’ Raffles shook his head in disbelief continuously, “Harry doesn’t look like he would do that…”

“Something like that!” I showed him an example. Raffles then shot his eyes wide open and he blushed even harder. His face was as red as an apple.

Military Instructor Ceci’s face grew grave, “He can’t do that either! In Noah City, men are not allowed to get close to women without their permission! Of course, that excludes Raffles,” Sis Ceci suddenly flashed a malicious smile. She extended her hand to hold Raffles’ shoulders and lifted his chin, “He is Noah City’s mascot. He looks just like a rabbit. All the girls like him.”

Pfft! I couldn’t help but laugh. Raffles looked rather upset. He shook off Sis Ceci’s hands in defence. In the end, he puffed up his cheeks and turned away. He looked like he was blushing in anger.

“Hahaha,” Sis Ceci gave out a burst of hearty laughter. She then passed me the clothes that she was holding, “Change into these.” Then, she held Raffles by his neck and dragged him out, “Follow me.”

“Let me go… Sis Ceci… I am not a mascot!” Raffles was like a lady who was being teased when he was with Sis Ceci.


On the other side of the cabin, there was another door. Sis Ceci dragged Raffles out of it as she continued teasing him.

After they left the room, I changed into my new clothes. There was also a pair of pants inside the skirt. It actually was a robe that looked very similar to that of Ming You’s. It also came with a hood. I picked up the colorful ribbon and tied it around my waist, similar to the way they did it to tighten the clothing on their waist. It was no longer the baggy school uniform that could turn the prettiest girl in the school into a dweeb.  I had never worn any clothing that required me to wear a belt, except when we had experienced the Chinese Han Dynasty culture during the cultural class in our school. On the other hand, I was still wearing the straw sandals that Xing Chuan had given me.

I immediately took off the straw sandals and threw them out. I don’t want to see any item that is associated with Xing Chuan anymore! I will burn it to ashes later!

I put on the cloth shoes, and they fitted me perfectly. The shoemaker’s effort and care were visible in the work. I had never worn cloth shoes, but I suddenly realized that they were quite comfortable to wear.

I put the school uniform that I had changed out of over Second Sis’ body like a blanket. Then, I stacked up the other clothing as a pillow and put them under her neck. She laid there comfortably in the pile of wire rod and closed her eyes. She looked a little tired. Did she keep a watch over me during the previous night? I realized that this pile of wire rods gave out heat after they were connected with energy, and it was pretty warm there.

“I’ll go out for a while,” I said softly. Second Sis’ breathing began to calm down.

I left her without worrying. I walked to the door and saw the button on the side. I pressed it similar to how Raffles had before. The door swooshed open, revealing Sis Ceci and Raffles who were waiting outside as they looked at me in surprise.

Sis Ceci measured me up and down while Raffles was stunned as though he was seeing a completely different girl.

“Mm! Not bad!” Sis Ceci checked me out and chuckled, “My son is a man of vision. Mm… It seems to be lacking something.”

“Er… May I?” Raffles asked with his head hung low. He was holding a piece of floral handkerchief.

“Yes! This is it! Put it on for her,” Sis Ceci replied. Raffles walked behind me and wrapped my head with the handkerchief that was folded into half. It faintly revealed my short hair.

“You look even more like our girls in Noah City now. You look so cute,” Sis Ceci pinched my face and smiled. “Let’s go! Let’s head out. So, the people in Silver Moon City wouldn’t suspect.” Then, Sis Ceci turned around and led the way. I quickly followed behind, while Raffles caught up with us after he closed the door.

At that moment, I was at ease. Maybe, just as Sis Ceci had said, since they had abandoned me they wouldn’t have come looking for me. They were only concerned about the lost escape pod, as it was Silver Moon City’s asset. It was Silver Moon City’s most advanced technology and the blue crystal energy was also viewed as a treasure.

Although I was a girl, I knew very well that energy would be the target and rule in any part of the world.

Sis Ceci led us out through the tunnel. I could see that this was a different place from the night before. The underground city was really huge.

It was another square. There were training targets around the square and it looked like a training base. On the east, there was a steel pier that linked to the other side. On the opposite side it looked like there was a broad tunnel. The lights were switched on and the tunnel was lit up in a white light.

It was very deep under the pier. There were rows of rooms on both sides, but it didn’t look like they were meant to be used as living quarters for people. It was very quiet over there.

That very moment, many people from Noah City gathered in the square, and they were dressed alike. Sis Ceci gave Raffles a signal with her eyes and Raffles pulled me by my sleeve and walked to a corner. There was a crowd of onlookers. There seemed to be about two hundred of them, including women and children. However, it was obvious that there were more men than women.

These women were also wearing headscarves. But they didn’t have great complexions like Xue Gie and the other girls. Most of them looked sallow and emaciated amidst the crowd of onlookers. On the contrary, the children looked energetic, clean and healthy.

Would it be because Xue Gie and the others are metahumans? Is that the reason why their complexions were great?

The people in front of us suddenly turned to look at me. They all looked stunned. Raffles quickly said in a soft tone, “Her name is Anlee.”

The people in front nodded and they seemed well-coordinated. If such coordination could be achieved among so many people, then it only signified one thing—the people in Noah City were very united.

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