Book 3: Chapter 89 - Sh*t It Out

Harry and I were astonished. The white seed in my hand was like a precious, flawless pearl.

The fruits in this world were seedless. Hence, it was extremely difficult to find seeds.

Somehow, there was an orange seed. Maybe the original fruit had been considered a second-grade item back then, yet it had still been sent into a mall and someone had bought it, eaten it and spit the seed into the snack bag. It had survived by chance for sixty whole years.

Sixty years later, the second-grade item had become a precious item.

*Buzz! Buzz!* A familiar electric saw noise rang out. Harry and I immediately looked at the rubble. Just as we turned, *Bang!* The rubble exploded and two electric saws came into sight. It was as terrifying as an evil spirit reappearing after its defeat in a horror film!

*Bang!* The tiny robot emerged from the rubble and glared at us furiously. It stared at the seed in my hand for a moment, before it suddenly raised its electric saw hands and charged at us.

The robot was being operated by a human. Hence, the person behind it should be someone from Silver Moon City. They wanted the seed but they wouldn’t kill us for it. However, it would keep chasing after us if it couldn’t retrieve the seed.

The tiny robot charged at the seed in my hand. Harry was still gawking at the tiny robot’s reappearance. Without hesitation, I slapped my hand onto his mouth. Shocked, Harry gulped and his Adam’s apple bobbed. He instantly stiffened.

The tiny robot stopped at once and stared at me blankly as it hovered in the air. It probably hadn’t expected me to make Harry eat the seed.

I spread my hand, showing that the seed was gone.

“Ahh…” Harry jumped madly as he screamed, “How could you make me eat it?! I ate it! Retch! Retch!” He pressed his finger down his throat. “It had radiation! You want me to die?! Retch!

The tiny robot turned to glance at Harry then back at me. It put away its electric saw and whirled back into a silly-looking sweeping robot. After staring at me in distress for a while, it finally flew away through the opening that Harry had punched in the roof.

Retch.” Harry continued to support himself against the wall as he retched.

I straightened and clapped my hands together. “You can stop with the acting. How could anything that passed through my hand still carry radiation?”

“That’s true.” Harry came back to his senses.

I stared at him blankly. Don’t tell me he really didn’t think of it earlier.

He wiped his mouth and turned on me like a mad man. “Even if it was clean, how could you make me eat the seed?! That’s a seed! Seed! Do you know how difficult it is to find even one seed?! How could you make me eat it…” He held his head and clutched his curly hair as he squatted down. “What do we do now…” Sighing, he shook his head in despair.

“Sh*t it out,” I replied calmly.

Harry lifted his face from his hands and stared at me.

I continued to face him calmly. “Go back and sh*t it out. In the past, plants relied on bird sh*t to spread.”

*Pak!* He slapped his cheeks and his expression turned dark. He slowly moved his hand away and showed an upset face. “Why am I friends with someone like you…”

“There’s no use regretting it. Hurry up and head back to sh*t it out.” I turned around calmly. I’m not the one sh*tting anyway.

“That will ruin my image!” Harry complained as he followed behind me.

I leaped onto the hoverboard. “Your image is long gone, ever since you got beaten up by me way back then.”

Pfft! Cough cough cough cough…

Under the sunlight, Harry and I weaved through the tunnel that resembled a time tunnel again. Harry started acting extremely careful and covered his stomach with his hands. He looked just like a girl who had suddenly found out that she was pregnant.

Last year, everyone in Noah City had gathered to watch Sis Meizi give birth, anxious with anticipation for a new life.

In April the following year, everyone in Noah City gathered to watch Harry sh*t out an extremely precious orange seed that could one day produce fruit rich with vitamin C.

This would be the first orange seed in Noah City.

“Hurry up, hurry up!” Elder Alufa urged Khai to send a potty into Harry’s room because Noah City’s toilets ran under a vacuum flushing system. Once a person was done, it’d go *Bang!* and everything would be sucked away. If anyone wanted to search through it, he would have to head over to the ecology room to search through everyone’s waste.

Back then, the toilet had frightened Second Sis.

Hence, Elder Alufa instructed for a potty to be sent to Harry so that the seed wouldn’t be sucked away.

The long table that people had gathered around during Sis Meizi’s giving birth was carried to the square below our hostel buildings, as though the whole affair warranted an important meeting.

Everyone was either seated on the bench or standing around anxiously. Some were standing on the female dorms’ floor upstairs to stare down at Harry”s room.

*Bang, bang, bang,* Khai knocked on Harry’s door and called, “Harry! Elder Alufa told me to send you a potty." 

“Go away! Don’t stand outside my room!” Harry shouted in a half-crazed voice.

A whole group of us girls and guys sniggered maliciously from where we were seated downstairs.

Khai was chased away with a roar. Harry opened the door a crack before he banged it closed again.

“Harry is so pitiful,” Sis Cannon remarked while choking back laughter. It was the first time she’d held herself back from her signature outburst of laughter.

Arsenal covered her mouth as she turned aside to laugh too.

“Luckily I wasn’t there.” Raffles patted his chest gladly. Now that he had short hair, it was hard for me to see him as a girl anymore.

“Captain, you’re so cruel!” Sis Cannon nudged me while Xiao Ying covered her mouth and sniggered.

Xue Gie, who had fixed her gaze straight ahead, unexpectedly let out a snigger without moving her lips, surprising Bill who sat next to her.

Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Arsenal glanced at her in surprise. However, Xue Gie returned to her expressionless mode right after. She turned to give us a blank look. “What’s wrong?” 

“Nothing,” Arsenal said as she held back her laughter.

“That’s amazing! Captain! You were able to make Xue Gie smile!” Sis Cannon patted my back forcefully, her strength making my back ache.

“Stop it.” Ming You looked unhappy. “Captain, what were you thinking? How could you make Harry eat the seed.”

“Well done, Xiao Bing.” Before I could reply, Elder Alufa spoke up. “Since the other party was Silver Moon City, we could only resort to such a shameless method. Hahahaha.”

“Elder Alufa, you don’t blame us for offending Silver Moon City?” I looked at Elder Alufa with concern.

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason glanced at each other and smiled. Sis Ceci told me, “Don’t worry, Xiao Bing. Seeds belong to whoever gets their hands on it first. There was no one there at that time. If you didn’t play dirty, Silver Moon City might have taken it. By then, even if you accused Silver Moon City of taking your seed, other people would only say that Silver Moon City did well because the people on the ground all worship Silver Moon City. No matter what they do, they are always in the right.”

To me, that sounded like having blind faith in power and hegemonism.


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