Book 3: Chapter 88 - Found The Seed

On the other side, Harry’s hoverboard went up the arched wall and hung upside down when he reached the ceiling.

I aimed at the tiny robot and started shooting. Its body shape was unusually flexible and it kept dodging my ray by turning, jumping and rolling. 

My shooting had always been fast, accurate and ruthless. There hadn’t been anyone who could dodge my shots. However, the robot had reacted before I’d shot. The robot was very good at predicting and its calculations were accurate. 

It was moving towards me extremely quickly. However, as it got closer to me, the target it presented also became bigger. Its movement would be limited due to its own attack.

As it leaped towards me with open arms, I aimed at its brain without hesitation. The closer it got to me, the shorter its reaction time span would become. In other words, the closer it got to me, the harder it would be to dodge my ray.

When my ray aimed at it, it suddenly activated an energy shield. The transparent energy shield covered its whole body and blocked my shots!

This tiny robot was well equipped with both attack and defense mechanisms. As small as it was, it was completely prepared!

Plus, despite being made of a bunch of mechanisms, it had been able to accomplish agile and deft movements. This showed that the technology in Silver Moon City was really powerful.  

Due to its small body frame, it was exceptionally agile and deft. It jumped really high up right in front of me and opened its arms to crosscut at me. At once, I bent backward and its saw slashed the air above me. 

Right at the moment when it flew past me, I glanced at Harry who was waiting above. “Harry! I’ve already led it to your area!"

Harry immediately knelt and punched the ceiling fiercely. *PANG!* The whole ceiling was smashed into pieces in an instant, falling from above and crashing onto the tiny robot. Right when the tiny robot lifted its head, it was instantly buried in the rubble. 

*HONG!* There was dust all over the place. A large beam of light gathered and shone on the rocky hill formed by the debris of the smashed ceiling. The world was finally quiet. 

The robots from Silver Moon City had provoked our Noah City and ruined our equipment. So, we Noah City had to teach them a lesson.

Harry flipped down from above and landed on the rubble. With the sunlight shining on him, he looked cheerful and handsome. I lifted my head and smiled at him. He looked down and grinned at me, smug with success. That was the tacit understanding between me and Harry. We didn’t need to discuss or plan beforehand to be able to cooperate with each other at all times. We adapted to any situation and would set traps to overcome our opponents!

Pfft! How dare it disdain me!” Harry crossed his hands. “I will show you people from Silver Moon City how terrific I am!” 

I gave him a thumbs up and said, “Nicely done!” 

He was stunned. His amber eyes shimmered like yellow rubies in the sunlight as he looked at me, lost in thought. He raised his hand and put it over his heart, as though he didn’t want anyone to realize that he was secretly taking deep breaths.  

“What’s wrong?” I asked. 

He came back to reality, then smirked. “This is the first time you’re praising me. My heart’s beating fast.” 

I crossed my arms, smiled and said, “I will praise you more often if you are more serious."

“Hehe.” He smiled cheekily. 

“I am going to find the seed.” I turned around and jumped down to the flower petal, then walked to where the tiny robot had been earlier. “Ice Dragon, find the seed."

“Yes, Master.” The monocle before my eyes started scanning towards the rubble at the front while Ice Dragon smiled cheekily from the top left corner of the lens. “Master, I would like to remind you to break the tiny robot apart as it may not be completely dead.” 

“I don’t want to bring things to a deadlock with Silver Moon City. The tiny robot looked like it was being controlled by a human, who then must be someone from Silver Moon City.” The adaptability of the robot had been extremely good, which hadn’t seemed like something stored data in a robot’s brain could do. Even an AI like Ice Dragon had admitted that his adaptability was far behind a human’s. It was because AI were more rational and they believed in the outcome of calculated data. 

However, humans were the biggest variable that underwent rapid changes all the time. Hence, the robot had likely been controlled by humans, like playing a video game. I hoped that Raffles could make a robot like this for me to play too.

Beep beep, found the seed! Found the seed!” 

A green seed symbol appeared in the middle of my monocle, its position locked in as my target.

I immediately squatted down to move the rocks away. Underneath lay a rubbish bin. The seed was shown to be in the bin. We are really picking through the trash now. 

I lifted the bin and poured a pile of rubbish out. 

There were some brochures and also a ticket. 

I picked up the ticket. It read, Kansas Star Autumn Space Baseball Tournament. Time: 8th of October, 3033, 10:00 - 11:30, Tesla VS KingKong, Finals! 

I felt a sense of grief as I looked at the ticket, and sighed. “Sigh."

Harry hopped down from his skateboard and squatted on the rock next to me as he asked, “What’s wrong?” 

I turned around and passed him the ticket as I replied, “I’m just feeling very sad all of a sudden. The time froze just like that.” 

Harry grabbed the ticket from my hand and his expression became solemn. He lowered his head, feeling sorrowful, before he opened his eyes and sighed. He said, “I’ve seen this tournament in my current saved data. During the tournament, the entire field lost its gravity and the players wore thrusters. It was a very exciting match. Sadly, we won’t be able to watch it ever again. I’m sure that there’d been a lot of people watching this match over here.” 

“Wow.” I could almost hear the people cheering in my ears. The scene must have been as magnificent as back when we’d watched our World Football games. 

Harry and I got really quiet all of a sudden, as quiet as the spirits that never breathed. Beams of sunlight shone down through the broken roof, its warmth barely warming the air in the tunnel. 

The once bustling city was now gone. Now, what was left was only things in the trash bin that could revive what the humans had done and said back then.

They’d come in with excitement to watch the most important final game. There’d been some people sitting here, some tying their shoelaces there, some waiting for people who had yet to catch up with the group.

They had been chewing gum and had thrown the candy wrapper into the trash bin. 

They’d also wiped their mouth and thrown the napkins into the bin. 

There’d been someone who’d accidentally thrown away his ticket to the game. He should have been looking for it anxiously.

However, before he’d been able to find his ticket, the time had frozen. 

Hence, the end of the world had fallen on 8th of October. In that morning, at that time, all civilization had ended. All the roads for humans to advance had been cut off without warning. 

“Seed! Seed!"

I slowly picked up the snack packet. There was something inside. I poured it out and a white, round and mellow orange seed emerged! 

“Found it?!” Harry hopped out from the rubble and jumped to my side. He looked at the cute little white seed on my hand with excitement. 

“Found the seed! Found the seed! Check it!” A bunch of data immediately appeared on my monocle. “Confirmed. Confirmed. An orange seed.” 

This is so hard to come by!


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