Book 3: Chapter 87 - Take Care of It

“Vroom.” The engine roared and we left the ground.

“Ice Dragon, find where that little thing is,” Harry instructed.

“Alright.” Ice Dragon began to search. Very quickly, we found the robot. It flew into a collapsed building seven hundred meters ahead of us.

We charged forward, before Harry’s movements relaxed. Our flying vehicle was like a flying bird, approaching slowly and soundlessly.

Before us was a huge ruined building shaped like an octopus. Eight arched tunnels stretched outwards from a huge oval sports field in the middle.

The grass on the sports field had already withered. The glass above the field had begun to crack and fall in shards, and the colors of the surrounding seats had already faded.

In the middle of the sports field was a huge ring screen. As if the screen had once been hovering in the air like the portable imaging device, to allow everyone to see everything happening on the sports field clearly.

“The tiny robot flew in but the flying vehicle can’t enter. We have to get off and move on our own,” Harry said.

I nodded and our flying vehicle slowly descended. Harry and I leaped out from either side of the flying vehicle. We patted the body of the flying vehicle, and two hoverboards detached from the bottom of the flying vehicle. They flew out from the bottom of the flying vehicle and stopped before us.

Harry and I exchanged a glance, before we stepped onto our hoverboards.

He smiled at me. “Want to compete again?”

“Sure!” I lowered my upper body to steady my center of gravity. The theory behind the hoverboard was similar to our seats; it would mold to our bodies to hold us to the hoverboard firmly.

“Begin!” At Harry’s shout, we rushed into the tunnel-like arched building.

“I don’t think this is a wise choice!” Raffles’ image was constantly cut off or distorted due to the obstacles in the tunnel. “His Highness didn’t betray Luo Bing, but the seed robot is controlled by the people in Silver Moon City. What would we do if they find Luo Bing?”

“I won’t let it see me.” I pulled my hood up and hid myself in the dark.

While the Highness judged that I am Luo Bing based on the similarity of figure and the fact that only I could enter a high radiation zone, there are more metahumans than just me who can enter level five radiation zones. Plus, there are many men who share similar figures to me. Removing the factor of the ability to enter a high radiation zone, the others would find it hard to determine that I am Luo Bing.

“Harry! You will reveal that Noah City is the one who took their seed! Noah City is located nearby!” Raffles reminded Harry.

Harry pulled down his mask and looked at him arrogantly. “I will admit to it then. Seeds belong to whoever that takes it and depends on who is more capable.” Then, Harry smirked and sped up. His handsome figure cut off the light that shone through the holes from above, his red hair swaying with the breeze as he sped up.

I quickly caught up with him, flying right through Raffles’ holographic image as he stood dumbfounded. Avoiding the steel rack that hung down from above, I shuttled through the rays of light. The tunnel was extremely long and lights filled the entire tunnel. Flying at high speed, it felt as though I was traveling through a time tunnel.

Suddenly, I saw the seed robot; it looked like a sweeper robot that wasn’t traveling very fast. Slowing down, it hovered over a ruin. Before it was a row of chairs that had been smashed.

The robot extended two arms from both sides and started cleaning up the ruins.

Harry and I stopped. Harry gestured at me to hem the robot in.

I nodded.

Suddenly, the seed robot seemed to notice us. It quickly turned and threw away the stone swiftly, its body instantly opening up and turning into a half meter tall robot!

Harry and I were stunned!

The sweeping robot had turned into a transformer!

The tiny robot’s two arms instantly turned into two steel saws and started whirling. Both its arms whirled and the steel saws instantly cut through the fallen steel bars on both sides!

Turning to stare at us, the robot opened its mouth. A gun nozzle extended from its mouth, blinking with red light!

It had looked adorably dumb earlier, like a sweeping robot that would be easy to bully. Now it had suddenly become an electric saw ninja.

“It could transform!” I looked at Harry via the monocle attached to my helmet without moving an inch. The other party was fully prepared for war, poised like a poisonous snake that had suddenly popped up out of the ground. It’d be best if we didn’t whisper to each other.

“I never expected that it would transform.” Harry looked dumbfounded too. It was obvious that this was his first time seeing something like this too.

“That’s magical!” Raffles became excited as he flew towards the robot. He relied on the fact that he was merely an image and wouldn’t die.

The tiny robot instantly aimed at him as he measured it up and down. “The technology in Silver Moon City is so advanced! To realize such a transformation, it would require parts that are more exquisite and swift! The nerve transmission would require a higher sensitivity too!” Raffles’ eyes were shimmering as he extended his hand towards it.

We could tell that Raffles, who had been opposed to our idea of robbing the seed robot from Silver Moon City, was now probably thinking of bringing this tiny robot home too.

Suddenly, the tiny robot leaped swiftly and reached towards the sky above Raffles. It slashed down with its arms and instantly broke the halo above Raffles into half. Raffles’ image disappeared at once.

However, the tiny robot didn’t stop there but continued to swing its arm in the air. It was simply like a real person wielding his sword as it shattered our portable imaging device into pieces.

*Ta-da-da-da*Raffles’ halo shattered into pieces and the tiny robot struck as pose as it landed. Lifting its head, it looked at us in contempt. Slowly, it raised its arm and pointed at us in disdain and provocation!

The heck!

He actually teased us!

No way!

This is ridiculous!

This robot had broken our device and even caused vital damage. There’d been no need for it to shatter the device into pieces. Now we couldn’t even repair it. It was simply mocking us and telling us how impressive it was that we couldn’t get close to it or cast greedy eyes over at it.

I looked at Harry while Harry looked at me. His eyes were burning with rage and his face looked upset. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I am of course thinking of what you’re thinking.” I looked back at him with a burning gaze.

That thing had been simply too aggressive and had also destroyed Noah City’s property. It had even provoked us!

We have to teach it a lesson and tell Silver Moon City that we are not godd*mn easy to be bullied!

Harry and I exchanged a glance and nodded. As I reined back my gaze, I flew towards the tiny robot. I had already drawn my gun by now.

The tiny robot immediately leaped on me like a ninja!


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