Book 3: Chapter 86 - Seed Robbing

“We might have met the other Highness of Silver Moon City.”

“What?!” Shocked by Raffles’ words, Harry moved to drag me away at once. “Hurry up and let’s go!”

“Harry, it’s fine.” The halo flew before Harry, Raffles’s holographic image following below it. “His Highness is a nice person. He didn’t inform Silver Moon City that he’d seen Luo Bing here.”

“What?! He even recognized Luo Bing!” Harry stared at Raffles and I in shock. He turned towards me. “How did he recognize you with your mask on?”

“That’s not difficult, Harry. Xing Chuan already found out that Luo Bing can enter the center of radiation. Not everyone in Silver Moon City would be in the know, but Xing Chuan would definitely inform the higher management team and they would have seen Luo Bing’s image before as well. Hence, His Highness naturally would know about her,” Raffles analyzed seriously. “Since Luo Bing met him in the level seven radiation zone and her figure is identical to the provided information, he would have recognized Luo Bing at first glance.”

Harry let go of my arm in shock as he looked at Raffles. “What did you say? He met Luo Bing in person, not through a robot?”

“No, he came in person. His Highness can resist level seven radiation!” Raffles said as he exclaimed in surprise. “If it wasn’t for Luo Bing, I would never have believed that anyone could resist level seven radiation.”

Harry gawked at the news. Back when they’d conducted the radiation resistance test on me, they had already been shocked that I’d been able to resist level five radiation. When I’d shown no reaction after they’d increased it to level six, they had shown the same gawking expression as Harry now.

“Anyway, we don’t know why His Highness didn’t report to Silver Moon City that he’d seen Luo Bing. It’s like…” Raffles suddenly paused, searching for a word that could better describe the situation with His Highness.

“Like he’d taken himself out of the matter?” I thought of an expression to describe His Highness’ attitude.

At my suggestion, Raffles lowered his gaze and muttered, “Taken himself out of the matter… Yes! That’s right! It’s as though he has nothing to do with the Silver Moon City’s affairs and he wouldn’t get involved.”

Harry rubbed his chin. “Are you sure that he is the other legendary Highness in Silver Moon City? Which Highness wouldn’t get himself involved in Silver Moon City’s affairs?”

At Harry’s probing, Raffles became uncertain. “I’m not sure, exactly. But… from his temperament and age, he seems like it.”

“I think so too,” I added after Raffles’ reply. “When he talked about Xing Chuan, he didn’t sound too polite nor did he refer to him as His Highness Xing Chuan. It sounded more like an older brother talking about his younger brother. He even said that it’s Xing Chuan’s mistake to have abandoned me, hence it’s Xing Chuan’s responsibility to get me back. He acted like Xing Chuan’s senior, not his subject.”

“Yeah. Luo Bing, you’re the more observant one between us.” Raffles nodded in agreement.

I smiled faintly. “His Highness looked knowledgeable, steady, mature and low-key. But he seemed to know everything clearly. He must be an impressive High-”

“They are both dangerous!” Harry suddenly cut me off. He then lifted his hand and flicked me on my forehead.

Ah!” I held my forehead as I glared at him. He squinted his eyes and looked at me with his hands on his waist. “Regardless of whether he captures you or not, he is a man from Silver Moon City! The people in Silver Moon City aren’t nice people!”

“Harry, that’s a one-sided comment,” Raffles immediately said, as though he’d found it unfair for that Highness. “Before Luo Bing told you about Xing Chuan, you’d been longing to go to Silver Moon City and even had a great impression of Xing Chuan.”

Harry was suddenly at a loss for words. He stood there dumbfounded. Licking his lips anxiously, he looked at Raffles and I. “Did he give you any benefits earlier?”

Raffles and I exchanged a glance. I guessed Raffles and I shared the same liking towards the Highness for the same reason: we were both attracted to his knowledgeable and wise character.

Raffles glanced at Harry. A rare malicious intent flashed through his grayish-blue eyes. “He is more handsome than you. He is more impressive than you. He is more knowledgeable than you. And, he didn’t betray Luo Bing.”

Harry’s amber eyes immediately shot wide open.

Everyone in Noah City knew not to say that someone was better looking than Harry. His arrogant temper didn’t allow anyone to be better than him. Just like back then, when Raffles had said that Brother Qian Li was better than Harry and caused Harry to become unyieldingly jealous.

Harry pointed at us angrily. Then, he seemed to hear something and immediately beckoned for us to be quiet. “Shh!” He pointed forward as a shadow cut before us. It was a disk robot.

“Captain! We found Silver Moon City’s seed robot. It’s going in your direction!” Williams reported excitedly.

“Seed robot!” Raffles became as excited as if someone had switched on his power button. “A place with seed robots definitely has seeds!”

“Hold on, could it be brought by the Highness that you talked about?” Harry smirked. “I’d like to see the Highness that is more handsome, more impressive, and more knowledgeable than me!”

Harry was jealous.

“He wouldn’t be there, Harry,” Raffles said. “Seed robots take action alone. They come down from Silver Moon City directly, take the seeds and return right away. It shouldn’t be related to the Highness at all.”

I looked at them curiously. “So there must be seeds where the seed robots are?”

“Definitely!” Raffles got excited. “It’s a level five radiation zone here. The seeds that they have found would definitely be usable. I wonder what seeds there are.”

Harry and I glanced at each other simultaneously. Harry’s eyes shimmered and he gave me a wicked look. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”  

I smiled maliciously too. “Then, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Harry’s smile became wider.

Raffles looked at us confusedl., “What are the two of you thinking?”

Harry and I walked to each other and high-fived. Then, we got into the spaceship!

“What are you thinking about?!” Raffles asked anxiously.

Harry and I had already gotten into the flying vehicle.

“Activate!” He and I commanded in unison. Only during missions would Harry’s and my brain waves magically sync and develop a tacit understanding.

Our two flying vehicles merged. Then, he looked at me while I looked back at him. We smiled maliciously at the same time.

Raffles appeared on our screen and looked at us anxiously. “What are the two of you doing?” He couldn’t figure out what Harry and I wanted to do despite having two brains.

“Going to rob the seed robot,” Harry replied with a malicious smile.

“What?! Don’t act recklessly! We can’t take Silver Moon City’s things!” Raffles panicked.

I blinked at him. “I’ve even taken their spaceships before. Didn’t you take one of their robots too?”

It was Raffles’ turn to be at loss for words then.

Harry and I glanced at each other and took off!


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