Book 3: Chapter 85 - Can’t Go Home

“Just me alone isn’t enough, I know too little…” Raffles shook his head. It was the first time I’d seen this kind of despair at his own powerlessness cross his face. 

He was the smartest person in Noah City and possessed the magical superpower of having and operating two brains at the same time.

It didn’t mean that he literally had two brains, but referred instead to his ability to use his left and right brain simultaneously. It was merely an expression that meant that he could follow multiple trains of thought at the same time. No one knew what was the exact number of things that he could think of at any one time.

On the face of such a smart person, I saw despair from his helplessness and powerlessness. It showed how difficult it was to achieve time travel. He was in a hurry to gain more knowledge, knowledge outside of what he already knew.

“That’s why, I really want to go to Silver Moon City to meet more impressive scientists, and see Silver Moon City’s data center!” Raffles became excited again. “I really want to study about light speed, because that guy who’d appeared last during the battle between you and Pink Baby was able to shuttle through space. I want to create a corresponding weapon that could capture He Lei and metahumans who can shuttle through space.”

I stared at him, shocked. It turned out that he wanted to create a weapon!

Raffles did not only use his brain for invention, but also to plan far ahead. Every time I conversed with him, I would gain a new understanding of him. He was like a book; I would never know how interesting the later parts of the story would be if I didn’t flip to those pages and read the more impressive content.

“I have to first invent such a weapon but-! Inventing the time machine is the ultimate goal of my life!” Raffles clenched his fist as his eyes burned with passion!

In Raffles’ eyes, I saw his ambition. It turned out that the bunny that we liked to bully had his own ambitions!

I didn’t want to demotivate him but I couldn’t help but say, “You… Have you ever thought that there might be someone in this world that had traveled back in time and caused the end of the world?” 

Raffles was stunned. He looked at me in shock. “Why would you think that?! How could anyone travel back in time just to destroy the world?!”

“Maybe he did it by accident?” In many time-traveling dramas, the current reality that we saw was a definite reality. There were countless people who had wanted to return to change the current reality, but in the end, they had ended up contributing to the current reality. No one had been able to successfully change history.

Raffles was stunned. As a scientist, he understood the possibility that I’d spoken of. And the possibility was extremely high.

Originally, the world’s timeline might not have developed towards the end of the world. But in the end, because one person had wanted to change the future, he had returned to the past and ended up causing the end of the world by accident.

I immediately replied, “Why don’t you continue to study space leap instead? I think looking for a suitable planet is by far safer and easier to realize than going back to the past. Look. Before the end of the world, Kansas Star had been preparing for interplanetary migration. That meant that their space leap techniques were pretty mature.”

“You’re right!” Raffles was thrilled with excitement. He raised his hand to pat his forehead. “I am so silly. With you, as long as we have enough energy, we could travel between planets!”

What does he mean?

What does he mean by, we could travel through planets with me?

What is he trying to do with me?

Somehow, I was suddenly terrified of Raffles. I was afraid of his mad scientist side. It was extremely likely that he would use me to realize his goal!

However, if he could realize space leaps, I might be able to go home!

But… Did I travel through planets or did I cross to a parallel space?

This planet is called Kansas Star, it is like Earth here and I could also see the North Pole star from here. Did I cross to a parallel space instead?

“Raffles, do you think parallel space exists?” I looked at Raffles, who was getting carried away by his calculations again. I felt chills running down my spine; it felt like he was thinking of how to utilize me. In his head, I was no longer a human but petrol, nuclear energy, and blue crystal energy.

He came back to reality and looked at me. “The existence of parallel space has yet to be proven but we can’t say it doesn’t exist. Many scientists’ calculation formulas have verified the possibility of the parallel space’s existence. In science, there is no impossible, only the unachievable.”

“Then… do you think parallel space is possible?”

“Luo Bing, in science, there is no accurate answer that can be true forever.” He looked at me with a smile like a strict lecturer. “Unless it is verified, there is only constant discovery and experimentation.”

“Then… if we assume that someone traveled here from a parallel space, how do you think she can return?” I looked at him anxiously.

He smiled. “Since he can come here, he naturally can go back.”

“What if she doesn’t know how she came here? For instance, if she fell into your world, how would you send her back? If you could use everything you have on hand.”

Raffles widened his grayish-blue eyes, then slowly lifted his hands while fixing his gaze in front of him. He began to draw in the air. “Shuttling through parallel spaces would require a large amount of energy. Blue crystal energy might be able to achieve that but how strong was the space gravity and the resistance against crossing spaces? What exists in between parallel spaces? Would he end up in a space fission, would he be crossing time as well as space? Is the time in the two parallel spaces also parallel as well…” He gradually put down his hands, shaking his head in shame at the limits of his ability. “There’s no practical way to realize it, there are too many unknowns! This goes beyond space leap within our own world. Leaping between two worlds would be a totally new problem for science, a new scientific domain in itself!”

So… I can’t go home… 

I was in a trance.

“Luo Bing, why are you asking about this?” Raffles looked at me confusedly.

I shook my head. “I… I…” I looked at him. As my eyes met his confused gaze, I still didn’t tell him my secret. “I’m curious.” I lowered my face in disappointment. Raffles had cut off my plan entirely.

Judging from Raffles’ conclusion, he could realize space leap theory in his world, but time travel was still beyond him. He had to achieve time travel in his world before he could take a step forward to study about shuttling through parallel spaces.

Just as he had mentioned, would the time in a parallel space be parallel to the time here too? If it wasn’t parallel, I might end up returning to ancient times or to the future, instead of the time I’d left. What would be the point of returning then? 

I felt distressed. Just as I left the flying vehicle after landing, Harry ran over.

“What happened? Raffles didn’t say it clearly. One second, he was saying you’re in danger. The next second, he said that you are not!” Harry asked me anxiously as he grabbed my arm.

“Harry.” Raffles’s image suddenly appeared next to us. A small halo hovered in the air above him - it was a portable imaging device that must have flown out from Ice Dragon. It made Raffles look like an angel.


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