Book 3: Chapter 84 - Raffles’ Ambition

“You’re that confident that I’ll go to Silver Moon City?” I shouted after him.

He stopped and turned back slightly. The sunlight outlined his gentle jawline and lit up his faint smile. “It’s not me being confident, it’s that you will definitely come,” he replied.  Turning back to the front, he walked forward into the clear sunlight, the silver linings on his robe shimmering with hazy starlight. It was as if he’d walked out from the river of time and was now returning to where’d he come from.

His calm and unfathomable back was enough to give anyone looking at him a sense of inferiority.

He’d sounded so confident, as though he’d looked into the future and had seen me reuniting with him in Silver Moon City.

Why is he so sure?

Maybe I’ll really go to Silver Moon City. As long as I’m in this world, I will end up meeting Xing Chuan again in the future and I will go to Silver Moon City.

“The Highness is such a nice person…” Raffles sighed. He too has been sold.

I liked the Highness too. There was no reason for it; rather, it was more like a girl who had suddenly fallen for an idol, without any warning or reason.

Although I hadn’t spoken much with the Highness of Silver Moon City, I already admired him from the bottom of my heart.

Since he had gone, I headed to the server room to take care of actual business. Once a person slowed down to read, time would slow down too.

“Luo Bing, I’ve changed my mind,” Raffles suddenly said. “This library needs its heart. I’m not going to take the chips from here anymore.” Raffles smiled, his eyes filled with love and care. “It’s so clean in here. It should be the Highness who’s been taking care of this place. We are all book lovers.” There was a rare expression on his face - the expression of a hero appreciating a fellow hero.

A person who had been able to make Raffles appreciate him as a kindred soul - such a person had never appeared before.

I smiled as I stood outside the library entrance and looked up at the rose that had been left behind in the depths of the forest. She had a Prince who was loving her, protecting her. That’s great.

On the way back, I kept thinking about the Highness. The feeling was indescribable; it was like the excitement of having just met an idol. 

“You look like you really like the Highness,” Raffles said, his gaze elsewhere.

“Don’t you like him too? I was thinking that it’d be great if I’d met this Highness in the past instead.”

“Yeah. He looks like he knows a lot of things. I’d really like to talk to him.” Raffles smiled too. “It’s a pity that he is too mysterious and low-key. I wish I could go to Silver Moon City.”

“You want to go to Silver Moon City?” I looked at Raffles in surprise. It turned out that he was quite ambitious too.

Raffles became excited. “As a scientist, I naturally yearn for Silver Moon City. All the top scientists in the world are gathered there. There is definitely technology there that I might not even know about!” Whenever he spoke about science, his eyes would burn and shimmer like a flame. 

“Oh yeah, what are you studying light speed for? What is light speed? Is it about achieving a speed approaching the speed of light?”

“Yeah, almost approaching the speed of light.”

I became excited and my heart rate increased. “Can you reach light speed? Would it form a wormhole? Could you achieve time travel?!”

Raffles was surprised. “You know about light speed and wormholes too?” Raffles got excited. “In Noah City, there’s no one who can discuss time and wormholes with me. But if we could build a time machine, we could go back in time to change everything that has happened! Isn’t that right?!”

I looked at him in surprise. It turned out that he’d been thinking of using this method to change the end of the world.

“But, if we go back in time, wouldn’t everything around us now be gone? You, me, Harry and everyone else wouldn’t have met!” I wanted to learn more about wormholes because it might help me figure out a way to go home.

Raffles immediately brushed off the possibility. “No,  no, no. It might be a time fission. When we join hands to change time together, we wouldn’t disappear. It is a paradox but we might survive. Hence, we need to create another space separated from this timeline as we change history. Then, we would be separated from the timeline back then.”

“We might be separated, but what about the others?”

“They would disappear,” Raffles said.

I stared at him blankly while he looked at me confusedly. “Luo Bing, no matter how we change the world now, there will be people who will be sacrificed. But, is the current world a place we are reluctant to leave?! There is radiation and pollution everywhere. There are humans eating humans everywhere! There is nothing to feel sorry for if this world vanishes! Science is meant for transforming the world and transforming the future. Sacrifice is inevitable. Humans will continue to reproduce…” 

“Raffles!” I cut him off. His expression seemed to be filled with the anger and coldness of a mad scientist. It was an expression that had never been seen on Raffles’ gentle face. I saw the coldness of a world-weary scientist flash across his grayish-blue eyes, a coldness that sent chills down my spine. I didn’t want to see such an expression nor did I want to hear any cold remark about sacrifice being inevitable for science.

The first time I’d heard him make a similar remark was back when he’d wanted to conduct an experiment on Sis Cannon.

Surprisingly, I seemed to have seen another side of Raffles. He had the potential to go mad and sacrifice anything for the sake of science.

“You saw when I was reading Budding Gods College, right?”

As I spoke, his gaze fell upon my face again. The coldness in his grayish-blue face vanished and was replaced by confusion.

“It was written in the book that changing the future using time might not be efficient; instead, it might even worsen the situation.”

Raffles furrowed his eyebrows and immediately refuted, “But it might work too! She changed the end of the world, didn’t she?!”

I knew I wouldn’t win an argument against Raffles. His gaze went blank as he started calculating, “If I could overcome the time contortion and find out our world’s time torque, I should be able to find a way to return to the past…"

“Raffles!” I quickly called and he came back to reality. I looked at him seriously. “Have you built a time machine?”

He looked guilty as he replied, “No. I have only solved the problem of space but not time."

“However, isn’t Silver Moon City on an interplanetary spaceship? Dealing with interplanetary migration, how is it possible for them to cross that much space without achieving the speed of light?”

“That’s why it is a question of space.” Raffles looked at me seriously. “We utilized the space leap to fold space and diminish the distance, but it wasn’t a time leap. Even the achieving so-called light speed didn’t realize time travel, because we realized that time couldn’t be measured just based on light speed. There are still other factors that affect using light speed as a measurement unit, but what are those factors exactly is a problem the scientists have yet to solve. But with the technology now… It’s good enough that it isn’t regressing!” Raffles suddenly became upset.


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