Book 3: Chapter 82 - Read Together

“If he can’t even complete such a small task, how could he be the Highness of Silver Moon City,” he remarked casually as he read. He sounded like he was usually very strict with Xing Chuan.

“Would he be the other Highness of Silver Moon City?” Raffles suddenly said. I looked at him in shock as he thought aloud, “It is said that Silver Moon City has another Highness. However, they normally listen to His Highness Xing Chuan. The other Highness is low-key and mysterious. He never gets in touch with anyone on the ground. He has level seven radiation resistance power…”

“If I’d meant to tell on you, Xing Chuan would have already been here,” he said leisurely, without a pause to his reading.

I stared at him for a while before I slowly lowered my gun. Did he intentionally say that to lower my guard?

“Master, I didn’t detect any Silver Moon City’s spaceship in the surroundings,” Ice Dragon reported.

He really hadn’t informed on me.

“He lost me? It was his mistake? Didn’t he want to kill me and arrest me?!” Xing Chuan had said it himself - no matter if I was dead or alive.

“It was to protect you,” the young man said casually as he flipped the pages of his book. “The person that Silver Moon City is looking for - what would people think if he or she isn’t a criminal?” He elegantly flipped to another page, keeping his tone casual as he chatted with me. “They would think that you are important to Silver Moon City. As they are able to pose a threat to your life, they would then threaten Silver Moon City using you as a hostage. Hence, the best way is to put up a warrant and make it believable using a bounty offer. That way, your safety would be ensured.”

I was surprised. It turned out that there had been so many meanings behind a single warrant. Listening to what he said, shouldn’t I then be grateful to Xing Chuan?

“However, there’s no use even if Silver Moon City is after you. Humph… You could live in the center of the radiation, why would you head elsewhere?” He smirked in disdain. It was as though he was mocking Xing Chuan for chasing after me.

This Highness is really not going to help Xing Chuan. That’s interesting.

I glanced at Raffles while Raffles looked back at me tensely. “You wouldn’t be thinking of…”

“Who are you?” I put away my gun and asked.

“You will naturally know the answer to your question when you reach Silver Moon City,” he replied leisurely with a thick book in his hand. His confident tone made me unable to not believe him. It was as though I really was going to Silver Moon City very soon.

I looked at him in surprise. “Why are you so sure that I would go to Silver Moon City?”

“I know that you must have a lot of misunderstandings toward Silver Moon City because of Xing Chuan. Luo Bing, Silver Moon City not only has Xing Chuan but Silver Moon City could also give you opportunities for more significant growth.” He finally lifted his face from the book, boundless wisdom in his eyes as he studied me closely. “The dust on the ground would bury your charm.”

I stared at him blankly. His deep gaze looked like they had passed through the river of time and seen the far away future.

I didn’t like Xing Chuan but he did make sense. Xing Chuan couldn’t represent the entire Silver Moon City. It was just like how there would be both b*stards and smartypants in the same classroom.

“We have many similarities. Firstly, you and I can come here.” He looked around and smiled. “In the future, I’ll finally have company when I’m reading.”

I slowly calmed down. Xing Chuan and he both came from Silver Moon City, but somehow, I was only on high guard when I saw Xing Chuan, and let down my guard when I saw him.

Was that his power? No, it was that unique silence he carried.

Somehow, I felt a close bond with him. It was because he too could enter the level seven radiation zone. Because he and I had come across each other, met and talked in the level seven radiation zone.

Just as he’d said, there was finally someone who could read with him.

When I had been walking in a high radiation zone, I had been lonely. There had only been me in the entire city. Although Raffles and Harry would keep in touch with me, they could only see everything that I saw through the monocle I wore, but they wouldn’t be able to experience the same excitement of discovering something next to me.

They couldn’t talk to me face-to-face. Most of the time, I felt more like I was talking to the air.

Thinking it over, I decided to go with the flow.

I liked this place, I liked the books here and I didn’t want to leave so soon.

Taking the book, I walked back to the garden and sat below the rainbow. “As long as you don’t tell Xing Chuan, I will read with you here.”

“Luo Bing!” Raffles exclaimed in surprise.

Glancing at him, I lowered my head and started reading.

Sigh, you’re being stubborn again,” Raffles sighed and started wondering, “This Highness is so strange. He’s from Silver Moon City but he won’t inform Xing Chuan that he found you. I really didn’t see any of Silver Moon City’s spaceship coming here. There seems to be only him alone… Oh yeah, I won’t contact Harry for now. With his temperament, he would definitely barge in here.”

I met Raffles’ eyes and agreed with his decision.

“You be careful yourself,” Raffles reminded me again before he started exclaiming in shock, “He could resist level seven radiation, that’s shocking! I think he was the only one who could enter a zone with level six and above radiation, before you came along. He should be really lonely…”

Yeah, it was the loneliness of an expert.

Looking at the young man, I asked, “How many in this world can resist radiation above level seven?”

“Besides you and I, no one else,” he replied. He then took out and placed an exquisite white container with flower patterns on the bench. 

The container was shaped like an incense burner made of gemstones. When he pressed on a sapphire on the box, magical lights shone out from within in all directions. Everywhere the light swept across, withered plants turned into flowers. The empty flower pots were now filled with fresh flowers too.

In an instant, the entire garden library had resumed its original look. The surroundings were filled with colorful flowers, and the faint fragrance of flowers spread and filled the air as the rainbow slowly vanished!

Various flower scents wafted past and gladdened our hearts.

Silver Moon City really has many toys!

“It’s time recovery!” Raffles exclaimed again, as though he was just an amateur in science before the mighty technology of Silver Moon City. He looked thrilled with excitement. “This is reversing the current reality to a scene from a different time.”

I extended my hand to touch a pink lily in the garden but my hand went right through it. It was just an image. “I see. It’s fake,” I said in disappointment. Noah City had such imaging techniques too.

“No, no, no. Although the image is fake, the time is real!” Raffles was excited. “It restored the scene from a certain time. This is very advanced technology. It could be used to restore an incident!”

Regardless, it was fake. It was like putting a very realistic old photo in front of you.

However, I was impressed. I wasn’t impressed by what Raffles talked about, but by the beauty that had once been here.

“It is only a matter of time until this place resumes its original look.” The young man looked at the lily next to him. He then extended his hand and touched the beautiful image. “There are many sex scenes in your book,” he said casually as he retracted his hand and looked at his book.


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