Book 3: Chapter 81 - Young Man

I took a casual glance and saw a book by the side. I answered, “Budding Gods College.”

“Alright,” the librarian replied.

In the display cabinet was a robotic arm that was wearing a clean white glove. It took the book extremely gently, and an opening appeared below the display pad in front of me. Then, the hand handed out the book in the same extremely gentle manner.

“Please take your book. Hope you have a great time reading,” the librarian said with a smile.

I took the book from its hand. The book had been nicely maintained. It looked almost brand new besides the folding marks left by the previous readers.

Sixty years had passed yet the books seemed to have been frozen in time. They looked perfectly intact.

“Luo Bing, the system here is still running. The main server room must be running normally too. Go and look at the chip there…”

“Excuse me for interrupting,” Ice Dragon cut in. “Someone came in and is already in here.”

“What?!” I spun as I exclaimed in surprise. A galaxy-like long robe entered my sight through the blurry rain curtain.

The entire world was in silence. There was only the sound of rain splattering in the palace. Somehow, it felt like time was passing very slowly; this odd feeling came from that blurry figure behind the rain curtain. 

He stood there in silence and quietly looked at me through the rain curtain.

*Rumble.* The thunder rolled further away. The rain curtain seemed to have been rolled up and taken away as it slowly vanished in between the two of us. The handsome looks of that person came into sight.

A pair of eyebrows arched like mountains far away in the rain in an ink wash painting, and a pair of eyes that were dark as moist ink but holding maturity that was far beyond his age. It was as though he had stood and watched history play out before him in silence. As if he had seen all historical changes and spans of thousands of years were but nothing before him.

There was a unique silence and vibe of steadiness that he carried.

It was so quiet, as though time itself had frozen. The clock seemed to have paused in the universe outside the tower.

The unique temperament he carried caught my attention and I couldn’t help but fix my gaze upon him. He was like a book that had been hidden behind the display cabinet, giving out a mysterious aura.

He wore an exquisite yet not eye-catching crown. His long hair had been braided behind his head, revealing his ears. His sharp chin that looked just like he’d stepped out of a girls’ comic, lengthened the outline of his jaw and highlighted his maturity.

But he looked like he was only eighteen.

His tall nose made his features even more significant and clean. He was like a beautiful man that an artist had drawn in one masterful stroke, the lines fine yet forceful. His thin lips faintly pursed. He looked strict yet his eyes seemed friendly.

Although he was only eighteen, he carried the dignity and steadiness of a scholar.

He stood there in silence. His galaxy-like slender robe was made of silver thread, which emitted a faint glimmer. It was like the stars in the night sky, low-key yet luxurious. The design of his collar was ancient, making him look like he’d come from a distant time. He was like a prince that had come from the most ancient planet in the galaxy, who was familiar with the details of all the changes in the universe.

He was far away, mysterious and wise. I felt respect just from looking at him.

I stared at him in surprise but he looked at me calmly. He smirked faintly and nodded at me with a smile. He then walked past me and to the side.

When he turned, I saw that his braid reached his knees. His long black hair had been braided into a french twist behind his head. At the end of his braid, there was a simple hair accessory that looked like a swarm of stars. It was just like his clothes and his crown, low-key yet luxurious.

“Who is he? He-! He can enter a level seven radiation zone!” Raffles’ exclamation pulled me back to reality.

At the very moment I came back to my senses, my guard went up. I gasped. I had let down my guards unknowingly!

Plus, this was a level seven radiation zone but the young man in front of me was as at ease as I was. It was as though we were in an ordinary area and he’d experienced no discomfort at all.

He was even more at ease and comfortable than I was. It seemed that he often visited here, as if this was a garden and library at the back of his house.

Although it was a historical site, besides the fact that it had level seven radiation, anyone could and would come. However, no one would know if the visitor was a friend or an enemy.

Judging from his clothing, he didn’t look like a person who lived on the ground at the end of the world.

“You are Luo Bing, right?” A far yet clear voice spoke within the quiet palace.

Surprised, I immediately took my gun out to aim at him. Then, I began to retreat.

“Luo Bing! Hurry up and leave!” Raffles reminded me in shock. “I’ll inform Harry at once to come and get you!”

Who is this person?! As I retreated, I stared at him.

In contrast to the nervous and alert me, he walked leisurely to the bookshelf. As though he didn’t care who I was despite knowing my identity. Despite knowing who I was, he didn’t pay much attention to me but instead cared more about the books in front of him.

His calmness made me seem like a frightened bird. Maybe, he really didn’t care much that I was that Luo Bing whom Silver Moon City was after.

“I came to return a book,” he said gently before the bookshelf as he held a book in his hand.

“Alright.” The librarian took the book from his hand. Then, he began to carefully glance through the books on the shelves.

I retreated to the door. How did he know that I am Luo Bing?

Who is he exactly?

The person who could recognize me with one glance would be the cruel Xing Chuan. Xing Chuan…

I looked at him again. Would he be…

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Xing Chuan.” He seemed to find a book that he was interested in and stopped before a bookshelf.

I was surprised again. He knows Xing Chuan!

Extending his hand, he tapped on the cabinet. The librarian instantly took out the book for him. Then, he walked casually to the side to collect the book from the display pad.

“Luo Bing! Hurry up and leave!” Raffles urged anxiously.

I spun around at once. Regardless of who he is, he knows Xing Chuan and he recognizes me. It’s best to stay away from him.

“The person that he lost, should be his to find using his own ability. It’s his mistake, so he has to take responsibility,” he said casually. I stopped and turned back to look at him. He’d already taken the book that he’d picked and was sitting on a white stone bench next to a pillar as he read.

A faint sunlight poured down from the sky that had cleared after the rain. In the moist air after the rain, a faint rainbow lit up the entire library.

I looked at the young man behind the rainbow, who looked dreamy. It was as though I was looking at a young man from a hundred years ago, through a time waterfall.

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