Book 3: Chapter 79 - Too Manly

His protective shield opened. I saw him blushing as he held his forehead. “Khai, that idiot!”

I was surprised at how calm I was. Could it be because I’ve been forcing myself to be immune? I didn’t want to blush anyhow and I tried really hard to be a guy. In the end, I really turned myself into a guy?

I had only been able to tell Raffles these things, and even then I would blush whenever I said it. However, although I’d told Harry through Raffles, I was calm even when I’d seen him blush.

Harry rubbed his face in distress. He looked like he was trying to make his face resume its normal appearance.

I said in disdain, “You go and talk to Khai. Tell him to learn more and be more gentle!”

Harry stiffened and he looked at me. “Luo Bing, you don’t even blush when you talk about this?”

I glanced at him disdainfully. “What’s there to blush about? I am a man.”

“Huh?!” Harry gawked and he suddenly became anxious. “Luo Bing, I think it’s best that you stop going out for missions. You can’t treat yourself like a real man!”

I looked at the screen before me. “Didn’t you say that there’s a national library in this radiation zone? I shall take a look there to see if there are any chips.” Then, I started flying.

The soil and dust flew around me, and the withered branches were shattered by my flying wheels.

“Luo Bing! Luo Bing!” Harry shouted from below. Seeing that I ignored him, he immediately switched to the screen. “Raffles, as her best guy friend, you’d better give her some advice. You heard her. She treats herself as a man!” Harry looked extremely anxious on the screen.

“Luo Bing, Harry is right. You can’t treat yourself like a true man!” Raffles said in a state of nerves. “Disguising as a man during out-field missions is only for safety purposes, it’s not for you to really treat yourself as a guy.”

“No wonder you are getting more and more intimate with Arsenal. Tell me! Do you like girls now?!” Harry was simply interrogating me.

I was at a loss for words when faced with the two of them. I didn’t know why they were in more of a hurry than I was. “The two of you were quite close for a while too.”

“That was-!” Harry suddenly paused and pointed at Raffles. “It’s all your fault. When you had long hair, Luo Bing was more feminine. Now that you’ve cut it short, she’s become more manly.”

“What does it have to do with the length of my hair?!” Raffles questioned Harry confusedly. “There’s no scientific proof behind your statement!”

“There’s no scientific proof but there must be a psychological effect!” The two of them began to argue again. “Your long hair was like a girl’s hair, you looked like a cute bunny. You could trigger Luo Bing’s inner femininity. But now that you’ve cut your hair, Luo Bing’s only gentleness is now gone!”

“You’re the one who wanted me to be more manly!” Raffles shouted. He really was turning more and more manly.

Harry was suddenly at a loss for words.

I looked at them annoyedly. “You go and talk to Khai. I am preparing to enter the level seven radiation zone. Ice Dragon, speed up!”

“Yes, Brother Bing.” Even Ice Dragon referred to me as Bother Bing.

“Stop calling her Brother Bing! She is becoming more and more manly.” Harry was worried that I was changing my gender. “Xiao Bing!” He suddenly called for me gently, which sent chills down my spine. I glared at him. What is he trying to do?!  He tried to look at me with a pair of gentle, motherly eyes. “Be careful. I will wait for you here.” He’d even tried to speak like a girl!

“Harry, you’re very disgusting,” Raffles said expressionlessly. Harry gritted through his teeth as he stared at Raffles, “We agreed that I will be her dad and you will be her mom. Now that you refuse to be her mom, I’ll take up the position! Luo Bing was originally not feminine enough. Now, we have to stimulate her feminine side. If this continues, she might even propose to Arsenal next year!”

“No way…” Raffles’s face grew pale. “That sounds really severe. Luo Bing, I’ll do a psychology test for you when you return. Would you like a man more or a woman more?” Raffles looked at me anxiously.

I took a glance at him and smiled maliciously. “Of course, a woman…”

“I knew it!” Harry covered his face hopelessly, “It’s all my fault. My fault! I should have let her continue to hate me. Back then, she was more like a girl…” Harry took the blame.

Harry wouldn’t really think of himself as my dad, right?

“It’s my fault… I shouldn’t have cut my hair…” Raffles drowned himself in guilt too. The two of them were really taking me as their child. Even though they themselves were two children who had yet to grow up.

My flying vehicle slowly sped up, the surrounding scenery whipping past me at a higher speed. The flying course became more and more complicated, with obstacles formed by stacked cars, collapsed statues, ruined buildings and trees of different height. 

“Cut off their voices. I want to focus on driving.”

“Alright. Actually, I find them quite annoying. The most annoying people in the world are our parents, isn’t it?” Ice Dragon winked.

I turned right with my right hand, dodging past a collapsed statue in front of me. I had been training to drive with my nerves. After I’d gotten familiar with the system, it had turned out to be more convenient and swifter than using the original operating lever. It was just like I was playing a VR game.

“But you humans, only parents would love their children unconditionally.” What Ice Dragon said made me lose focus. I miss my parents.

Although my dad had been strict with me, he had brought me presents every time he’d come back from his business trips.

Although my mom had pampered me, she was still strict and followed a set of rules while raising me.

They had wanted to give me the best future.

Because they wouldn’t have been able to provide me with any assistance after I’d stepped foot into society.

Even though many of my dad’s friends had become the heads of bureaus and mayors, they had insisted on upholding their principles.

Although mom’s classmates had become producers, musicians and dance academy teachers, my mom had refused to ask them for any favors.

When I had been really young, both mom and dad had reached a mutual agreement. I had to be responsible for my own future.

I had hated them back then. Although I’d only been a junior middle student and it hadn’t yet been time for me to bother about getting a job, I was now grateful for what they had done back then.

If it hadn’t been for their firm teachings and strict requirements, how could I have survived in this world?

The constitution and mentality of a spoiled young lady wouldn’t have been able to survive for more than three days or have walked more than a thousand miles.

“Be careful!” Ice Dragon reminded me. As I lifted my gaze, I saw a dilapidated white wall before me! 

D*ng! I have to concentrate when I drive!

I immediately elevated and the flying vehicle flew up vertically against the dilapidated white wall. Under the wall was a waterfall. Oh no, it is a huge reservoir! The rough water splashed and there was fog. Above the water, rubbish was vaguely visible.

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