Book 3: Chapter 78 - Group Outings

I would also be too embarrassed to talk to Khai regarding the reason that Sis Cannon had mentioned! 

There was a huge difference between dreams and reality. Sis Cannon had shouted for a whole night, which had left us a huge space for imagination. But it had actually been because she was hurting?

The DR team decided to enter the outfield training phase with the scouting troop. It would be conducted in groups of newbies being led by experts. This way, the girls in the DR team could accumulate more experience.

We would be heading to a historical site that the scouting troop had been to before, which would be safer. 

The historical site was between radiation level four to level seven. Hence, everyone would be able to enter.

Previously, Harry had searched in the level five radiation zones alone. This time, I would be with him.

The coverage of the historical site was huge. It stretched over three radiation zones, unlike Kro.

On the day when the end of the world had come, the center of the radiation had been the area with the least damage while the surroundings had been badly damaged. Besides Kro’s surroundings that had been entirely damaged, there were many historical sites’ surroundings that hadn’t been entirely damaged but had been bad enough.

Now, we were going to this kind of historical site.

Ice Dragon slowly descended, and the pathetic city view came into sight. The DR team looked at it in shock and there was pity in Arsenal’s eyes.

The buildings were already all broken and the criss-cross bridges had been weathered away too. Crashed flying vehicles lay strewn all around. The ground was covered in ashes, our footprints showing clearly like on snow. In the ashes lay a puppet that had lost its arm.

The plants that had been mutated from the radiation coiled around the buildings. Their black claws either broke through the windows or hung onto the buildings firmly, making the buildings part of them. I gazed far away, and spotted the huge crown of a tree sprouting on top of a building.

In this world, one either mutated or died. Even the plants knew the rules.

Those that hadn’t survived had withered to death, eventually turning into the soil under our feet. Those that had survived had lived on, although they were ugly looking.

“Xiao Ying!” I said.

“Sia, Joey!” Harry called.


Xiao Ying, Joey and Sia took one step forward from their lines and stood before Harry and I.

“You are in a team. Go and search in the east,” I commanded.


*Whirl.* The engine whirled as both of Ice Dragon’s sides expanded like wings.

Ice Dragon had leveled up again. Raffles had changed another bigger body for him so that both our teams could head out together.

Ice Dragon’s body was suitable to travel on snowy land, just like Snowstorm. He was now a medium-sized spaceship. When both sides expanded, there appeared an Extreme Flying Vehicle that could carry two to three passengers.

The Extreme Flying Vehicle could only fly near the ground, as it was using a magnetic suspension system. The cockpit was in the middle, with flying wheels that could create magnetic force. As it flew, the flying wheels would move around the cockpit and criss-cross around it. It looked really cool and also had a defense function.

As Xiao Ying walked to the Extreme Flying Vehicle, Joey and Sia extended their hands by the side of the cabin door to help Xiao Ying into the flying vehicle; Xiao Ying was like their Queen.

They leaped into the flying vehicle and the flying wheels started rolling and blinking with brilliant blue light. The flying vehicle levitated into the air and flew at high speed to the east. Although Noah City had sufficient resources, we had to be prepared for danger in times of peace.

Our main purpose of the visit this time was to look for seeds and chips.

The first flying vehicle had left. Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and the other girls were getting really excited.

“Xue Gie!”



“The two of you are in a team!”


Xue Gie and Bill held hands, remaining silent and expressionless. They didn’t need words as they had the ability to understand each other in their hearts.

This time’s training of scouting practice was more like a chance for couples to head out for an outing.

“Sis Cannon!”


Khai and Sis Cannon were stunned. They looked at Harry and I.

Even Williams was stunned.

We pretended not to see but continued to order, “The two of you in a team, to the south.”

“Yes!” Williams replied confusedly.

Sis Cannon had already walked towards the flying vehicle with her head hung low. Williams patted Khai’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your wife.” Williams then left with Sis Cannon. 

Harry and I had thought Sis Cannon and Khai weren’t suitable to go on a mission as a team, given their current situation.

Then, Khai and Ming You were put in a team, to the west.

When Ming You left, she turned to look at Harry. The issue between Harry and her had yet to be resolved; Harry was still avoiding Ming You. Does every guy think that time would resolve all things?

In the end, Princess Arsenal was put in the same team as Moorim and Mosie. She stood before the flying vehicle and looked at me solemnly. “Elder Alufa is very concerned about Sis Cannon and Khai. You and Harry are their captains. You’re responsible for understanding their thoughts and improving their relationship.”

What Arsenal had said made me feel like I was in an annual meeting.

“I understand.” I nodded.

Arsenal got into the spaceship with Moorim and Mosie’s help. I stepped back and watched as the flying vehicle took off.

“It’s our turn. Captain Luo Bing.” Harry leaned on the next flying vehicle and patted it. “Do you want to race?”

“Sure.” I accepted the challenge gladly. It happened to be a great chance to test my driving skills.

As we spoke, the flying vehicles changed their shapes. Dividing in between the cockpit, it split into two. The flying wheels turned into two wheels each and suspended behind the two flying vehicles too.

The flying vehicles in front of us looked more like two flying motorbikes. The huge halos behind them looked like the halo behind a Buddhist patriarch.

Harry and I leaped onto one each and the protective shields came down to cover us. Then, the halos behind us lit up and we immediately charged out like unbridled wild horses.

Harry and I chased after one another as we shuttled through the ruined buildings. We dodged the branches reaching across, the broken steel beams, and the collapsed houses. It was exciting, our blood boiling from the challenging unfamiliarity of our racing track.

“Luo Bing, be careful!”  Raffles’s face appeared on the screen. He was holding a screwdriver next to the dissected Little Carl.

“I only told you to give him a pair of eyes. Why did you dissect him again?” I took a glance before I redirected my attention back to the complicated landforms before me.

“I wanted to upgrade it entirely. Its original body was too stiff. Oh yeah, what happened to Sis Cannon?” Raffles suddenly asked.

I glanced at him, before I dipped through a hole formed by a broken bridge. “Harry sent you to ask?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. His grayish-blue short hair made me feel a pang of heartache again. I answered, “It should be that Khai’s skills in bed are too bad. So, he ended up hurting Sis Cannon and caused Sis Cannon to be terrified."

“What?!” Harry’s exclamation came from the other side of the screen. I glanced at Harry’s flying vehicle on the other side from me. There was a collapsing signal tower in front of him!

However, he didn’t slow down nor did he change his direction. I guessed he was lost in thoughts! 

“Harry! You are going to knock into something!” I exclaimed.

The flying vehicle that was about to knock into the signal tower suddenly flipped, just like a person doing a backflip swiftly. Then, he stopped and I stopped next to him.


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