Book 3: Chapter 77 - Spring Up Like Mushrooms

“If Xue Gie and the others’ parents were still alive, they would be thrilled to see their achievements today…” Sis Ceci stopped and turned to look at me, a surge of emotion in her eyes.

Looking at her, I felt a heavy weight on my heart. Xue Gie and the others’ parents had sacrificed.

She combed my fringe gently. “Xiao Bing, you are Noah’s Treasure. Hence, you have all the right to do anything that you wish. You don’t need to bother much about Elder Alufa, that old man. It’s your freedom to like whoever and dislike whoever. Don’t feel pressured.” Sis Ceci smiled and patted my shoulder, which made me relax.

She turned and prepared to leave, but she suddenly spotted something and looked up carefully.

I followed her gaze and saw Ming You standing in front of Harry’s room, all fidgety. As she turned, Sis Ceci and I dodged instinctively to find something to hide behind.

As we dodged, Sis Ceci and I were awkward.

Actually, Sis Ceci was very young. The people in Noah City gave birth at seventeen or eighteen. On top of that, she was a metahuman. Hence, she looked even younger. She looked at most in her thirties, just like an elder sister. Hence, I felt rather close to her.

Sis Ceci popped her head out slightly and peeped. Then, she seemed embarrassed and averted her gaze. “I shall return first. You too… tell everyone to rest up.” Sis Ceci quickly moved away from me. She must have known about Ming You and Harry too. “Oh, yeah.” She turned back towards me. “Ming You is standing before Harry’s room door. Don’t think too much about it.” She smiled at me and left.

Sis Ceci knew! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said those things.

I pretended not to see Ming You and walked up the stairs with my head hung low.

“Luo Bing!” I hadn’t expected Sis Ming You to call me instead. I pretended to not know where she was and looked downstairs because her room was one floor below mine. “Huh?”

“I’m right here!” she shouted. I looked over and pretended to be stunned. “Sis Ming You, are you waiting for Harry?”

She looked embarrassed. “Yeah, do you know where he is?”

“In the meeting room,” I replied subconsciously, only to instantly regret it after I’d answered. I felt guilty for betraying my brother.

“Alright, thanks!” Sis Ming You left.

I’m sorry, Harry. I’m too used to telling the truth. Stay strong!

On the second day, all the members of the DR team came except for Sis Cannon.

“Where’s Sis Cannon?” Arsenal asked.

Ming You was in a daze, while Xiao Ying only looked confused.

Only Xue Gie replied calmly, “Report, she shouted for the entire night with Khai last night.”

We were all left gawking on the spot at her reply.

Then, Xue Gie looked at us calmly. “Should I call her?”

“There’s no need to!” I replied stiffly. Everyone’s gaze turned strange but Xue Gie remained expressionless.

“Let’s start training.”

Everyone had yet to start running but their faces were already red. Although Xue Gie had said it rather calmly in a tone that sounded even more robotic than a robot, her words had stirred a great commotion in our hearts.

Especially when my room was right next to Sis Cannon;s yet I hadn’t been able to hear anything. I had been in deep sleep. Such a pity!

Harry and the other guys were lining up at the city gate. As expected, Khai wasn’t there either.

Both teams were neatly lined up. Harry and I spoke before everyone as usual.

Ming You looked at Harry while Harry faced forward as he muttered to me, “You betrayed me last night.”

I looked in front of us and pretended not to hear anything.

“Luckily, I escaped…” Then, he announced loudly, “Captain Luo Bing and I have decided that we are going to train separately from today onwards!”

“Huh?” The guys let out a sad groan.

Harry nodded at me and led the guys to the left while I led the girls to the right. Just like when we’d fought back then, we parted ways in two directions. However, this time it was for the couples to train separately.

“Hold on.” Suddenly, Raffles’s voice was heard from behind the city gate.

Harry and I looked to the city gate, and saw a white figure appearing from the dim tunnel. Raffles ran into the sunlight that showered before the city gate. We didn’t see his long hair swaying in the wind, but we could see a grayish-blue ear stud shimmering on his ear lobe under his clean-cut short hair!

“Raffles! Why did you cut your hair?” I ran over and saw his short hair. The faint blue hairband was tied across his forehead. His grayish-blue fringe covered it slightly, giving it an ethnic feel. He looked clean and cheerful.

“Long hair… would absorb the nutrients from my brain and affect my brainpower.” Raffles ruffled his short hair and smiled bashfully, but he was not shy. He smiled at me. “Exercise is beneficial to the brain. So, from today onwards, I want to join Harry for training!”

Raffles looked at Harry excitedly while Harry smiled and licked his lips. “You came late. From today onwards, we are training separately from Captain Luo Bing’s girls team.”

“Huh?!” Raffles stood in the clear sunlight, dumbfounded. He looked like a young man from a different ethnicity without his long hair. It was a refreshing look.

Although he looked more like a guy with short hair, I was sad that he’d cut his long hair. His long hair had been really pretty.

After we’d returned from Blue Shield City, the couples in Noah City had sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. It was as though the goddess of romance had suddenly descended and spread the seeds of love in Noah City.

Not only were there couples in the DR team, there were couples all over Noah City. When we walked around inside Noah City, we could see couples walking hand in hand as they passed us. The intense romantic mood was enviable.

No wonder Elder Alufa had said that one would feel like getting into a relationship when he or she was exposed to the sight. The feeling of getting into a relationship was contagious.

Guy and guy, girl and guy, girl and… er…. another guy.

In Noah City, a girl was allowed to date a few guys at the same time. Hence, it was a common sight to see a girl walking with different guys each time, or one girl with a few guys walking past.

For the girls in the DR team, I only required them to be fully attentive during training. Outside of training, they could continue to date.

However, ever since that night, Sis Cannon had been ignoring Khai, which had made Khai rather sad. He kept looking at Sis Cannon and going into a daze, hesitance in his eyes.

Harry wanted to help him but Khai hadn’t been willing to tell him what had happened between him and Sis Cannon.

“What happened?” I asked Sis Cannon softly.

There were only Sis Cannon and I now; we were on our way back.

Plus, the girls could tell that Sis Cannon didn’t feel good when Khai was upset too.

Sis Cannon blushed and turned away.

“So even Sis Cannon who is always straightforward has her coy moments.” I deliberately made fun of Sis Cannon.

Sis Cannon blushed and acted coy about it for quite long. Finally, she looked at me. “That… hurts really bad!” she said and covered her face. “I am so embarrassed to talk about it! How do I even tell Khai!” 

I was stunned on the spot. I see! It is because of this! It’s because Khai was bad in bed and wasn’t able to make Sis Cannon feel good. He’d hurt her!


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