Book 3: Chapter 76 - Watch More And You Would Want To Be In A Relationship

I’d never thought that the light-hearted Harry would be so serious about relationships. His serious attitude made me feel awkward for going overboard with my joking. He really didn’t like us making fun of him and Ming You, just like how people had made fun of me and Harry back then.

Until recently, the people in Noah City had still thought Harry and I were the future Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci.

Harry was right. Everyone in Noah City had thought that we were a pair. Now that I thought about it, it wasn’t a coincidence that he’d been in the meeting room with me. It must have been an arrangement by Elder Alufa.

Everyone was trying to pair us up in secret.

However, we didn’t like each other that way.

If so, how could I force Harry to accept Sis Ming You?

Although Ming You looked pitiful, Harry was right when he’d said that there wouldn’t be happiness if one felt forced. In the end, there would only be two unhappy people. In other words, we’d only gotten Ming You in trouble.

“Then… Regardless, Sis Ming You is getting older. Give her closure. Stop avoiding her,” I spoke to his back. He averted his gaze and the dim lightning outlined his mature shadow.

I turned and left the meeting room. The door closed behind me.

Is Sis Ming You considered old?

She definitely wouldn’t be, if it was back in my world.

Sis Ming You should be going to university at her age. She was older than Harry by three years, which was not much. When it came to relationships between an older woman and a younger man in my world, even a seven years’ gap was still considered common. Age wasn’t an issue.

However, in Noah City, Sis Ming You was almost the oldest unmarried woman. Yet she was still waiting for Harry.

Harry was different from Raffles. He wouldn’t talk to me much about his troubles.

We were friends. We were brothers. We could even give our lives for one another. But we were not best friends.

I walked back in silence. The entire Noah City was asleep.

When I walked to the gate, Xue Gie and Bill were holding hands as they walked back. This couple was really quiet. However, they still gave people a sweet feeling even though they weren’t talking.

Behind Xue Gie and Bill, were Xiao Ying with Sia and Joey.

Joey was the cheerful one. He liked to walk around Xiao Ying as he talked. The atmosphere between the three of them gave people the impression that they were still children playing together.

“Xiao Ying, what is Fat-Two’s superpower again? He could go without food and drinks for a month?!” Joey exclaimed in surprise.

I stood at the turning in the tunnel and watched in silence. Why do I now have the bad habit of eavesdropping?

“Yeah, he could store all his energy, and he would grow fatter and fatter. He could pass through a small radiation zone alone!” Xiao Ying said in admiration. When she had been with Fat-Two back then, she’d kept complaining about Fat-Two. Now that he was gone, Xiao Ying began to express her admiration. She’d been too embarrassed to admire him openly back then. 

“Amazing…” Sia was in awe. “At the end of the world, it’s an amazing skill to be able to not eat and drink!”

That was true. No matter how strong a metahuman was, he or she had to eat and drink.

As they walked further away, I stepped out of the tunnel. The time apart had really drawn everyone closer.

“Hehehe… Look, so beautiful.” Suddenly, I heard Elder Alufa’s laughter from the tunnel in front of me. He wouldn’t have been peeping in the dark tunnel like me, right?

I stopped and leaned by the exit.

“Elder Alufa, I know you are anxious! But relationships have to happen naturally.” It was Sis Ceci’s voice. “Xue Gie and Sis Cannon’s relationships happened naturally. But that’s not true with Luo Bing and my son! How could you force it?!”

It turned out that the encounter between Harry and me at the meeting room really had been Elder Alufa’s doing!

“How is this forcing? I am creating an opportunity1” Elder Alufa was smug with success.

“There’s no need to create! They are together every day. They spent time together when they went to Blue Shield City too. If they really liked each other, they would have become a couple long ago.”

“That’s because Xiao Bing has yet to understand. So, we have to show Xiao Bing more. Tsk. In such a place filled with romance, girls would eventually want to be in a relationship.”

“Yes! Elder Alufa is making a point. Xiao Bing has yet to understand.” Uncle Mason was there too!

I held my forehead. The three of them could be said to be the eldest seniors in Noah City. Yet here they were hiding here and being peeping toms.

“It isn’t about if she understands or not, it’s a matter of whether they like each other. I asked Harry. Whenever I brought it up, Harry would be against it. He feels annoyed that we are trying to pair him up with Luo Bing.”

“What?! Our son is actually annoyed by us! That boy, I have to give him more mental guidance. Luo Bing is great! In the beginning, wasn’t he…”

“Our son is not good enough to be her match!” Sis Ceci roared. Every single word hit me in the heart.

How could Sis Ceci say that Harry is not good enough to be my match?

Harry is an outstanding captain, so much so that I am ashamed of myself for not being his equal.

“Romantic relationships can’t be forced but they can be nurtured slowly…” Elder Alufa’s old and steady voice resounded through the tunnel. “How long has Harry known Luo Bing for? These two children are outstanding. If half a year isn’t enough, then take one year. If one year isn’t enough, take two years. How long did Mason chase after you before you agreed? Plus, this could push other children to start their own courtships as well. Hahaha…”

“Elder, are you trying to use my son?” Uncle Mason was anxious. “You can’t do that. What if my son really fell for her but Luo Bing doesn’t want him, how pathetic would he become…”

“Hahaha…” Elder Alufa’s laughter reverberated throughout the tunnel.

“Elder! Elder!” Uncle Mason’s voice went further and further away. They should have walked back.

I popped my head out and instantly paused.

Sis Ceci was still there!

She happened to turn around and our eyes met.

I immediately stepped back into the shadows, so embarrassed that I blushed really hard. I was dying to dig a hole and hide inside.

“Stop hiding. I saw you.” Sis Ceci walked out from the tunnel and stood next to me. “Let’s take a walk together.”

“Okay…” I hung my head low and followed behind her. She was walking towards the hostel zone.

Under the quiet lighting, our shadows stretched across the ground to the sound of Sis Ceci’s heels tapping with each step.

Now, the people in Noah City not only had their cotton shoes, but also many types of shoes from Kro too. Sis Ceci liked heels the most, as they could lengthen her legs visually.

However, I preferred the shoes that Arsenal had made for me. I loathed to change it because every thread was Arsenal’s handiwork. It was also the first show of care that I’d received from the people in Noah City after I’d come to this world.

“Forget about it,” Sis Ceci suddenly said. She turned and smiled at me. “Don’t feel pressured. Elder Alufa is old, that’s why he is in a hurry.”

My body went stiff. I felt like I’d been drowning in an ocean of awkwardness the entire day.


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