Book 3: Chapter 75 - No Happiness When Forced

A bashful kiss from a young maiden. Sis Cannon always spoke so vulgarly about men. But in reality, she was just like any girl who had experienced love for the first time.

My face instantly burned and I didn’t dare to look at Harry’s face.

This is so embarrassing!

I quickly extended my hand to block Sis Cannon’s image but Harry stopped me. “Don’t!”

I gawked at him. Harry was enjoying the view. “It has always been Sis Cannon taking the initiative. Khai, don’t disappoint me!” Harry held my hand in place to stop me from blocking the screen.

Sis Cannon had only made a quick peck on Khai’s lips bashfully, as though she was only trying to kiss out of curiosity.

Their lips slowly separated and she immediately turned around, hiding her face with her hands and looking adorably shy.

Khai stood there like an idiot, dumbfounded.

Looking at Khai’s reaction, I sincerely thought that guys were silly. However, he was also innocently cute.

The guys in Noah City should all be below eighteen. In our world, many guys at that age would have already become experts in relationships.

In comparison, the guys in Noah City were innocent and cute.

Sis Cannon calmed herself down and turned to look at Khai. Returning to her usual fierce self, she blurted, “Let’s go back!”

Khai finally came back to reality and began to stare at Sis Cannon.

Sis Cannon blushed. “What are you looking at?!”

Khai looked at her directly. Suddenly, he took step after step towards Sis Cannon.

Sis Cannon began to take step after step back.

*Bang!* Khai slammed his hand against the wall next to Sis Cannon’s face!

He’d suddenly turned into an overbearing CEO! It was as though I was watching a chick flick!

Then, Khai slowly moved closer and kissed her…

“That’s right!” Harry was thrilled with excitement. Tightening his grip, he suddenly realized that he had something in his hand and looked down subconsciously, only to be stunned when he saw my wrist in his grip. 

His eyes dumbly traveled along my wrist up to my face, before he suddenly blushed. “Why are you here?!”

“D*ng! I’ve been here all along! You idiot! Did you turn dumb after watching some real-life chick flick?!” I took back my wrist, which was hurting from his grip.

He touched his face and then his forehead, finally clenching his fist. “I got carried away…”

“Mm… Mm…” Suddenly, panting noises came from the screen. Khai’s kiss had turned into a tornado and Sis Cannon had turned into a woman. She’d draped her arms around Khai’s neck and leaned heavily on his chest.

Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo…” The entire meeting room was filled with Khai’s panting, a great contrast from the other screen where Bill and Xue Gie sat together in silence.

All of a sudden, Khai’s hand grabbed Sis Cannon’s boob.

*Pak!* Their image was turned off by Harry. He looked away with his face all red, his tense body seemingly afraid to breathe.

“I’ll inform them about training tomorrow morning and tell them to go back to their rooms.” Everything that had just happened was so embarrassing. If I had been in the meeting room alone, I could have just brushed it off, but Elder Alufa had told Harry to come here too.

What is Elder Alufa’s purpose?!

For us, the captains to be concerned about our members getting into a relationship?!

In my world, a romantic relationship is prohibited at my age!

Irritated, I wanted to vent my anger on the young couples.

“How could you?!” Harry turned around and spat, but his gaze wasn’t on my face. “They are dating. How could you break them apart?!”

“They will still have to attend training even if they are dating!” I said with a stern look. “They can’t stop training just because they are in a relationship!” I felt like Abbess Miejue from The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber.

“Hey, Captain Luo Bing, are you jealous?” Harry finally gave me a malicious look. “You are so shameless!”

I glared at him out of the corner of my eyes “Who’s jealous?”

“Why not…” Harry approached me with a malicious smile. “... let me date you?"

“You want me to beat you up?!” I raised my fist.

Harry chuckled and retreated.

I pressed on the apple logo on my chest.

“No, no, no!” Harry immediately stopped me as though he was begging for mercy on behalf of all the couples. “They finally progressed in their relationships. You can hit me, okay?” Harry pushed his chest out and began to unbutton his shirt. He was prepared to be beaten up.

I couldn’t care less and glared at him. “I'm too lazy to beat you up. Stay here and watch them on your own.” I turned and left, while he chuckled and watched me go. 

When I got to the door, I stopped and turned back to look at him. “Captain Harry.”

“Yes, Captain Luo Bing?” He bowed politely.

I laughed and looked at him. He stood straight and looked back at me with a smile. I made my face solemn and said, “We can’t train together anymore.”

“Why?!” He suddenly became anxious.

I pointed at the desk. “They are in a relationship. Can we still train together?”

Harry was stunned, then sank into deep thought. “You’re right. Alright.” He lifted his head towards me solemnly. “I agree with Captain Luo Bing’s decision. Plus… Seeing them clinging to each other every day would be an irritating sight.” He shook his head.

I smiled wickedly. “You are jealous, right?”

His face grew distressed and his gaze became evasive. “What am I jealous about?”

“Why not…” I grinned maliciously at him. His amber eyes lit up as he stared at my face. “Let you date me?”

Pfft.” I rolled my eyes at him. “I was going to ask, how about letting Sis Ming You date you?”

The moment I’d said that, Harry’s smile vanished. He even looked angry as he turned his eyes to the floor. “Don’t make fun of me and Sis Ming You.”

I could feel that he was angry as I studied him seriously. “Everyone could tell who Sis Ming You likes. Are you going to play dumb? I know that you’re clearly aware of it. You intentionally avoided Sis Ming You this morning.”

He kept quiet. Looking away, he took deep breaths.

“Is it because Sis Ming You is older than you?”

Furrowing his eyebrows in agitation, he crossed his arms and lowered his face for a while. Suddenly, he lifted his face to look at me. “Do you like me? Would you like me?”

He’d suddenly asked me one question after another, and I was stunned.

His amber eyes fixated on my face without budging an inch, a tinge of pain in his expression. “The people in Noah City think that we should be a pair. But do you like me? I-!” He abruptly paused and looked searchingly into my eyes for very long. 

I looked back at him embarrassedly, and a flash of pain went through his eyes. He looked away. “I couldn’t like you.” He sounded extremely annoyed, and looked at me impatiently. “If we force it, both of us wouldn’t be happy. This is also the same reason why I don’t like Sis Ming You. Don’t ask me again, or I’ll get angry,” he answered. 

Harry then turned around and lowered his head, placing both his hands on the desk and not saying a word more. His chest was heaving up and down, as though something heavy weighed on his chest and he couldn’t breathe smoothly.

Standing at the door, I suddenly felt awkward. I could neither advance nor retreat. I wanted to say something but I was at loss for words.


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