Book 3: Chapter 74 - Creating Opportunity

“Father! Master!” Suddenly, Little Carl’s voice resounded. Raffles and I looked outside. Little Carl was rushing over with teary eyes. “Father… Master… Little Carl misses you.”

Little Carl ran into Raffles’ embrace. Raffles brushed its hairy head and long bunny ears. “Little Carl is lonely, huh?” 

“Mm!” Little Carl nodded. “Father and Master didn’t come and look for Little Carl. You don’t miss Little Carl!”

“Who said so?” I extended my hand to pet Little Carl’s hairy head. My fingertips brushed against Raffles’ hand that was touching Little Carl’s head too. Raffles immediately retracted his hand and looked away, his ears beginning to turn red again.

My heartbeat sped up because I became embarrassed too. Most of the time, it was the other person’s reaction that would make me shy. For example, whenever I was with Harry, his light-heartedness only made me want to kick him, but it would never make me blush nor make my heart race.

However, Raffles always blushed. Blushing was… contagious…

His blushing in turn made me feel shy and awkward.

Raffles looked away embarrassedly. Thinking it would be even more awkward if I were to take my hand away too, I continued to stroke Little Carl’s head. “I miss Little Carl every day. I couldn’t sleep well when Little Carl wasn’t with me.” There was a beautiful blue ribbon tied around Little Carl’s neck.

At my words, Little Carl smiled cheerfully. Even the display monitor was showing ∩_∩.

“Raffles, can you give Little Carl a pair of eyes?” I pointed at the display monitor that served as Little Carl’s eyes; its technology seemed to be a little behind. It was also a good excuse to dispel the awkwardness between us.

Raffles came back to himself and looked at Little Carl’s eyes. Then, he seemed to recall something. “Oh! Yeah! I found a pair of eyes in Blue Shield City. I shall install it for Little Carl now. Let’s go! Little Carl, father is going to upgrade you!” Then, Raffles picked up Little Carl in his hand and left.

Little Carl chuckled happily in his hands. “Oh! Little Carl is going to level up again!”

I watched as Raffles ran away. I only found a topic for us to not be awkward with each other. It’s not supposed to be an excuse for you to leave! Who am I going to talk to now?

*Sigh.* Raffles, if you already act like this when you’re with me, how’re you going to act when you’re with a girl you like? No wonder Harry is in a hurry to train you up and force out the male hormones in you. Harry is really worried about you.

Seven days apart had made the girls miss their boys. The guys also experienced the feeling of missing another person, something they’d never felt before.

The moon was bright and the stars twinkled above.

On the city gate of Noah City, the young men were sitting back to back with the young women. It was a scene that I’d never seen before, not since I’d come to Noah City.

It reminded me of a saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Xue Gie sat with Bill in silence. Bill’s body was tense while Xue Gie was looking elsewhere, a faint blush on her cheeks. It was best when you both said nothing at all.

On the other hand, Sis Cannon and Khai sat together. Khai was looking deep into Sis Cannon’s eyes. Sis Cannon didn’t yell at Khai like she usually did; instead, she looked away like a girl and just let Khai look at her. Then, Sis Cannon leaned on Khai’s shoulder, surprising him so much that he tensed up, before he grinned like an idiot. He even sneakily put his hand around Sis Cannon’s shoulders.

Not too far away, Sia and Joey were taking a stroll under the moonlight with Xiao Ying, while melodious music played in the background.

Everything could be seen from the meeting room.

The scene where everyone was leaning against each other appeared before the desk in the meeting room.

Elder Alufa was seriously adjusting the volume of the music. He studied the young men and women in relationships with a meaningful smile.

“Everyone grew up. They all grew up…” Elder Alufa smiled gratefully.

I glanced at him. There were only me and him in the meeting room. He’d told me to come over by myself. I had actually been against the idea because I’d been worried that he would rush me into marriage again. However, he was only showing me the people dating.

I sat by the meeting table and looked at Elder Alufa. “What did you tell me to come here for?"

“Help me to watch over them.” Elder Alufa gestured at the people dating on the screen.

I looked at him embarrassedly. “Elder… This is not a good idea… They are dating. How could you keep watch over them?”

“Hey. This is not keeping watch. This is called caring for their mental health.” Elder Alufa found himself a right and proper reason for his peeping. Then, he smiled maliciously. “Keep watch over them!” Then, he casually left and handed over the peeping mission to me!

I sat alone in the meeting room dumbfounded. I have training early tomorrow morning!

Thinking to myself, I rubbed the badge on my chest that was our new communicator. I could tell them to go back to their rooms to sleep. But… that seemed a little cruel.

I looked at the meeting room desk again. The girls were wearing happy smiles. Forget it. It’s still early. I’ll let you stay with your boyfriend for a while then.

*Swoosh!* The door opened and I turned to look. It was Harry.

Harry was stunned to see me. He stood at the door and looked left and right, searching for a certain someone.

“Stop looking. I’m here alone.”

He walked in confusedly as the cabin door closed behind him, and sat next to me. “Why did the old man tell us to come here?”

“Look for yourself.” I pointed at the desk and Harry was surprised.

Under the moonlight while melodious music played, the young men and women sat together with bashful smiles. They stole glances at one another and secretly held one another’s hands.

The meeting room became quiet and awkwardness grew in the silence.

*Cough!* Harry coughed and looked away.

In such an ambiguous mood, Harry and I were alone together. As we were both quiet, the mood became extremely awkward.

Suddenly, Sis Cannon pulled Khai and said, “Follow me.” Then, Sis Cannon pulled Khai and ran down the city gate.

Khai followed behind her. Xue Gie and Bill didn’t notice the duo running past them at all, as though there were only the two of them left in the world and they couldn’t see or hear anything else.

As Sis Cannon ran with Khai, the screen split into two to follow them and the rest. Elder Alufa was so cunning! He meant for us to monitor them all the time?!

Although peeping at others’ love was truly shameless, Harry and I still watched closely.

“Where is Sis Cannon bringing Khai?” As expected, Harry was wondering about the same thing as me.

We sat watching curiously by the desk, our elbows touching like how my elbow would have touched my deskmate in class.

Sis Cannon ran across the square with Khai, avoiding people who had yet to sleep and were still around. They ran to the quiet machinery zone and stopped under a bridge. Sis Cannon let go of Khai’s hand and looked at him.

Khai looked back at her bashfully.

Sis Cannon walked to him slowly and lifted her chin. Then, she gently kissed Khai’s lips.


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