Book 3: Chapter 72 - Evolved Raffles

“Like this, you’re more like a real man. Before, you would blush like a girl every time you talk about that sort of thing.” Harry wriggled his eyebrows suggestively at Raffles. “I know where to find some films. Wanna learn some?”

Raffles stared wide-eyed at Harry. Harry winked at him and Raffles blushed again. “I need to upgrade the spaceship.”

“What do you need to upgrade in the spaceship?! If you don’t upgrade yourself now, your future wife is going to run away! Let’s go!” Harry pulled Raffles by his arm and ran.

Oh no! They are going to watch the film too!

I nearly called out to them, but quickly stopped myself. If I were to stop them now, it would be even more awkward!

I’d brought Arsenal and the other girls to watch the film. So, how could I stop them from watching it too?

It turned out that Harry had been trying to draw out Raffles’s manly side. Harry knew Raffles very well. He’d constantly made infuriating jabs at Raffles and it truly did make the good-tempered bunny explode.

Why did Harry want to force Raffles to be more like a man? Although… Raffles really had been behaving like a girl… and it was true that he was shy and always blushing. To quote Harry, Raffles wasn’t tough enough. But that kind of Raffles was great too, like a caring sister.

Hold on. Did Raffle himself like being our caring sister?

No, he didn’t like it.

He would get annoyed whenever he was treated like a girl or a mascot. In his heart, he actually hoped for us to treat him like a regular guy.

Maybe Harry was right.

But why only recently?

This was strange. Harry hadn’t acted like that when we’d been heading to Blue Shield City. It was only on the way back that Harry had started to agitate Raffles.

Could it be because the girls were picking their husbands so Harry got worried for Raffles too?

Speaking of which… There doesn’t seem to be any girl who likes Raffles.

The girls in DR Ream weren’t interested in Raffles, who was more on the feminine side.

Although Raffles was the most good looking man in Noah City, the girls had never treated him as a man. Instead, the girls would always bully him.

There weren’t any non-metahuman girls who liked Raffles either. Most of them preferred Harry, or Khai for his sturdy build. All in all, girls tended to like strong men. 

Speaking of Khai and the guys, I’d noticed something interesting. I’d realized that Khai and the guys had become even more handsome now, compared to before we’d left. Although we had merely not seen one another for seven days, the change was drastic. It was like a spring breeze had teased the flowers into blossoming overnight.

Once Harry discovered those films, wouldn’t the entire scouting troop discover them as well?!

I held my head. Raffles really shouldn’t have upgraded Ice Dragon. Now, Ice Dragon was going to lead the young men and young women in Noah City down a different path...

Bunny had two brains, so why wouldn’t he know about all these? I thought he might even have known more than Harry. It was just that he was a serious person and wouldn’t think about it all the time. Plus, both his brains were dedicated to serving Noah City. He didn’t have the time to think about such things, unlike Harry.

No matter who Raffles liked, if it was me, I wouldn’t be able to return his feelings. Not that Raffles who was always shy and bashful - I wouldn’t be able to like him back romantically.

I liked Raffles as a caring sister. When I was with him, I could say anything comfortably. I was even more at ease with him than when I was with Arsenal. Raffles was my favorite and best guy friend.

If it comes to romance… I like He Lei more… I was stunned by my own thoughts. Why did I suddenly think of He Lei? Why do I miss him so soon after parting ways?

Suddenly, I felt irritated. Shaking my head, I left the quiet bridge. I’ve not been back here for quite some time. I should go and see my apple tree. Then I can also plant the sunflower seed, so I’d be able to pass He Lei a sunflower seed when I see him again.

Why am I thinking about him again? What’s wrong with me? I was irritated at myself for acting like this.

The apple tree had grown really fast, to about a meter tall. Plus, there was more than one - there were six in all, standing before me like children lined up for inspection.

I dug a small hole next to the apple tree that had sprouted first. In it I buried the sunflower seed that He Lei had given me from his seed collection. The sunlight pouring down from above lit on the clean soil. In the warm light, the leaves of the apple trees were extremely brilliant.

“Xiao Bing, you’ve come to see your apple trees right after you came back?” The aunties who were busy taking care of the crops reassured me, “Don’t worry, we took care of them on your behalf. We won’t let insects eat any of the leaves.”

I smiled gratefully at them. “Thank you, aunties.”

“Don’t mention it.” They walked past the pathway before the greenhouse, where I unexpectedly spotted Raffles’ figure.

I looked at him in surprise. Didn’t he go to watch the film with Harry?

He stared at me in surprise too.

Then, Auntie Zhou nudged Raffles as she walked past behind him, making him stumble. The aunties burst out in laughter and left.

See. Raffles was a good-tempered guy that everyone could bully.

Raffles glanced at the aunties and sighed, before he chuckled. His gaze evasive, he entered the greenhouse. With his eyebrows all knitted, he tried very hard to fix his gaze on my face. “Why did you come here?”

“I came to see the apple tree. Just now, I planted the sunflower seed too.” I pointed at the pile of soil that I’d just turned over, next to the apple tree.

Raffles squatted next to me for a closer look. “Sunflowers grow very fast, right?” He looked at the spot thoughtfully.

“Why did you come here?” I looked at Raffles suspiciously. I didn’t dare to ask him about the film.

“I came here to be alone for a while…” Raffles sighed. He sat on the ground, supporting his arms on the clean soil behind him. 

Although Raffles had mild mysophobia and OCD, he didn’t mind sitting on the soil. It showed how much he treasured the soil here. 

“Luo Bing…” As he lifted his face, his grayish-blue long hair swayed behind him. Looking up at the clouds lazily rolling across the sky beyond the glass shelter, he moved his lips but no words came out. It seemed as if he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to speak or not.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

Raffles hesitated for a while. Then, he lowered his face and took out the booklet that he always carried with him. As he started writing, I moved closer to look. He quickly wrote, In your heart, do you think I am more like a boy or a girl?

He seemed to have to gather some courage before he could look at me, tension and solemnity in his grayish-blue eyes.

“You want the truth?” I asked him.

He nodded.

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him apologetically. “Raffles… in my heart, you are like a caring sister.” Seeing the disappointment in his grayish-blue eyes, I quickly added, “Raffles, I don’t mean that I see you as a girl. You’re very caring and gentle, so I can’t help but tell you all that is on my mind. Look, I wouldn’t be able to tell the same things to Harry.”

Raffles kept his booklet, his chest heaving up and down. Finally, he let out a long sigh.

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