Book 3: Chapter 71 - Enraged Bunny

“What about you?” Harry suddenly said.

Raffles stood up and faced him. “What are you talking about? I’m not running away from anything.”

Humph.” Harry turned his face aside to laugh. Without warning, he charged forward and pressed Raffles against the thick pipe. “Raffles, are you a man or a woman? Since you’re not chasing any girls and I don’t have a girl I like, now that Arsenal happens to be eyeing the two of us, we might as well make a pair,” Harry said flirtatiously as he tucked Raffles’ grayish-blue long hair behind his ear.

“Harry, are you done?!” Raffles pushed Harry away, before angrily grabbing Harry’s collar. “What is wrong with you recently?! Can’t you behave normally!?”

Harry squinted his eyes coldly. “I’m trying to see if you are a man or a woman.”

“I want you to take it back! Now!” Raffles roared at him furiously.

Harry smirked. “Now you look more like a man. Raffles, are you going to make progress only when I force you to?!” Harry raised his voice, rage seeping into his tone too.

“Who asked you to force me?!” Raffles questioned loudly through gritted teeth, “and what are you trying to force me into?!”

“I want to force out the masculine Raffles in you! I’m sick of seeing you act all girly!” Harry suddenly bellowed and pushed Raffles. Raffles fell back, knocking into the pipe with a loud bang. Bang! He furrowed his eyebrows in pain and bit his lips.

I got angry. What is Harry doing? How can he be so forceful with Raffles? I wanted to head over but I hesitated. Me barging out now would just make it awkward for all three of us. This is their issue, shouldn’t I let them resolve it on their own?

Dad had once told me that a woman getting involved in a matter between two men would just make the matter even more complicated and hard to resolve.

Harry wore the same expression that Sis Ceci had whenever she was exasperated at someone’s failure to measure up to expectations. “If you like her, go after her! Tell her! Don’t hide and be all awkward! Back then you said that Luo Bing was being a girl when she got upset, but aren’t you acting the same way now?! Look at yourself! Take a good hard look!” Harry pointed his finger at Raffles, gesturing from head to toe as he gave him a look full of disdain. “No wonder Elder Alufa thinks there isn’t a man in Noah City good enough to be Luo Bing’s match and told Luo Bing to find one outside. Because the smartest man in Noah City has the heart of a woman!”

“Harry!” Raffles roared angrily and pounced at Harry. The huge force made Harry stumble, causing him to fall back and hit a cabin door. Raffles suddenly threw out a punch.

*Pak!* Harry blocked Raffles’ punch with ease. He smirked at Raffles. “Look, you fight like a girl too. Even Luo Bing is more manly than you are. Don’t blame He Lei for thinking that you were a girl in disguise, because you are one!”

“Argh!” Raffles roared angrily, throwing another punch at Harry’s face. Harry was momentarily stunned. Seizing the opportunity, Raffles grabbed Harry’s face and head-butted him.

*Ah!* I covered my mouth as I gasped out a breath of cold air. Raffles was furious. He was really pissed off. That good-tempered guy, the one who’d always kept quiet when he was bullied, had finally exploded after Harry taunted him. When he lost his temper, he’d become so fierce that you wouldn’t dare to belittle him.

At this very moment, no one would have doubted Raffles’s gender because he was fighting hard for his dignity. He was a man, a true man.

Psst!”  Harry rubbed his forehead. “You came at me for real…” 

“Harry! I’m warning you, if you dare to humiliate me again, I have a hundred ways to nullify your superpower and let you die a miserable death!” Raffles spat out what was probably the most brutal thing he’d ever said in his entire life. Then he spun around and lef, sporting a huge bump on his forehead.

“Heh…” Harry rubbed his forehead and chuckled. When he looked up, he was wearing a brilliant smile. “Raffles.”

Raffles ignored him and continued to stalk forward angrily.

“Bunny!” Harry suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs.

Raffles instantly clenched his fist and swiveled back to glare at him. “Are you courting death?!”

Harry looked at him casually. “You wanted us to treat you like a guy back then, and we did. But in your heart, did you see yourself as a man?” Harry tapped his own chest with his fist. “Why do you only act like a man when I corner you? The person that you like wouldn’t be waiting for you to become a man. By the time you step up, she might already have another man by her side.”

Raffles stood dumbfounded by the meters as he stared at Harry.

Harry smiled at Raffles. “Raffles, you need to initiate the change within yourself, from here.” Harry tapped his heart.

Raffles’s expression grew complicated, his gaze upon Harry shifting to become grateful and moved.

Unfortunately, Harry couldn’t stay serious for more than three seconds. With a playful smirk, he walked up to Raffles and patted Raffles’ shoulder. “I originally thought I’d have to force you onto a bed before you’d reveal your manly side. Phew. I feel much better now. To be frank, even I’m not courageous enough to do that. I’d even been thinking of asking Williams for help.”

“Go to hell!” Raffles kicked Harry; Harry dodged, chuckling.

Raffles turned to leave again, only this time he was laughing too.

Harry quickly followed behind. “So, what do you think? Do you want me to train you? Look, you’d always stutter when you talk to girls in the past. Although you’re much better now after spending a lot of time with Luo Bing, you still don’t dare to look girls in the eyes, right?” Harry draped his arm over Raffles’ shoulder again, joking with Raffles as they walked past the bridge under the one I stood on.

“You speak like a mosquito. You don’t even have the guts to meet girls’ eyes. How are you going to move on like this? You have to speak loudly to girls! Speak with courage! Tell them that you are a man!” Harry puffed his chest out and even flexed his chest muscles, as arrogant as a male lion.

Raffles’ face darkened as he eyed Harry, annoyed. “I know how to be a man.”

“No way. You’re not hard enough.” Harry began to make dirty jokes.

“You only know to think about those things!” Raffles rolled his eyes angrily at Harry. In the next breath, he sulked, “Which part of me is not hard enough?!”

Harry tapped Raffles’ chest and said, “I meant your manner! A man’s attitude! You just don’t look tough enough. What were you thinking about? Oh, I see, it turns out that you were thinking about those things! You didn’t even blush when you said that! Hahahaha!”

“Go away!” Raffles pushed away Harry in frustration and distress.

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