Book 3: Chapter 70 - Ears Behind The Walls

“If there aren’t any boys you like here, you can just bring back anyone you like when you are out in the field,” Elder Alufa said in a light tone. As though I could pick up a bunch of guys to bring back whenever I headed out.

I stared at him dumbfounded. By that, did he mean for me to bring men back?

Elder Alufa smiled. “Xiao Bing, you are so charming. Although Pink Baby is a gigolo, his superpower is very unique. Since he likes you so much, you can bring him back if you want to.”

As expected, he really did want me to bring men back!

Raffles and Harry stared at Elder Alufa in surprise. Even Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci looked at Elder Alufa in shock. They simply couldn’t believe that Elder Alufa would say such a thing!

Elder Alufa remained composed despite everyone’s surprised gazes. “Do not look down on the origins of the strong. Besided, in this world, gigolo is still considered a great occupation.” 

“Pfft!” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing and had to quickly cover my mouth. I felt that Elder Alufa could be Pink Baby’s best friend. After Elder Alufa had said that, I suddenly felt that my encounter with Pink Baby was nothing. Rather, the way I’d kept brooding over it would instead have made it seem like I cared about him.

After all, it was just him being stubborn, even crazily obsessive. I couldn’t tell what was wrong with him that had made him so obsessed with me. However, at the end of the day, it was merely a personal issue between me and him.

This kind of issue between individuals shouldn’t affect the relationship between Noah City and Blue Shield City. It couldn’t become a collective issue, so there was no need to turn it into a war.

The battle between me and him hadn’t been worth it. It hadn’t been to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers nor had it been for taking revenge. We had almost caused severe damage to both parties for no good reason.

In the future, I’ll just not visit Blue Shield City. If I can’t not offend them, can’t I just avoid them?

Besides, listening to Elder Alufa’s tone, he’d actually seemed quite impressed with Pink Baby’s capability.

“That He Lei that you were talking about sounded great too. I think you are quite interested in him too. The next time you meet him, bring him back directly. Noah City can’t just have Harry and Raffles…” Elder Alufa gestured at them nonchalantly as if he was bored of looking at them, his tone mocking yet also loving, like between teasing family members.

“Pfft!” Harry turned around and held his temples.

Raffles was stunned for a while, before he too turned away to massage his temples.

“Elder is right,” Arsenal suddenly said with a smile. “Luo Bing is very charming, and can attract many metahumans to Noah City.” 

I glanced at Arsenal. She was actually saying the same thing as Elder Alufa.

Then, I understood. They didn’t want me to bring just men back, they wanted me to bring metahumans back! It was an effort to expand the numbers of metahumans in Noah City, which would hold a different meaning for Noah City’s prosperity.

Elder Alufa’s unspoken words were that Noah City couldn’t just depend on Harry’s and Raffles’s children. We should gather many more metahumans and create a greater variety of children with different superpowers. Then, the next generation of metahumans in Noah City would be stronger with more variations. 

Elder Alufa was making a big move!

Sigh!” Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci sighed simultaneously, as though they were bemoaning their son being forsaken.

“I object!” Harry abruptly slammed the meeting table with both fists. “What do you take Luo Bing for? A bait?!”

“How is she a bait? It’s called her charm! Her attractiveness!” Elder Alufa laid out clearly and logically, “How many guys in Noah City like Luo Bing? The two of you should know best!” Elder Alufa pointed at Harry and Raffles directly. His fingers that were loaded full of punk rings were twinkling, as a flash of light ran across his shades.

Harry and Raffles were stunned. They exchanged a glance, before Raffles turned away in frustration while Harry furrowed his eyebrows and crossed his arms. Harry stared at Elder Alufa and said, “Humph, old man! You’re the worst!”

“Harry! How could you talk to Elder Alufa like that!” Sis Ceci reprimanded him strictly.

Harry rolled his eyes rebelliously. “I’m tired. I’m going back to sleep,” Then, he turned and left.

Seeing Harry leave, I quickly grasped the chance. “I’ll go and talk to Harry.” Unhesitatingly, I used Harry as an excuse and ran away. I didn’t know what other terrifying things Elder Alufa would suggest if I continued to stay.

“Me too.” Raffles quickly followed us.

Elder Alufa reined back his hands and smiled with an unfathomable look.

“It seems like the children have to work harder,” Sis Ceci sighed from behind.

“Yeah. If not, they are going to lose their wife! Sigh…” Uncle Mason sighed too.

We ran away from the meeting room together.

Harry took huge strides in front of us by himself as we walked far away. Raffles and I followed behind Harry. Harry seemed to be thinking about his own matters and didn’t notice us behind him.

Suddenly, he stopped anxiously. Looking around, he suddenly turned and got a shock when he saw us. Embarrassed, he immediately walked up to us. In the tunnel behind him, we saw Ming You walk out from the other side.

Seeing Harry, Ming You wanted to call him, but didn’t because she’d seen us.

Harry spread his arms at us and said, “Let’s go together, together.” He walked in between Raffles and I as he draped his arm over Raffles’ shoulder.

Ming You lowered her face and walked back the way she’d come. I caught up with her. “Ming You.” I ran up to the fork at the tunnel.

Ming You turned to look at me as I faced her. “Everyone got their things?”

Ming You nodded. “Yeah, they did.”

As we spoke, Harry walked past us with Raffles, only they were heading towards the other fork in the tunnel.

Ming You looked past me, lost in her own thoughts.

“Let’s continue with training tomorrow,” I reminded her. After my many experiences during the trip to Blue Shield City, I’d come to the conclusion that we had to strengthen ourselves through training.

“Alright.” Ming You came back to reality. Then, she turned to walk away in disappointment.

I stood at the fork in the tunnel and looked to the right, only to see Harry’s back as he walked away quietly with his arm over Raffles’ shoulder.

Then, I looked to the left, at Ming You’s disappointed back. So, everyone had known that the person that Ming You liked, the person that Ming You had been waiting for to grow up, was… Harry?

Some things had begun to change after we’d gone to Noah City and after the girls had decided to pick their husbands.

I walked through the tunnel that Harry and Raffles had left through. Exiting the tunnel, I came to a bridge, under which was another tunnel. That tunnel led to the plantation zone. I wanted to go and take a look at my apple tree.

“There’s no use running away.” I suddenly heard Raffles’ voice, and stopped. His voice had come from under the bridge.

Popping my head out, I saw that Harry and Raffles were standing by a thick pipe under the bridge. There were a few meters along the pipe; Raffles was jotting down the numbers displayed on the meters.

Harry leaned against the side, one of his feet crossed behind the other. He narrowed his eyes at Raffles’ back, a strange suppressed rage in his gaze.


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