Book 1: Chapter 22 - Princess Arsenal

My chest was heaving up and down. I couldn’t trust another human being again, even if it was Noah City that had saved me.

“Let her go.” Suddenly, there was a tender maiden’s voice from the side of the door. Raffles came back to reality and looked towards the door. There was reverence in his eyes as he bowed slightly.

A beautiful maiden slowly walked out of the huge door. Her naturally curly, long blonde hair was fluttering in the wind. There was a turquoise headdress on her forehead. She had a pair of blue eyes, just like the clear blue sky. Under her delicate teardrop nose, she had thin smiling lips and a beautiful face that would cause the downfall of a city or state. Her fair skin had a tinge of rosiness. No cosmetics were needed for her devastatingly beautiful face.

She was wearing a clean white dress, which was probably made from the best materials in the city. A gemstone belt circled her waist and her long laced sleeves were embellished with a beautiful pearl chain that was attached to her middle fingers. A layer of thin silk that covered the back of her hand made her slender hand appear indistinctly.

Military Instructor Ceci was standing next to her. She looked at me with sympathy and there was anger and helplessness in her eyes.

“Your Royal Highness,” Raffles nodded politely.

I was shocked. She was Princess Arsenal that Raffles had previously mentioned. She was as beautiful as a Barbie doll.

She smiled at me, “Let her go, Luo Bing.”

“But the sample is very precious!” Raffles was panic-stricken, “If we let her go, we might not be able to catch another pregnant female flying corpse!”

Arsenal looked sad. She turned and looked at Raffles, “I know science requires sacrifice, but I do not want to kill a mother.”

Arsenal’s gentle voice revealed maturity and steadiness. It also contained an irrefutable power. 

Raffles lowered his face sadly and he didn’t speak for some time after that.

Military Instructor Ceci looked at me, “Let her go.”

“Thank you!” I knew Raffles’ experiment was very important to the flying corpse, but his experiment had yet to achieve full success. There was a possibility that he would hurt this flying corpse that protected me, and also the baby in her stomach.

I turned and ran to the flying corpse who was in the midst of preparing for war. I touched her long arm and comforted her, “Don’t worry. Relax. Everything is fine now…”

The flying corpse slowly relaxed and resumed her sitting position. Princess Arsenal and Military Instructor Ceci saw the sight and looked very surprised.

I tried my best to open the hasp. Then, the flying corpse lowered her body for me to take off the chain over her neck. She immediately stood up and formed a huge shadow in front of me. She spread her wings and her white hair fluttered in the wind.

“Your Royal Highness, be careful,” Military Instructor Ceci brought Arsenal back to the door, while Raffles had already hidden behind the door long ago. He popped his head out to look regrettably.

“Go,” I told her, but she didn’t leave.

I looked at her confusedly, “What happened?”

She fanned her wings. It turned out that her other wing had yet to recover, so she was not able to fly yet.

“What happened to her?” Arsenal asked in concern, standing by the door.

I turned to look at her, “She has yet to recover. She can’t fly yet.”

Arsenal nodded.

I touched the flying corpse’s arm and said, “You protected me before. Don’t worry. Now, I will protect you.” When I was about to ask Princess Arsenal if the flying corpse could stay, I saw a soldier running over in a hurry and speak into Military Instructor Ceci’s ear. Military Instructor Ceci’s gaze immediately turned sharp.

The soldier ran back underground to Noah City.

Military Instructor Ceci took a glance at me. It seemed like whatever that soldier had reported was related to me. Then, she looked at Arsenal, “Your Royal Highness, Qian Li has discovered a Silver Moon City spaceship flying to Noah City.”

Arsenal was surprised and she lifted her gaze to look at me. I furrowed my eyebrows too.

“He... They must be here to look for the escape pod!” Raffles popped his head out and said, “The escape pod runs on the technology from the Silver Moon City. There is also an energy block inside it.”

“So, they are not here for Luo Bing?” Princess Arsenal asked closely.

Raffles blinked and his expression looked hesitant. It seemed like he couldn’t be certain.

“Shouldn’t be,” Military Instructor Ceci said and looked at me, “Luo Bing, we heard what you said earlier. Since Silver Moon City abandoned you earlier, they wouldn’t come to look for you.”

I felt more at ease.

“But just in case, it’s best if you dress up as one of us,” Military Instructor Ceci added. “Earlier, you said that the people from Silver Moon City hadn’t noticed that you are a girl. How could they not?” She looked at my face in confusion, “Your face easily gives that away.”

Princess Arsenal looked confused too. Raffles looked at me quietly from behind them, then he looked away bashfully. He then took out his booklet and started calculating again.

I touched my face and realized that the soil was gone, “I was covered in dirt previously and my throat was burnt. My voice sounded just like a guy’s.” Then, I looked at my baggy school uniform. It was my school uniform that had saved me.

“I see. Do they know your name?” Military Instructor Ceci asked again.

I nodded again, “They do.”

She looked at Arsenal, “Princess, let’s get a change of clothes for Luo Bing. Luo Bing,” she looked at me again, “Now, you should be called…” She thought for a while and said, “Anlee.”


I was stunned.

She could tell that I was shocked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I shook my head.

She smiled, “Don’t be too worried. They are most likely here to look for their escape pod. And even if they are here looking for you, we will not betray you. If anyone asks for your name, just say that you are Anlee. But, we have to first get you a set of clothes to change into. You have to look more like a girl,” Military Instructor Ceci looked at me with a smile. Her smile was dazzling on her beautiful face.

Ah! Ah!” Suddenly, the flying corpse started howling anxiously. Her white eyes stared in the distance.

“A flying corpse is far more sensitive than humans. She must have sensed danger!” Raffles was so excited that he was dancing. Every single change of the flying corpse excited him, a natural characteristic of a scientist.

“Your Royal Highness, you should head back and prepare to welcome the people from Silver Moon City!” Military Instructor Ceci said politely.

Arsenal nodded and took another worrying glance at me. She exhorted Military Instructor Ceci, “Protect Luo Bing.” Then, she went through the door.

Ceci looked at me from afar, “Luo Bing, hurry up. We shall head back.” She lifted her eyes to look at the flying corpse behind me, frowning.

I turned to comfort the flying corpse, “Don’t worry. I’m here. You can follow me.”

The flying corpse calmed down and lowered her face to look at me. I started walking forward and she fixed her gaze upon me and followed behind me.

“She really listens to you!” Raffles was so excited. I looked at them, “Can we bring her in?”

Military Instructor Ceci looked tense but Raffles was excited, “If she listens to you, there’s no problem! She can hide with the escape pod for now! That’s great! We can keep her!”

I immediately had my guard up again. Don’t you dare try to experiment with my flying corpse! Raffles stiffened and looked away. His ears grew red again.

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