Book 3: Chapter 69 - Rushed To Marry

Raffles stared at Harry. Although Harry didn’t look at Raffles, he tapped his toes on the ground as the cabin turned in another direction. He had all but turned his back on the rest of us.

Harry must have known something.

“Bill,” Xue Gie said without hesitation. The girls in Noah City were so straightforward.

Xue Gie fixed her eyes firmly forward as she spoke. Putting on her mask, she abruptly stood up and raised her arm. “Bill! Come to the Queen’s embrace!” Her almost commanding tone made the temperature of the cabin drop. She didn’t sound like she was pursuing love, but like she was going to kill someone. 

“So what if you said it here?” Harry finally turned back to us. He sat cross-legged, propping his face on one hand as he looked at Xue Gie. “You have to tell Bill that to his face.”

Xue Gie slowly retracted her hand, her gaze remaining calm. Slowly taking off her mask, she lowered her head, a faint redness on her cheeks. “I don’t dare to.”

Hahahaha.” Sis Cannon’s thunder-like laughter immediately resounded throughout the entire cabin.

“Girls will be girls.” Harry laughed. “Let us men do the confession. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be men!” Harry glanced meaningfully at Raffles, stunning Raffles. He quickly turned around; now it was his turn to turn his back on Harry.

Harry narrowed his eyes and stared at Raffles’s back for a while, before he let out a light chuckle that sounded disdainful, almost as if he was mocking Raffles.

Ming You glared at Harry in annoyance. She seemed to be suspecting something and was feeling anxious about her suspicion.

What’s up with Harry and Raffles recently? Even I can tell that the mood is a little weird between them.

Harry faced the girls again. “The boys in the scouting troop are all real men. You just sit back and wait for them to send you the rings.”

Sis Cannon’s face held a rare touch of bashfulness. Looking at Harry, she said shyly, “Harry, remember your words! You have to remind Khai. I’d like a red ruby ring… Cough! Don’t tell him that it was me that told you!” Sis Cannon quickly added.

Harry gave her a thumbs-up. “No problem!”

“Sapphire,” Xue Gie said expressionlessly. Harry glanced at her blank face and smiled. “Xue Gie, what’s good about Bill? People vomit when they hear him sing.”

Xue Gie continued to face forward expressionlessly. “He’s quiet.”

Pfft!” Harry covered his mouth and laughed while supporting his head on one hand. From his expression, he seemed to be imagining the scene of the quiet Xue Gie sitting next to the equally quiet Bill as they stared in front of them blankly.

The trip to Blue Shield City had triggered a drastic shift in the relationship between the girls of the DR team and Harry. They now trusted him and treated him as one of our members, which was why they were sharing their secrets and enlisting his help to give the boys hints on the ring colors that they liked.

The girls in Noah City were growing up. They had already picked their future husbands. This was the year when spring would truly come to Noah City. There might be many newly born metahumans in Noah City next year. 

That was something Elder Alufa would definitely be thrilled to see.

“Look! It’s Brother Qian Li’s capsule!” Xiao Ying pointed in front of us excitedly. “We’re home!” Everyone stood up and walked to the windshield together. Floating before us in the brightly lit sky was Brother Qian Li’s Mongolian yurt-like capsule.

Arsenal smiled as she watched the white capsule shift to fly alongside Snowstorm. As Snowstorm began to descend, both its huge shadow and that of Brother Qian Li’s capsule stretched across the boundless ground. 

On the ground that seemed to stretch endlessly, scattered patches of green decorated the faintly purple land. 

The main purpose of this time’s visit to Blue Shield City had been to increase the experience of the DR team. For their first time out, Blue Shield City had been the best choice as it was very safe there.

In the end, I had ruined it due to my busybody nature. Although I regretted saving Pink Baby, if I was faced with the same choice again, I would still stop the fish gill guy and ask him what he hid in his mouth.

We had to always act bravely for a just cause, and not give up just because we had the bad luck to save a bastard. I wouldn’t throw justice aside because of one chance incident.

But to the girls, they had reaped a good harvest. To them, it had been a great experience, in addition to being their first time stepping out from the small Noah City to see firsthand what the outside world offered.

Unlike me, a person from a peaceful world who had enjoyed abundant resources to the point where we could afford to waste them. As my mom had liked art and romance, I had been traveling around with her since young. 

I had followed my dad and my mom to many palaces. Besides the strict training during the summer and winter holidays, I had been my happiest when traveling and enjoyed living in the moment.

Looking at this barren world, I missed the mountains and rivers, the vast oceans, the rugged stone forests, the magical caves in my own world.

However, these places now only existed in my memory.

While the DR team gave out the things that they’d brought back, Arsenal, Harry, Raffles and I had to report to the meeting room.

Elder Alufa, Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason looked solemn as they heard our report. The few of us held our breath anxiously.

I stepped forward to take the blame. “It was my fault. I caused everyone to be in danger. I am willing to take full responsibility!”

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci glanced at Elder Alufa. Today, Elder Alufa was in a white studded jacket which made him look like a punk. Elder Alufa really was crazy about rock and roll.

Stroking his white beard, Elder Alufa pushed up his silver-embellished red shades. “This Pink Baby has an interesting superpower! Can he give birth?”

I was stunned. After the four of us had spoken for so long, Elder Alufa only cared about Pink Baby’s superpower that allowed him to change shape from man to woman?

“Elder Alufa, can you be more serious?” Harry said in distress. “He can’t give birth, he can only change his appearance.”

“Mm…” Elder Alufa’s expression darkened. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

I looked at Arsenal and Arsenal looked back at us. We all felt somewhat puzzled.

Elder Alufa did not reprimand me nor did he punish me; he’d only remarked on how interesting Pink Baby’s superpower was.

“Luo Bing,” Elder Alufa finally spoke up. I immediately looked at him. “Elder Alufa!”

Elder Alufa’s deep gaze looked at me from behind the shades, making me nervous. His expression became solemn. “Do you like any boys in Noah City?”

I instantly blushed and replied without much thinking, “No, no…” I had never expected Elder Alufa to ask so directly. I didn’t know how to react all of a sudden.

Arsenal glanced at me and cringed.

Raffles lowered his head, while Harry who stood next to me looked blank.

Uncle Mason wriggled his eyebrows at Harry while Sis Ceci sighed.

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