Book 3: Chapter 68 - The Girls Are Growing Up

The holographic movie before us was like a top-class virtual reality film that didn’t require any glasses; even the holographic images in this world were perfectly clear, as though the actors were acting right before you. Sometimes, meeting the characters’ eyes would make your heart beat faster too.

“Tissue,” Sis Cannon suddenly said. We looked at her suspiciously. Why would a girl need one? The people onscreen had yet to take off their clothes!

Sis Cannon covered her nose. “My nose is bleeding…”

Pfft.” We looked at her in disdain simultaneously. 

It was a great story. Much of the time, we were moved to tears.

A girl’s heart was fragile after all, regardless of age.

When Snowstorm had flown past the boundless radiation zone on the way to Blue Shield City, it had been covered in snow. In just seven days, the snow had melted and revealed the faintly purple-colored ground. 

The purple ground seemed to be in much better shape than it’d been half a year ago, as though the melted snow had washed it.

“The world is going to get better.” Arsenal stood next to me, looking out through the windshield. She always held hope in her eyes. Turning to look at me, she said, “Luo Bing, you should go to a greater place. Noah City is too small for you.”

I looked into her eyes, only to meet a far-reaching gaze like Elder Alufa’s.

“How can she?” Harry walked up next to me. “She is Noah’s treasure and we can’t let our treasure run around outside.”

“Arsenal, it’s best to not let too many people know about Luo Bing’s superpower,” Raffles walked over and said solemnly, “Her superpower is related to blue crystal energy. If everyone else finds out, it would put her in unprecedented danger.” 

Arsenal furrowed her eyebrows. She had obviously thought of the points they’d raised before. “But I still think that she’s meant for greater places.”

“Arsenal, you can’t leave Noah City but I can.” Harry supported himself on one hand and looked at Arsenal with a smile. “I can go out on your behalf. The outside world is too dangerous for girls.”

“We aren’t afraid!” Xiao Ying yelled. “Arsenal is a Princess so she can’t leave Noah City but we can! Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, am I right?” At Xiao Ying’s look, Xue Gie and Sis Cannon nodded in agreement. Xiao Ying then looked at Ming You. “Sis Ming You is a doctor in Noah City so she’s very important to Noah City. She should stay back in Noah City.”

“No way, all of you should stay back in Noah City!” Harry suddenly became serious. “You have a more important mission.”

“What?” Everyone asked confusedly.

Raffles took a step forward. Harry glanced at him before he looked around at everyone else. “Make Noah City prosperous.”

All of a sudden, the DR team girls became quiet. Everyone understood the meaning behind his words: to give birth in Noah City and increase the population to make Noah City prosperous. That was the most important mission of theirs in this world, in this era.

Raffles turned around and bowed towards Arsenal. “Princess, it’s time for you to pick a husband too.” Just like Elder Alufa, Raffles urged her to get married sooner.

Raffles had called Arsenal as the Princess when he’d said that. He wasn’t calling her by name as he would usually, showing how serious Raffles was.

As a Princess, Arsenal had a duty to pick a husband and give birth. She couldn’t escape because she was the Princess, and the successor of Noah City. She was destined to lose her freedom. If she didn’t pick on her own, Elder Alufa would decide on her behalf.

Arsenal became quiet. Harry looked to her, his expression filled with heartache. They had grown up together. In Harry’s eyes, not only was Arsenal the Princess that he had to protect, but also his younger sister and an important family member.

Arsenal was quiet for a while. Then, she looked at Harry and Raffles, “As no one picked the two of you, why not…”

“Ah!” Raffles suddenly exclaimed. “I finally recalled that formula I’d forgotten! That’s right, that’s it! Magnetic field, the effect of the magnetic field is very important…” Raffles said as he walked to the control deck past the girls, who were all sniggering.

Arsenal laughed too. “Who said that Raffles is silly? He is definitely not silly.” Then, she glanced slyly at Harry. “You shouldn’t have any formula to calculate, right?”

“I don’t but…” Harry suddenly held his stomach. “I have a stomach ache! I must have eaten something bad this morning!”

Eaten something bad this morning? Come on! Everyone had the same oats. How could only yours have turned spoiled?!

Harry ran away too. Arsenal chuckled and shook her head. “Whenever we talk about getting married, they run away faster than I do. They can run away but what about me?”

“Arsenal…” I felt complicated. We could drag out our choices, but Arsenal who was a Princess didn’t even have the right to delay hers. During her adult ceremony, she would have to pick her husband.

“And all of you.” Arsenal turned to look at everyone else. “I can’t be the only one being rushed into marriage. You should all get married too. Have you picked your husbands?”

“I’ve picked!” Sis Cannon was the first to raise her hand. “I’ll get Khai to marry me when I return. If he resists, I will knock him out and drag him back to my room.”

Sis Cannon lives up to her reputation. That is truly in her style.

Xiao Ying bit her finger. “I haven’t… not yet… I don’t like Joey nor Sia…”

“Don’t be in a hurry, you are still young.” Ming You patted the hand Xiao Ying had rested on her lap.

“What about you, Ming You?” Arsenal asked. Raffles, who was calculating at the control desk, glanced over out of the corner of his eyes while Ming You stiffened. She didn’t reply.

“Hey, Ming You, the Princess is talking to you. You can’t run away. You are the oldest here, you can’t drag it out any longer,” Sis Cannon said seriously.

“I- I haven’t decided yet,” Ming You lowered her head and said. Xue Gie, who was next to her, turned to look at her too.

“You haven’t decided yet? Who here doesn’t know that you like…”

“Sis Cannon!” Ming You stopped her and turned away angrily.

I couldn’t help but ask, “Who does Ming You like?”

“Captain!” Ming You stared at me anxiously too.

“Luo Bing,” Raffles called me too, and shook his head at me.

Just then, Harry came out of the toilet. Everyone looked at him simultaneously as he entered. Feeling that the mood had shifted, he looked around puzzledly, rubbing his chin as he walked back to his seat curiously. Everyone watched as he moved, except for Ming You, who neither looked at him nor anyone else.

Suddenly, Harry pointed at us. “Are you all badmouthing me?!”

“Everyone is talking about who Ming You likes!” Raffles emphasized.

Harry’s gaze twinkled, before he lowered his head and sat in his seat. “Then why are all of you looking at me?”

“Didn’t you just come in?” Sis Cannon said. “Alright, alright. Let’s not talk about Ming You. How about Xue Gie? Who do you pick?” Everyone glanced at Xue Gie in unison. I realized that Harry’s expression had turned distressed.


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