Book 3: Chapter 67 - Increase Knowledge In Positions

“Raffles got angry?” He Lei was worried. “Sh*t. I was hoping that he could join the Revolutionary Army and be one of my men. I think I’ve offended him. Sigh.” Although He Lei’s expression seemed anxious, his tone was mocking.

“Don’t even think about it.” Harry glanced at He Lei with laughter in his eyes. “The bunny has already found his master. He belongs to our Brother Bing. Isn’t it, Brother Bing?” Harry draped his hand over my shoulders and I glanced at him out of the corner of my eyes. He grinned wickedly back at me.

He Lei watched us with a tinge of envy. Pursing his lips, he turned to me. “Then… we’ll leave now.” He glanced at me, seemingly loath to part ways.

I felt my heart drop; somehow I felt upset, although I’d known all along that his time was far more precious than ours, and he would have to bid farewell to us eventually.

Forcing a smile, I said, “Alright, safe travels.” I extended my hand and touched the badge on his chest, while he looked down at me, his eyes watching my face closely.

He Lei spread his arms. “Give me a hug, my good brother,” he said to me.

Harry immediately looked at me.

“Good brother!” I spread my arms and hugged He Lei without hesitation, patting his back like how the other guys would have done it.

He Lei hugged me tightly in his arms. His embrace was so tight that I felt strange.

I was much smaller than him, and it wasn’t nice to simply push him away either. Instantly I was trapped in an awkward situation that I could do nothing about.

“You are like a girl when I hug you. You should eat more,” he suddenly said with a smile.

My body tensed up at once.

“Hey, don’t hug him like he was a real girl!” Harry seemed to be joking but his tone was anxious. “Luo Bing, that’s enough! He’s treating you like a girl now!” Harry patted my back and beckoned for me to let go.

I want to but He Lei isn’t letting me go!

“Heh.” He Lei finally let go of me. I fought hard to keep myself from blushing, secretly taking deep breaths to prevent my body temperature from rising.

He Lei glanced at Harry with a smile. “I think you’re the one who treats Luo Bing like a girl. Luo Bing, you’d better be careful of this boy!” He Lei joked. However, as he turned around, his gaze turned deep.

He Lei got on his spaceship and called for Fat-Two. “Fat-Two, let’s go!” His voice carried a hint of frustration and distress.

Fat-Two leaped on the spaceship as well. Arsenal and the other girls came up behind me and watched as He Lei left.

Arsenal whispered into my ear, “Your friend is jealous of Harry.”

I looked at her confusedly but she only smiled mysteriously. “I saw his expression when he turned around just now. His gaze was practically murderous. I think he wants to take you with him right now!” She continued to smile.

I glanced at her, speechless. “Don’t make wild guesses. If that was true, that means that He Lei likes men!” Suddenly, I felt a heavy weight on my heart. Does He Lei really like men?

He Lei’s spaceship ascended before us, hovering in the air a while before it flew north at high speed! Just like a bird rushing home.

I put my hand in my pocket, my fingers curling around the disc that he’d given me. He Lei, I will meet you there. After I’ve settled everything in Noah City, I’ll bring Raffles and Harry with me to look for you. And we will fight the Ghost Eclipsers together!

During our journey back, the girls gathered in my cabin. The cramped cabin was suddenly packed. Everyone removed their male disguise, resuming their feminine appearance. Xiao Ying finally removed all her burdens as well. 

Raffles stood at the door and looked in at us curiously/ “What meeting are you having?”

“Get out!” Sis Cannon’s roar made Raffles tense up. He turned around and left in distress.

The cabin door closed. I looked around at everyone extremely solemnly. “Are you ready?!”

“Mm!” Everyone nodded.

“Luo Bing, let’s begin,” Arsenal said seriously too.

Glancing at Xiao Ying, I hesitated. “Why not let Xiao Ying stay out of this?”

“No way! Why can’t I take part? I am fifteen this year! The girls in Noah City can get married when they are thirteen years old, only everyone thinks thirteen is too young so they push it back to sixteen years old.” Xiao Ying felt aggrieved.

“It’s true. Physiologically speaking, thirteen is too young,” Ming You explained patiently. “A sixteen-year-old would be more mature overall.”

“Alright then. Xiao Ying can join,” I said, although for some reason I felt somewhat guilty.

Xiao Ying hugged Ming You’s arm happily, while Ming You rubbed her head in a doting manner.

My expression turned serious; outside through the window, the sky had started turning a deep twilight. It will be a long night.

I solemnly instructed, “Ice Dragon, play the movie.”

“Yes.” Ice Dragon appeared next to us and said smilingly, “Should I prepare some tissue?

“Go away! Only guys need that!” I glared at him coldly as his smile turned even more fox-like. “There are two guys in the spaceship. I am worried that there won’t be enough.”

“Shut up and play the movie!” Ice Dragon talked too much. I thought to myself and decided to pick a film first. “There must be a storyline. We don’t want the kind that guys like, where they just take off their pants and do it.”

“Understood.” Ice Dragon nodded politely. “The intensive on male physiology begins now.” He raised his hand and a holographic film projected onto the cabin wall, Rainbow Lovers.

The film was about a female mayor who had seven lovers.

There was her male secretary, her yoga coach, her private jet pilot, an actor, her old childhood friend, the current leader, and her best friend’s son. 

There were all kinds of relationships that shocked everyone.

If it wasn’t because of my perverted cousin who had taught me about these things, my moral values would have been overturned just by watching.

However, Arsenal and the other girls weren’t shocked at all; in fact, they were discussing the men’s bodies and their preferred styles. I’d heard it said that the people before the end of the world had been very open-minded - there hadn’t been a strict monogamy system.

However, because human nature had reached a certain level, their attitude towards romance was very serious, even awed. There weren’t any messy affairs or chaotic entanglements like the men back in my own world.

For instance, in Rainbow Lover, the female mayor held sincere feelings for her seven lovers, which made the movie a touching experience for us girls, both emotionally and physically. Unlike the straightforward and speedy kind that guys liked to watch, which reflected men’s nature: focusing only on how to resolve their own physical needs without bothering to address girls’ emotional needs.

Could this mismatch of views be the root reason why guys didn’t understand girls and girls didn’t understand guys?

Every relationship in the film was moving and sincere, every single love scene developed reasonably. There wasn’t a man who forced himself onto others, nor were there any overly passionate scenes like from Fifty Shades of Grey. It was a simple film.

I blushed when I saw the men having a hard-on but I continued to watch. After I had gotten over the disgusted feeling, I won against the fear and was no longer terrified by the male physiological reaction.

Of course, this was only towards the men in the film. In reality, I wasn’t confident enough yet to face it in real life. I would probably still feel disgusted and wouldn’t be able to feel at ease about it.

Regardless, we were increasing our knowledge about positions!

By the time we leave this room, we will all be knowledgeable people! Ready to further our studies as advanced students of the birds and the bees!


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