Book 3: Chapter 65 - Portable Blue Crystal Energy

I looked at him uncertainly. “Then… I’ll try my best.”

Raffles’s expression instantly tensed and he covered his face subconsciously.

Regardless of whether it was in my own world or here, guys still cared a lot about their faces.

I extended my hand and placed it on the anti-radiation box. It was also my first time charging a simulated blue crystal, hence I was unsure.

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at Raffles. “Can I really charge this? This is an anti-radiation box, can my energy pass through this?”

Raffles nodded while peeking at me between his fingers. “Definitely. You were able to absorb blue crystal energy from Pink Baby’s troop and their blue crystal energy had definitely been in an anti-radiation box too.” He then dropped his hands and gestured as he explained, “Since you can absorb it, you definitely can release it. It works both ways. There is no equipment that can do what your superpower can. There has never been anyone who could successfully charge the simulated blue crystal energy. Hence, simulated blue crystal energy has become a non-renewable energy source. But if you could charge it, it would lengthen the lifetime of simulated blue crystal energy. Then, we wouldn’t have to worry about the energy exhaustion of equipment that use simulated blue crystal energy anymore! This is a significant advancement of energy sources! Luo Bing, you are going to be the one and only treasure of this world! Whoever possesses you, would truly own blue crystal energy because blue crystal energy is hard to mine and…”

“Stop!” I raised my hand. Raffles was always like that, he wouldn’t be able to stop once he started. “Alright, stop there.”

Raffles’ cheeks were red from excitement. After I’d cut him off, he suddenly remembered to cover his face again. “I’ll stop. You, you, all the best!”

“What are the two of you doing here?” Harry crawled in curiously.

He Lei’s spaceship was very old and narrow. It wasn’t like our Snowstorm, which had a cabin for blue crystal energy.

“I’m letting Luo Bing have a try at charging the simulated blue crystal energy,” Raffles answered.

“What?!” Harry looked at Raffles. “Are you kidding me?! This is too dangerous! What if it leaks out? The people outside would be affected by radiation!”

“I- I trust in Luo Bing!” Raffles said determinedly. “You’d better guard behind. Don’t let anyone in. Luo Bing’s superpower is best kept as a secret.” Then, Raffles looked at me and asked in hesitation, “You… didn’t tell your brother, He Lei, right?”

I shook my head.

“That’s great,” Raffles said. He blinked and avoided meeting my eyes. “I know… that you trust him. But… the people around him, it’s hard to say. If the news leaked out, we don’t know what the outcome would be. Maybe, everyone in this world would be hunting for you.”

I was stunned. I had never expected the outcome to be that serious. “That wouldn’t happen, right?”

“Why not?!” Raffles got anxious. “Anyone who has a blue crystal energy source would be able to rule the world. You can absorb and release energy. You emit no radiation and you are a human. It would be easy to move you around. Tell me, why wouldn’t they come looking for you?”

I was stunned. I had never expected that my superpower would change the world nor had I thought of how precious my superpower was.

Listening to Raffles, I suddenly felt that I was important and precious. According to his description, I sounded more like a blue crystal energy which was safe and good for recycling.

“Listen to Raffles,” Harry spoke behind me, his expression suddenly turning solemn. “Don’t use your superpower if there’s nothing important in the future,” Harry said, then retreated to block the door.

Raffles looked at me and said, “Let’s begin.”

I clenched my fist and took a deep breath. Then, I put my hands on the simulated blue crystal energy box.

However, it was difficult to trigger my superpower.

“Do you need me to hug you?” Harry suddenly asked and my body went stiff. “Why not I kiss you?” A ridiculous remark came to my ears as he smirked maliciously.

I immediately turned to glare at him. My heart started racing from embarrassment. “Shut up!”

He smiled maliciously at me and winked. “Raffles can’t heal himself after injury. His face would rot if he hugs you.”

“Harry!” Raffles blushed too.

Raffles and I turned back and our gazes met. His blushing face filled my field of vision and he stared at me blankly. His grayish-blue eyes shimmered and his red lips slightly opened, revealing his neat white teeth.

His shy expression instantly made me blush and made my heart start racing uncontrollably.

Then, I felt energy churning within me. I broke our eye contact and looked at my hands. As expected, there was blue starlight surrounding my fingertips but… it looked like it was running out from within the box!

Oh no! I was absorbing! I was like a sponge that had fallen into the water and had started absorbing water uncontrollably.

I panicked and my heart beat faster. I quickly concentrated, I’m not trying to absorb! I want to charge it!

Suddenly, the blue light spots stopped moving. I pressed both my hands onto the anti-radiation box and tried to exert strength outwards. I didn’t know how to manipulate it exactly, so I could only try to push my strength outward forcefully. 

Then, it gradually started to work. The blue light spots began to enter the simulated blue crystal. I looked up at Raffles happily as he watched my hands, thrilled with excitement.

The light on Raffles’s face was glowing bright. Oh no! I have to control it!

I began to stare at the blue elves that were scattered around. Come back! Get back here!

I began to stare at them with all my strength. Under the strength of my willpower, they began to concentrate around my hands and stopped scattering. It’s working! But at the same time, I felt extremely exhausted.

It was difficult to explain about willpower. It couldn’t be seen nor touched but it still existed. Especially during outdoor training, your willpower would determine your life and death.

We would often say that a person had won over his sickness through the strength of his will. Scientifically speaking, this had some truth to it.

Now, I began to control the naughty light spots through sheer strength of will. Although it was tiring, this had in a way proved the existence of willpower. Many metahumans controlled their superpower with their willpower.

As the blue light in the simulated blue crystal box became brighter, I felt an obvious decrease in stamina. It was a kind of exhaustion that I had never experienced before. My body had always been absorbing energy but somehow, I could release energy too. Now, I felt extremely exhausted trying to control it.

Feeling my vision go blurry, I quickly retracted my hand and took a deep breath. By now, I was already covered in sweat.

“You succeeded!” Raffles exclaimed in surprise. His expression suddenly turned nervous as he looked at me. He quickly crawled to me, totally forgetting how dangerous I could be. He extended his hand and placed a palm on my forehead. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? We are heading out now.”

I shook my head and flipped onto my back next to him. “Let me take a break. If I head out now, everyone will get worried.” Does this count as high-powered mental labor?


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