Book 3: Chapter 64 - Prepare to Charge

He Lei had changed drastically in the past half a year. He had even joined the Revolutionary Army and was now prepared to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers.

“I can make the people around me suffer from a radiation poisoning effect,” I answered. The answer was neither true nor false. I didn’t want him to overreact or even… be afraid of me like Fat-Two. When I’d performed my superpower, it had been a terrifying sight.

He Lei was surprised. “Why didn’t the Ghost Eclipsers know that you’re a metahuman?”

“Yeah…” I sighed. “If they did, you say… Would Xing Chuan have saved me then?” I lifted my gaze and glanced at him as I laughed it off. Then, I turned and continued to walk forward.

Harry and Raffles were walking in front of us. Harry had draped his hand over Raffles’s shoulders and was whispering into his ear from time to time. He even turned back to steal glances at He Lei and me, as though he was worried that we weren’t following behind them.

I didn’t know what he said but Raffles pushed Harry away again only for Harry to cling onto him again. Harry clung onto Raffles like how he’d used to cling onto me back then. Raffles was so annoyed. I wondered what Harry was plotting in his mind again.

“I’m sorry. I’ve dragged you down with me,” I apologized to He Lei as I walked.

He Lei smiled as he walked. He extended his hand to pull me closer to him. My heart skipped a beat and my body nearly tensed up, but I forcefully held back my reaction from showing.

“What are you saying? Reuniting with you is my biggest harvest during this trip to Blue Shield City!” he said sincerely. He sounded as gentle as a brother talking to his sister. It was so heartwarming.

I nodded and replied, “Me too.”

He rubbed my head with the hand that he’d draped over my shoulders, like how an elder brother would treat a younger brother.

As I lifted my eyes , I happened to see Harry’s unhappy gaze from not far away. Seeing me look at him, he retracted his gaze and rubbed Raffles’ head. Raffles pushed him away again impatiently.

In front of us was our campsite. Harry pulled Raffles along as he ran towards the spaceship.

Seeing me approach, Fat-Two, Arsenal and the other girls waved at me.

“You’re back.”

“We’re almost done.”

“Chief, are you slacking?”

“Captain, did you beat Harry up? I guarantee you that your mood will get better after you beat him up.”

“Hahahaha…” Everyone burst out in laughter.

Harry immediately grabbed a piece of cloth soaked in engine oil and threw it at them. “Go away, get lost!”

But it was impossible for Noah City’s girls to be afraid of him. Our DR girls weren’t afraid of anyone.

“Ah. I really feel like taking all your men away.” He Lei stopped beside me and sighed. He glanced at me with jealousy. “Raffles, Harry, Fatty and all the other people, I want to take them all.”

I crossed my arms and glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. “Go ahead and try.”

“Heh…” He chuckled and shook his head. Then, he looked at me seriously. “If you join the Revolutionary Army, would they come along?”

I glanced at the girls from the DR team, who had gotten busy with their own tasks again. They stole glances at me occasionally and whispered into each other’s ears, looking extremely adorable.

“They… have to protect our home.”

“Raffles and Harry would definitely follow you. It’d be enough to have the two of them.” He Lei looked upon Raffles and Harry with high regard. He glanced at them and knitted his eyebrows. “Raffles… he’s really not a girl?”

Pfft. Hahaha…” I let out a burst of hearty laughter like a guy. Then, I patted his chest with the back of my hand. “If he was a girl, I’d marry him. It wouldn’t even be your turn to take him. Hahahaha.”

“Heh…. Hehehehehe…” He Lei laughed too.

Under the sunlight, his smile finally lost the reservations he had in Blue Shield City. He was relaxed now. Compared to the angry He Lei half a year ago and the highly guarded He Lei in Blue Shield City, he was now an upbeat young man, a basketball team captain who had just won a game.

“Oh yeah, He Lei, how old are you?” I looked at his mature face curiously. War had given a manly vibe to his handsome face.

“Me?” He Lei was dumbfounded. He thought for a while and replied, “I should be turning nineteen soon. Why?”

I blinked. Somehow, my heart started beating faster, as if I’d felt guilty. That’s strange. Why do I feel guilty? What’s wrong with me asking for his age?

“Nothing. I thought that you were twenty plus.” I pointed at his face. “You look… a bit old.”

“What?!” He Lei touched his face anxiously, muttering as he rubbed his chin, “Is it because of my beard?” He hadn’t even been that anxious when he had been up against his enemy. It turned out that he cared a lot about his looks.  I finally felt that He Lei was an ordinary young man too, just like Harry, Raffles and the other boys in Noah City. 

With everyone’s assistance, He Lei’s spaceship was completely repaired within the span of a night and a morning. It was just that their shabby spaceship now had two new metal patches on its outer shell.

Raffles had even upgraded their spaceship for them and installed a display monitor. So, if the other party had a spaceship with a camera, they would be able to see one another’s faces during a call.

Raffles brought me to crawl under He Lei’s spaceship, until we reached a round door. Raffles opened it and there was faint blue light glowing inside. It was a simulated blue crystal. 

But the simulated blue crystal was almost exhausted.

“This simulated blue crystal won’t be enough for He Lei and Fat-Two to return. However, they have a system that can convert solar energy. Hence, they can still return but it would take longer,” Raffles said seriously. He looked at me. “Would you like to try?”

I looked at him confusedly. “Try what?”

Raffles lay next to me, his grayish-blue long hair tied high behind his head so that it wouldn’t disturb him while he was working. Under the faint blue light, his face was right next to mine, his grayish-blue eyes looking even bluer with the blue glow. I could clearly see my reflection in his eyes.

“Try…” He looked at me, his voice faltering.

I blinked and continued to look him in the eyes. “Try what? Raffles?” I nudged him with my arm. Then, he came back to reality. He blinked and looked away like a bashful bunny. He quickly lowered his head, his ears turning red in the blue glow. At the nape of his neck were tufts of hair that hadn’t been tied up, which looked rather seductive.

“I’ve never seen your charge. I didn’t get to see it on my birthday too. So I… I’d like to see,” he lowered his head and muttered.

I understood now. He was a scientist and he was curious about my superpower. It was just as well that he wanted to study my superpower, since I also happened to have too many questions about my superpower too.

“Stay further away then.” Raffles’ radiation resistance level was far behind Harry’s.

Raffles immediately nodded and started moving to the side in the narrow bottom cabin. He leaned close into the corner, a spot as far as he could get away from me.

“I think you should be able to control it,” Raffles said. “You could control both the release of radiation and the absorption of radiation. Hence, you should be able to control the range of release. Such as… control it within your surroundings…” He watched me carefully, as though he worried about his life if I wasn’t able to control it.


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