Book 3: Chapter 62 - Thank You, Comrade

“Go away!” Raffles shoved Harry away angrily, his face red with fury. “Why do I have to be a girl all the time?!” Raffles would get irritated whenever the others treated him like a girl. But then, he knew that everyone was only joking most of the time.

Previously, they had really taken him as a girl and he’d been able to feel it.

But now, he was a respectable man in everyone’s hearts. Hence, he wouldn’t get angry when we called him bunny or mascot.

“Who told you to look like…” Harry crossed his arm and blinked coquettishly. “Look, I proposed to you when we were younger and you were quite happy about it back then. Why are you not willing to now…” Harry said in false grievance.

Raffles’s cheeks turned even redder; he must have been getting anxious. “Harry, are you done?! If you continue, I-! I-!” Raffles extended his hand to push Harry.

Harry didn’t dodge. Instead, he propped one hand on his waist and puffed out his chest. “Come, come, come. Push me. If you were to push me off balance today, I will be a woman for a day.” Harry smirked. His curly fringe swayed in the morning breeze. Standing with his hands on his waist, he looked extremely confident.

Raffles pushed with all his might but in the end, Harry didn’t move an inch because he’d been well-prepared. Raffles switched to pushing him with his shoulders but Harry didn’t budge then either.

*Sigh*… How could Raffles be able to push Harry off balance?

“Hahahaha! That’s why you can only be the wife.” Harry laughed at Raffles. 

Raffles puffed up his cheeks and narrowed his grayish-blue eyes. Then, he ran his eyes over Harry and his expression changed.

His focused sight seemed to turn into an X-ray as he scanned Harry. I could almost imagine Harry’s bones, muscles and nerves appearing before his eyes.

Without warning, Raffles pressed on Harry’s respiratory opening with his thumb. Suddenly out of breath, Harry started coughing. 

At once, Raffles lifted his leg and kicked Harry’s shin. I was surprised as Raffles had stabbed and kicked acupuncture points! He merely lacked strength but it’d been sufficient to hurt Harry. 

“Ah!” Harry instantly went down on one knee, holding his knee as his face distorted in agony.

I seemed to feel my knee ache too. The sore feeling from getting hit in an acupuncture point was indescribable. 

Raffles put his hands on his waist, his cheeks puffed up in pride. He watched as Harry rolled on the ground, unable to get up. “Human balance is a matter of cooperative work between nerves, muscles, skeletal system and balancing organs! Even a slight damage would make you lose balance. This is called human mechanics! Learn more! It’d be beneficial for you!”

This was Raffles’ first time to laugh at Harry!

I stood by the side in shock. It turned out that human acupuncture points worked in tandem, and could be explained scientifically through anatomy, human mechanics and human body processes.

Although I had learned different things compared to Raffles, the end goal was the same. It could be said that his way was merely different in approach but could still be used to achieve similarly satisfactory results.

“You made it sound so complicated…” Harry gritted through his teeth and stood up, rubbing his knee. “You just kicked on my nerves and made it go numb!”

In a sense, Harry wasn’t wrong either.

“You fell. You must honor what you said. Otherwise, you’re not a man!” Raffles said with his chin up. His ambiguous features that made it difficult to tell his gender, now revealed a manly barbaric vibe.

Harry rubbed his knee and clenched his teeth. He stood up with his eyebrows tightly knitted, his expression clearly showing that he was thinking of some way of getting out of it. “You didn’t push me off balance. That didn’t count.”

“Luo Bing saw it too!” Raffles pointed at me with his thumb, his gaze fixed on Harry.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and looked at me. “You think…”

“It counts!” I replied straight away.

Harry’s amber eyes opened wide. He blinked, then rolled his eyes and gritted through his teeth again. “Fine! But only in front of the two of you!” Then, he put his hand behind his head and pulled off his hairband under the golden morning light pouring down on us. His brown hair fell to his shoulders, shimmering golden under the sunlight, with a tinge of ruby red.

His natural curls were bouncy and scattered around his face, covering up his handsomeness and setting off the outline of his nose and lips. Instantly he brought out Sis Ceci’s sexiness as well as the mystery of a gypsy lady.

Combing his fingers through his curly hair, he walked up to Raffles while swinging his hips from side to side. Leaning on Raffles’ shoulders, he drew circles on Raffles’ chest. “Bunny, I hardly study. You have to teach me more in the future!”

PfftHahahaha.” I burst out in laughter. The annoyance in my head had vanished into thin air. I was glad to have two great comrades. They were like a pair of happy pills, staying by my side to keep me company, share my worries and grow with me.

“Go away!” Raffles pushed Harry off of him. “For- forget it! You are so disgusting!” Raffles hugged his own body tight.

Harry grinned cheekily and started tying up his curly brown hair.

As he braided his hair again, the morning light showered down on us, pouring into the lake before us. Suddenly, I felt that although the lake water was polluted, it still remained clear. A cool breeze stirred ripples on the lake, breaking up our reflections in the water.

Harry extended his hands towards me, taking up the position for sparring. “Want to have a go? It’s been a while since we’ve done it.”

I raised my hands as well. “Sure."

Our four hands crossed and leaned against one another. We stood with our knees slightly bent. The morning air was extremely fresh.

“Don’t think distracting thoughts.” His amber eyes were even brighter in the morning sunlight.

I smiled. “Want to teach your master a lesson? You’d better wait till you defeat me.”

Harry’s eyes shimmered with passion. “Master, please assess your disciple’s skills.” Then, he pushed me. The power of taichi moved from yin to yang. Within yang there was yin, while in yin there was yang, and force would be subdued by gentleness.

“Ha!” I exerted strength, and Harry was pushed off balance. I had turned his own force against him, making him stumble and lose balance. Pushed off by his own force, he fell on the ground.

He pushed himself up, bracing his hands on the ground behind him. “Why am I still unable to win against you?”

I lifted my chin up and imitated my dad’s usual response. “You want to defeat me? Eat a few more years of rice and try again!”

Pfft.” Harry looked away. Suddenly, he aimed a kick at my shin. I couldn’t stabilize myself and ended up leaping forward, glimpsing his malicious smile at managing to spring a surprise attack on me.

Unexpectedly, a human breeze blew past me. Someone held my falling body. It was He Lei!

Harry and Raffles were shocked. Harry stood up and clapped. “He Lei?”

He Lei helped me up and looked at Harry. “Harry, Luo Bing just didn’t want to hurt you. Her superpower is very dangerous.”

He Lei’s words stupefied the three of us. He’d thought Harry had gotten angry at me and had been fighting with me?


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