Book 3: Chapter 60 - To Our Hearts’ Content

Glancing around at everyone, I decided to break the awkwardness. “I’ve been thinking about whether we’d assumed our opponents to be weak just because they are Honeycomb boys. That might’ve been why we’d been restrained over and over again.”

Harry held the black bread in his mouth, propping himself up on two arms behind him. His face darkened, looking impatient. As though he didn’t want to talk about the battle against Pink Baby and the other Honeycomb boys.

“That makes sense,” He Lei continued. “We underestimated our enemy.” Picking up on my line of thought, He Lei began to reflect on our mistakes. He was different from the impatient young man he’d been half a year ago. I wondered how many battles he had experienced that had trained him to be so calm.

He had gone through true battles, unlike the mock battles between Harry’s scouting troop and my DR team. 

Sigh,” Fat-Two let out a sigh. “This is the first time we’ve lost and we even lost to a bunch of gigolos. This is so embarrassing!” Fat-Two bit his bread angrily. “We can’t let Grandpa Ba find out. Otherwise, we would become a laughing stock!”

“Isn’t Grandpa Ba with you guys?” Xiao Ying asked.

Fat-Two nodded. “We came in batches. We didn’t want to catch anyone’s attention. Who would have expected that bunch of gigolos to be so amazing? I thought their skills were merely for use in bed! Sigh! Forget it!” Fat-Two averted his gaze embarrassedly. He sighed as he covered his face, constantly shaking his head in embarrassment.

After that battle, everyone had learned that identity and position meant nothing in a battle.

No matter if your opponent was a gigolo or whatnot, a strong person would be strong.

In a battle, one spoke with power, not origins or background.

If you were to belittle any opponent, you would only be defeated and suffer a fatal hit at the end.

“I saw the last guy. His superpower seemed to be based on speed but also invisibility at the same time…” I recalled the last black-haired man. “His superpower is hard to determine.”

“He should be a space shuttler,” Raffles supplied. Everyone looked at him and he became solemn. The awkwardness was long gone. “I slowed down the speed of the footage and realized that he’d snuck out from another space. Hence, he is a space shuttler. This superpower is not weaker than He Lei’s supersonic speed.”

“Supersonic speed!” I glanced at He Lei in shock. He Lei turned shy at my gaze and smiled. “It’s not a big deal. There are many metahumans who are more powerful than I am.”

“We forgot about something,” Arsenal said. Her handsome face looked extremely solemn.

“What did we forget?” Ming You asked in reply.

“We forgot that Blue Shield City is under Silver Moon City’s protection. It holds all sorts of information provided by Silver Moon City. It’s a very important information exchange city,” Arsenal analyzed. “If such a city was attacked, the information would be obtained by the enemy. Hence, it naturally would have many metahumans safeguarding it.”

“That’s right.” He Lei furrowed his eyebrows. “We were too reckless.”

“But to put so many powerful metahumans under the command of Pink Baby?! It’s such a waste!” Fat-Two cringed and shook his head. “Those metahumans should join the Revolutionary Army and fight against the Ghost Eclipsers with us instead. Why should they be guards under that debauched gigolo…”  

*Pak!* Harry suddenly tossed his bread aside. He got up and left.

All of a sudden, the mood became awkward again.

I stood up and everyone glanced at me. I smiled at them reassuringly. “I’ll check on him.” Then, I caught up with Harry as everyone watched.

Harry kept walking for very long. He stopped near the polluted water after walking a long distance. The moon was lowering to the west; it drew a long reflection across the surface of the water. 

“Harry.” I walked next to him and glanced at him. “What did Raffles tell you? Are you angry at me?”

“Yes!” He propped his hands on his waist and stared in front of him, refusing to look at me.

I glanced at him apologetically. “I was… I was confused. I didn’t yell at you on purpose. I…”

“How could you let the gigolo touch you?!” He abruptly turned and roared at me. “That gigolo is so filthy! He slept with so many people! Just how filthy were his hands?! He might have had some disease even but you still let him touch you! What were you thinking?!”

I was stunned. It turned out that he was angry about that.

I had been fine before he’d brought it up. The minute he mentioned it, my hair stood on end and I felt my stomach churn.

“Luo Bing!” He called my name heavily. “You are a girl from Noah City! You are Noah’s Treasure! You! You!” Harry extended his hands as though he was carrying a precious treasure in his hand when he looked at me, his expression almost speechless. “You are so precious. How could you let that gigolo stand so close to you?! And! And you let him hug you! Pfft!” Harry held his forehead angrily. He took deep breaths as he tried to control his anger.

As he spoke, the image of Pink Baby moving closer to my body and hugging me replayed in my head. Suddenly, I could feel his hands sliding across my back and embracing my body. His perfume filled the air once again.

I held back my urge to retch and turned away, rubbing my arms. “I am a guy. It’s nothing to be touched by another guy…” I said guiltily with my head hanging low. However, in actuality, I was at the borderline of throwing up.

“What did you say?” Harry took a huge stride and stood before me. He roared at me, “Say that again!”

I became quiet.

Suddenly, Harry leaped at me and hugged me tightly. In an instant, I was immersed in the warmth of his body, the smell of engine oil overpowering the illusory perfume lingering in my nose. I was… I was calm…

Harry pulled me back from my hallucinations of Pink Baby. He pulled me back to him. He pulled me back to my family.

Standing in his embrace just then, for a moment I hoped that he wouldn’t let go so soon. Although the engine oil smell was pungent, it could make that pink man’s image and smell disappear before me.

On the tranquil surface of the water, our combined reflection floated…

“So it’s okay if I do this too?!” He continued to roar at me. His face reflected on the surface of the water showed his eyes still burning with flames. “Or did that gigolo make you - make you enjoy his touch?!”

“Harry!” Raffles abruptly roared. Harry let go of me and looked to the side. I could hear Raffles’s hasty footsteps. He ran to Harry and punched Harry in the face.

*Bang!* Raffles’ punch was heavy and loud but Harry didn’t move at all.

Harry stared at Raffles’s angry face in shock. Raffles pushed Harry forcefully again and Harry finally stumbled. His heels stepped into the water, stirring rippled where they landed.


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