Book 1: Chapter 21 - Shout To Vent Emotions

I touched her warm yet powerful claw that could easily pierce the escape pod. However, she didn’t attack me when I touched her claw nor did she look like she wanted to hurt me, instead she just glared at Raffles. 

She was protecting me.

Did it prove that they were once human and there was still humanity at the bottom of their hearts? So, she was protecting me?

My heart was aching. I originally thought that I was in a bad situation. I had fallen to another world out of nowhere and I couldn’t return home. However, at least I was still a human but them… they weren’t even human anymore. She and the other flying corpses, they were in a worse condition than I was.

Even she tried so hard to survive, what reason did I have to be full of remorse and self-reproach? I should be staunch in my will to survive, to live in this different world.

Raffles leaned his face sideways to peek at me. His greyish-blue eyes were filled with amazement. He started writing on his booklet again.

“You can communicate with her?” Surprisingly, he spoke and his voice was as soft as sand.

He didn’t seem to be nervous anymore. There seemed to be something that had caught his attention. I saw him scribbling complicated formulas on his booklet. It was obvious that his attention was directed at the fact that I could communicate with the flying corpse, while the other half of his brain was still engaged with the previous complicated calculations.

I looked at him and then lifted my head to look at the flying corpse that was protecting me, “I think… it’s because she and I share something in common…” I stood up from her embrace and turned. She didn’t look at me, as though she was blind. I hugged her. I leaned on her soft chest and said softly, “Thank you. I am safe now. I will also let you go. I will let you go home. At least, you have a home to go back to.

She continued to stare in Raffles’ direction, but she moved away her claw that was protecting me. I leaped out from her feet and walked behind her. I looked at the chain that bound her and I went to remove it.

“What are you doing?!” Raffles shouted anxiously. The flying corpse immediately stood up and the chain let out a clanging noise. Raffles’ shout made her anxious too and she went into battle mode. Her long arms supported her on the ground while her sharp claws spread out. She opened her mouth ferociously at Raffles and all of her sharp teeth were on display.

I squatted behind her and fiddled with the hasp on the chain, “I want to let her go back!”

“No! No way! She’s highly offensive! She will kill us!” Raffles shouted anxiously and the flying corpse became even more anxious.

I realized that the hasp on the chain was extremely heavy and I looked at Raffles, “Don’t excite her and she wouldn’t hurt you! She didn’t hurt me!”

“You! She!” Raffles was puzzled, “Although I don’t understand how you communicate, I have never seen any flying corpse who is so protective over humans. But she will hurt me!”

“Then, you go ahead and hide,” I exerted all my strength to lift up the heavy chain. It seemed to be made out of stainless steel.

“No, you don’t understand! She is very important to me. She is a very precious specimen!” Raffles shouted as he hid far away. He couldn’t even manage to do his calculations now, “I am doing an experiment.”

I was suddenly raging with anger when I heard him say experiment. Flabbergasted, I looked at him and threw the chain off. I shouted, “What are you talking about? You are using her as an experiment!? She was once a human! You, how could you be so cruel?”

“I am working on an experiment, trying to turn her back into a human!” Raffles shouted at me in a hurry and took a huge stride towards me.

My body stiffened. Raffles walked nearer to me but maintained a safe distance from the flying corpse next to me. His greyish-blue eyes were filled with anxiety, “They became flying corpses because of radiation. They evolved in order to stabilize their genes. But I think the gene is reversible. They definitely could become human once again!”

“You think? So your experiment is not successful yet!?” I took a huge stride to stand face to face with him. It looked like he was only five feet eight inches tall.

He nodded and frowned, “I already have some clues. That’s why I needed the sample.”

“So you are experimenting with her!?” I pointed at the flying corpse behind me. He glanced at me and nodded, “Mm.”

“I won’t allow it!” I pushed him heavily. He stumbled and fell back on the ground. I turned and continued to remove the chain, “She protected me. I will not let you take her as a lab rat.”

“She is pregnant!” Suddenly, Raffles shouted at me. I looked at him in shock. He quickly stood up and patted away the grass on his body, “Medicine might not work on her, but if the medicine were to be injected while she is pregnant, it might be able to strengthen the human gene in the fetus, and it might become human again!” Raffles’ eyes were glowing with excitement, as though there was a star that had exploded. He looked in front of him as though there was a formula, “That’s right. Even if the fetus doesn’t become human again, his/ her brain would be able to resume the human sensory pathways that would enable him/ her to converse and regain their humanity…”

I glared at Raffles coldly as he got more and more excited, “What if it fails?”

He paused and the excitement dispersed from his face. He didn’t dare to look at me but lowered his face, “She will die…”

As expected!

I must let her go!

I turned to walk next to the flying corpse.

“Luo Bing! Trust me! I can do it!” Raffles shouted at me in a hurry, “I won’t let anything happen to her and her child!”

The anger accumulated in my heart finally exploded!

I threw the chain on the ground angrily and turned to roar at him, “When I lost my memory and got injured, I felt confused and afraid in this world! That was when the person from Silver Moon City appeared! He smiled and told me to follow him because he would heal me, he would help recover my memory. Do you know that his smile was even more convincing than yours? Even more reliable than yours?” 

Raffles stiffened as I roared to vent all my emotions. My eyes grew wet again, “I followed him to his spaceship, but do you know what he did to me? He started interrogating me. He thought that losing my memory and getting injured was a trick, that I was playing him in order to gain access to Silver Moon City for acquiring information!” 

I wiped away my tears that were on the verge of flowing out and let the breeze dry them. I definitely wouldn’t shed another tear. 

“When his spaceship came across a flock of flying corpses, he used me as the bait to distract them! He ejected the escape pod and threw me off the spaceship. He told me that Silver Moon City would only take metahumans and girls! I had no idea how to use the escape pod at all! Do you know how afraid I was!? I had fully trusted that person, but he bit me like a snake that he is. How dare you ask me to trust you? To trust you, a human? I, of course, have more trust in this flying corpse who has been protecting me!” I pointed at the flying corpse behind me. 

As the wind howled, Raffles did not utter another word. He stared at me with his eyes wide open. His hair waved above his slightly opened mouth that didn’t make any sound.

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