Book 3: Chapter 59 - Post-War Meeting

Dad had always said that I was far from being qualified to lead a team.

I had been upset back then, because I had won against his team yet he had made that remark.

But now, I finally realized that he had been right.

When I had been fighting his team back then, I’d known that there wouldn’t be any deaths and they wouldn’t kill me for real. Hence, I hadn’t been burdened at all and only enjoyed the thrill that battle gave me.

When I had been dealing with my first real fight, my emotions had been so unstable and I’d been constantly distracted. I had failed as a captain. I was far from being a qualified captain.

I had to blame my perverted cousin for not educating me well enough. Hence I’d lost control emotionally when I had come across a guy with an erection. I felt repulsed by guys psychologically and physically. Their bodies made me feel disgusted.

However, in the future, I believed I would still run into awkward situations like what had happened earlier. Because I would keep going on field missions, where I would disguise as a guy and I would have to deal with guys.

My identity now is a guy so I have to behave like one. How can a guy be bothered about something like that? I can’t be drowning myself in that kind of matter and continue being embarrassed.

That’s right. I am a guy. I am a guy!

I glanced at Harry, who was busy measuring the size of the plate. His fully focused face was vaguely visible in the dancing firelight, the orange flame tinting his brown hair a faint gold.

Luckily, Harry was here too. He could steady the morale of the troops. He was truly a qualified captain. There were too many things that I still had to learn from him.

Lifting my face, I took a deep breath and walked out.

Arsenal was the first to notice me. She looked at me with concern, still holding the holographic equipment. “Why did you come out?” she asked gently.

Her voice caught everyone’s attention.

Raffles, who had been repairing the system, went stiff at once. Only he knew of my secret.

Harry’s hand that had been measuring paused. Looking down, he continued to measure.


“Captain!” The girls quickly put down the things in their hands and ran over to me. All of them gazed at me with concern.

Behind them, He Lei, who sat in the opening of the spaceship, watched me from afar with concern too.

Fat-Two also popped his head out from the opening embarrassedly. The hole in He Lei’s spaceship had yet to be fixed.

I had learned another thing from the battle too. It was that spaceships were nothing before a metahuman.

I’d once wanted to question Xing Chuan about why Silver Moon City didn’t fight against Ghost Eclipsers despite possessing such great technology.

Now, I had the answer and I understood Xing Chuan’s helpless yet angry expression when He Lei had questioned him. I reckoned his expression back then had been real.

No matter how great their technology was, no matter how great their spaceships were, they were simply children’s toys before metahumans. With one simple throw, they would shatter into pieces.

In the end, in the world where metahumans competed against one another, whoever had more metahumans, whoever had stronger metahumans, would rule.

Most of the metahumans had joined the Ghost Eclipsers. In this world, it was easier to survive when you were the bad guy.

What is justice? What is belief?

Nothing. It’s all nothing.

You will only have everything if you survive.

“I’m fine.” I looked at them and they let out a breath of relief. “Continue with your tasks.”

“You frightened us!” Sis Cannon punched my chest. *Pfft.* That hurts. I was still developing. I would feel pain when she hit me there.

Ughh… Sorry,” Sis Cannon apologized with a wicked smile, seizing the chance to touch my chest too. I glared at her, making her retract her hand and run away.

Ming You glared at her too and walked up to me. “Don’t misunderstand her. Sis Cannon isn’t referring to your superpower but to your expression when you returned. You were so pale. We were all worried.”

“That’s right, Captain. We were worried!” Xiao Ying lowered her head sadly. “If I were you… I would definitely have a nightmare if I’d gone through that and I wouldn’t even want to leave the room.”

“They deserve it,” Xue Gie said coldly. She sounded even colder in her male voice. “How dare they touch-! Mm!” Xue Gie’s mouth was quickly covered by Ming You.

Ming You glared at her. “Normally, it’s Sis Cannon who acts up. Why are you so talkative today?!”

Xue Gie blinked, and her gaze became blank as usual. She obediently returned to the spaceship to help with the repair work.

“That being said, Pink Baby is really beautiful,” Sis Cannon remarked as she connected the cables. “Captain, you should have taken him in! Let him submit….”

*Clang!* A loud clang rang out. Harry had broken the plate before him! That was the outer shell of a spaceship!

Second Sis had been able to pierce the outer shell because of her sharp claws but Harry had done that with just his bare hands. He had broken the plate apart!

Raffles, He Lei, Sis Cannon and everyone else stared at him. His hand shrunk slowly back to normal, and he continued to do his thing while ignoring everyone else.

Arsenal turned to give me a look. I could tell that Harry was angry.

Although I didn’t know how Raffles had explained to Harry, Harry shouldn’t have been angry about me roaring at him. He wasn’t so petty. 

I glanced at everyone, who were all watching Harry. I asked, “Want some supper?”

Harry continued to fiddle with the plate, while Raffles reined back his gaze and continued with his programming.

“Sure,” Xiao Ying broke the awkwardness and ran to me. “Captain, I’ll help you.”


When we took the things out, Harry had already put the plate over the hole in Night Warrior and was prepared to weld it on.

Xiao Ying and I began to toast the black bread. This was considered another way of eating the black bread that I had ‘invented’. The bread became crunchy after toasting. With a dip of jam that we had found in Kro, it became much tastier.

“Everyone, take a break. Come and have supper,” I called, and everyone came to gather around the bonfire.

Raffles sat far away from me and so did Harry. However, He Lei sat next to me with Fat-Two.

Seeing He Lei sit next to me, Harry kicked Raffles at once. Raffles glanced at him and Harry signaled him with his eyes. Raffles looked over at me, only to lower his face embarrassedly.

Frustrated, Harry rolled his eyes and stood up from his original seat. He ignored everyone else and came over to seat himself between He Lei and me.

He Lei glanced at him, but Harry pretended not to notice and continued to eat the toasted bread. 

He Lei seemed to be in deep thought at that, and looked down at his toasted bread, brooding with a meaningful expression.

“Mm! Delicious!” Fat-Two exclaimed in surprise again. However, seeing that everyone didn’t have the appetite to eat, he lowered his face embarrassedly.

Everyone was holding a piece of bread. They only looked at it but didn’t eat.

He Lei looked heavy-hearted too. He turned to look at me, only to pause and look down again.

I had caused everyone to worry.


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